YOUTUBE HATES WHITE PEOPLE!…According To News Sites Unable To Understand Jokes. Idiots… #PizzaGate #Corruption

Case of the Mondays?! Ughhhhh. Let’s talk, Nation! 🙂
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22 Thoughts to “YOUTUBE HATES WHITE PEOPLE!…According To News Sites Unable To Understand Jokes. Idiots… #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. only one fucking year! that's bullshit.

  2. I can see Amazon Go having trouble with hacking. Technology already exists to intercept wireless credit card receivers. This seems like a bigger, softer target.

  3. Amazon can't even control the sellers they push on their own website from selling used items and screwing over their customers. When confronted with a problem their own A to Z supposed warranty utterly sucks! There are more rip-off artists seemingly condoned by Amazon on their site, because they are pushed by them then now on Ebay ffs. This grocery store is going to be a flop.

  4. you can talk about pewdiepi
    but no one likes you

  5. Psst, for those of you who don't understand "I don't see color", it's short hand for "I push myself to not judge people by the color of their skin but by their body language, speech, and actions, because melanin concentration is a shitty way to to judge/define people"

  6. The crazy bitch should have got more.

  7. I need that shirt…where'd you get it?

  8. With this amazon store, it sounds great, but plenty of people will be losing jobs

  9. Philip DeFranco im not a bastard… but, I am beautiful. so.. please correct your mistake in the next video. Thank you. I will be waiting. If you dont, prepare for a lawsuit like NOOOO OTHERRRR! lol ;)

  10. honestly has people forgotten about southpark what ever happen to the southpark generation i swear people are too sensitive and can't get a joke.

  11. If Ben Carson is a brain surgeon he can probably figure things out.

  12. omg that woman is insane o.o

  13. I couldn't concentrate on the video because the whole time my head was going: BIOSHOCK TEE BIOSHOCK TEE BIOSHOCK TEE

  14. How is Pewdie Pie racist for suggesting YouTube wants more diversity/ less White people?

    It might make him paranoid…But racist? Terrible Logic.

  15. Pewds is obviously joking lmao

  16. personally i think the immediate problem with amazon go would be if they're using some sort of RFID tech for groceries, then a whole bunch of people will wind up getting hosed when they find out after the fact that they spent $300 on groceries. Like this looks like it's designed to trick people into overspending and i'm not okay with that.

  17. How to make even more unemployed people? replace all cashiers.. woot!

  18. I just have to say not right now but soon I feel like YouTube will jump on the "blacks are oppressed" train and start giving blacks special treatment… I mean look at buzz feed they believe every one who isn't a white male christian is oppressed…

  19. Philip made me ashamed to wear my pair of $250 oakleys…

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