WWE Fantasy Booking WWE WrestleMania 33! #WWE #wrestling #RAW

Fantasy Booking WWE WWE WrestleMania 33!

Welcome back to the channel guys! I have the highly anticipated fantasy booking of WrestleMania 33! You guys have been commenting since my first ever Fantasy Booking, “CAN WE GET FANTASY BOOKING FOR WRESTLEMANIA 33!?” HERE IT FINALLY IS! I wanted to wait until we were closer to WrestleMania and here we are three weeks away! I feel like my Booking for WrestleMania 33 is on the level of WrestleMania 17. I might be a little biased though lol. Anyways, this fantasy booking took me so long to release because I wanted to make it amazing! Hopefully it was as good as you guys anticipated! I really worked hard on this Fantasy Booking of the WWE WrestleMania 33. So if you guys enjoy, PLEASE share it and drop a like! It would mean the world to me. Enough talking guys, lets get straight to the video: WWE Fantasy Booking WWE WrestleMania 33!! ENJOY! If you do Leave a LIKE, SUB and TAKE CARE SPIKE YOUR HAIR!

Can we REACH 10,000 LIKES LOL?!?

Would you guys like to see more Fantasy Booking? Please let me know in the comments below! As well as letting me know if you agree or disagree with me on my ideas for WWE WrestleMania 33!?!

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35 thoughts on “WWE Fantasy Booking WWE WrestleMania 33! #WWE #wrestling #RAW

  1. Thank you all for stopping by and watching! If you ENJOY, please leave a LIKE and SUB to become apart of the PLLANATION! This took me awhile, so I really hope Y'all like it! ROMAN REIGNS HEEL TURN NEXT?!

  2. John cena should turn heel to face taker

  3. I'm sick of Triple threats and fatal 4 ways…

  4. Are you like 16 or something???

  5. do top 10 best wrestlemania matches of all time

  6. Everyone stole the fantasy ending for seth vs triple h from what culture

  7. u forgot goldberg vs brock lesnar

  8. Gosh. This card is great. Ffs Vince. Whhyyyyyyy!!!

  9. This is better than the BS theyre trying to do for WM. 10/10.

  10. "And 10 minutes later he enters the ring" LMFAO

  11. Cena v Taker is happening at WM 34. Think about it, Cena retires Undertaker in the same city, same building, and same ring that Undertaker lost his streak.

  12. good way to bury The Miz

  13. Really nice card, man! I'm really interested on how you would book WrestleMania 32 (you know, with all the injuries, etc.)

  14. John Cena shouldn't even say the Undertaker's name, he should just say "there is one thing I've yet to accomplish In WWE (he looks up at the ramp) and he says I'm ready when you are so get your ass out here and make this official."

  15. if this happened it would have been the greatest wrestleania

  16. Undertaker WILL figth John Cena – i don't see why you think other. He will fight JOHN CENA 2.0. There is no change of plans

  17. brock lesnar should win at wrestlemania…

  18. Hey bro what about Goldberg

  19. Dude… You are just a generic Internet faggot with the same overall opinion that every other Bullet Club, NJPW wanking bitch has. I'm guessing it's just for views and likes, but damn get your own opinion.

  20. no Goldberg no reigns vs taker nice I'd take this card anyday nice booking

  21. Roman should just eat bleach before wrestlemania

  22. By the way, Finn returned at a house show and teamed with Y2J and Sami Zayn to face KO, HHH, and Samoa Joe.

  23. Austin vs Neville (14:25) Austin hits the roaring elbow to win 3.5 star

    Roman reigns vs Braun Strowman U.S Title (17:31) Braun hits the running powerslam to win 3.25 star

    Dean ambrose vs Baron Corbin (13:21) Baron hits end of days to win 3.5 star

    Seth vs HHH (21:15) Seth hits pedigree and Pheonix splash to win 4 star

    Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar (18:07) Samoa Hits Musclebuster to win 4 star

    AJ Styles vs Finn Balor (23:48) AJ hits styles clash to win 4.5 star

    Daniel Bryan vs the miz I.C title (20:01) Daniel hits running high knee to win 4.25 star

    Bayley vs Sasha Banks Women's title (16:18) Bayley hits bayley to belly to win 4 star

    Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens Universal title (21:28) Kevin hits pop up powerbomb to retain 4.25 star

    Alexa vs Mickie Women's title (12:15) alexa hits snap ddt to retain 3 star

    Bray vs Randy vs Luke WWE Title (26:27) Luke hits Discus Closeline to win 4.5 star

    Undertaker vs john cena (32:53) Undertaker hits tombstone to win 5 star

  24. It baffles me that you would even consider that this is at all comparable to WM 17.

  25. cena vs Joe
    undertaker vs Finn balor could have been good

  26. This was hella awesome, BUT what do you do with Sami Zayn?

  27. damm he is way better than vince #fuckvince

  28. miz vs bryan wwe champ or ic champ must main event a show best heel vs best face in wwe (not nxt)

  29. Last year's wrestemania card was better lol

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