WILL GO VIRAL! Doug Hagmann Dumps BOMBSHELL Weaponized Attacks, Pizzagate & The UNTHINKABLE #PizzaGate #Corruption

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46 Thoughts to “WILL GO VIRAL! Doug Hagmann Dumps BOMBSHELL Weaponized Attacks, Pizzagate & The UNTHINKABLE #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Lisa, Thanks for all your hard work.
    Happy Holidays and God Bless you and yours.

  2. First you should know it wouldn't let me share I had to copy and paste URL. Second, about grandma and her strong bond to the Clinton's. The older citizens remember the glory years and they can't see beyond and that is ok because we are in America where it's ok for grandma to stay in the glory years and support them after all that is a right they themselves have protected for us. May I suggest you give grandma a big hug and kiss have a long conversation with her about those years. Let her have her moment as you don't have to agree but you might be surprised what she says… I was in our family I know Hillary is evil but our eldest members are stuck in glory years so I now put aside my arguments and listen for I always learn from them. I also get painted a picture that fills in allot of dots and grandma is tickled to talk about when our country was great under Bill Clinton. It's more loving to listen than to argue. Just a thought to you. And yes it's hard to stomach but love will help you LOL

  3. during clinton adm. the fbi did extensive investigation of judges any malfeasance was used not to stop them but to pressure them when needed. people think that now obama and clinton are gone it will be better but they are threatened and most of washington is corrupt.

  4. Stop jewish media deception. Stop the jewish plan for your further subjugation.

  5. @Lisa Haven not to bad looking for a white woman….

  6. Doug Hagman has ZERO credibility, He was just busted using fake images trying to pass it off on pizzagate. You have no credibility either Lisa. Sorry. Now run and buy some tea and stock up on some doomsday food.

  7. Lisa, bake me some cookies please.

  8. I just love this channel! I'm so glad I subscribed. keep up the good work Lisa!!!!!

  9. "Combobbled" isn't a word. Makes you sound very ignorant. Just sayin.

  10. my Grandma too Lisa!!!

    God bless her.😢😢

  11. As difficult as it is to believe right now I can see all of the channels on here, and the sites worldwide putting their own crap down and becoming a tsunami that flatlines mainstream media whether its politics, science, religion/spirituality, UFOlogy, health, technology, music.

    Its like your neighbour said they're trying to divide people however they can and I believe that you will eventually put your differences aside to work together closely

  12. Lisa, no one is reporting about Trump's friendship with pedophile Epstein… go deeper and you will find so many stuff about those friendships… Drumpf can not be different from those you are talking… : (

  13. Excellent info Lisa and TY for TRUTH!You are very important servant of Our LORD Jesus!💓 I ask His protection for you and family❤ as well as Steve,Alberino,Mr Horn and their families.💓 We love you sis and oh yeah,you look great! These are all ppl of God's army in the front lines and each of us needs to take our place

  14. its obvious that the fbi can not be trusted so how can we know vthat this is going to be investigated and the guilty are going to be held responsible.

  15. I feel a sense of unity in the alternative news media. This is exactly what we need right now…The mainstream media and the police are not doing their jobs.

  16. Buzz Aldrin visiting the edge or dome of flat earth.

  17. Happy to discover your channel.

  18. do you know if Julian Assange was taken by a black OPS team?

  19. can we just revolution already

  20. obama master manipulator, and who is the father of all lies satan. The age of lawlessness. Yea he is a communist soros and the rest are hellbent on global domination. Really it is all luciferian in context. It is in short spiritual warfare. So we need to arm ourselves accordingly.

  21. Time to get right with Jesus guys!

  22. Decree Exposure on ALL evil currently operating on OUR King's planet in YHWH's MIGHTY Name!! Purify yourselves with the hope of His appearing!

  23. I have just prayed that all these corrupt and wicked individuals would be captured and thrown in prison for a long time, for doing this to our children.. Keep your children safe and close to you, may the a heart of children return to their parents; as the Bible says. Love them as if every day is your last ! Remember every day isn't promised, so make every moment special. I pray these things in Jesus name, AMEN!

  24. Another role of the CIA is to provide children for rape to diplomats among many monstrosities that they perpetuate??!!!! What fuck*n monsters!!!! The hiring criteria by the CIA is are you diabolical enough… Americans/slaves will continue to pay taxes and use FRNs funding all the monstrosities government carries out day to day.

  25. Lisa, I believe it's discombobbled, not combobbled..!

  26. MSM=Propaganda ie Fake news. God help us. I hope enough people get their bellies full of the lies the masses are told to obfuscate the Truth that we collectively do something about it. We cannot be silent any longer. If these people aka "pizza gate" players are guilty of the allegations against them they must be brought down. "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free".

  27. Where do we find an honest government official to investigate this. I don't think there are any who are not corrupt or satanic

  28. 10:57 What people want is for the media to lay out the facts in integrity and truth (Wikileaks). I can think for myself. We are not confused about what to believe. The frustration is the silence from the legal system. i don't give a frack about what CNN or ABC reports. I want to hear from the FBI. And MSM is doing you a favor by attacking you. I wouldn't know about Pizzagate except that i heard about this from an article slamming this as fake news.

  29. Hillary Clinton- the champion for women & children, pfff!
    WHAT A JOKE, she is!

  30. A Red Flag here in regard to  " Are we being played " , would have to be Julian Assange who has not been seen since Oct 3rd, 2016 and none of the key players from Trump to Roger Stone are talking about his disappearance.  That is a dead give away something is not right.

  31. Can you elaborate on the Obama "Army" comment, have yet to hear this one?

  32. Keep up the good work! You are doing what must be done to combat the psyops of the mainstream narrative being force fed to sleeping sheep

  33. @realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/efM8K4N CPS San Antonio with Los Zetas part of the #PizzaGate https://lnkd.in/e4M2zy8 ORACLE and SAP had a lot of algorisms without science and technology https://lnkd.in/eHB_Cn2

    the CPS are involved mainly SA, TX https://lnkd.in/ei-ZV_J the NWO is out of orden and continue killing us https://lnkd.in/etR3Qf3 https://lnkd.in/etM-_YK https://lnkd.in/evRUBRp My daughter and I were kidnapped as well similar situation https://lnkd.in/eZxDGGq https://lnkd.in/ezHTfju https://lnkd.in/epxMuns Similar situation than me in San Antonio, TX A bible verse for the Advent season. Rev 13:16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,501c= 100% Satanic, chipped 20 X over, and unable to detect it.
    Until now.@realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/eN5XB4x Satanic rituals Mexico-USA CPS SA, SA police, Mexican consulate in SA, TX https://lnkd.in/eUEBF8D

    https://lnkd.in/eTa2M-h Satanism of CPS San Antonio, TX, Mexico, Clinton, Felipe Calderon among others https://mega.nz/… @realDonaldTrump https:/lnkd.in/e84kYmb Las élites me secuestran por ser el padre de la ingenieria industrial como ciencia. Elites kidnap me as the father of industrial engineering as a science @realDonaldTrump I have two licences in industrial engineering with the thesis related Degree Licence 1584187, CONACYT Scholarship 52078, according with mexican laws it is considered a patent itself, so the name of my thesis are in there as a requirement. ORACLE and SAP made a fraud world wide, the ERP technology and business data base are of my property. It is part of my patent in my master´s degree @realDonaldTrump https://lnkd.in/ekM5KDE NO ME PAGAN ESTOS TIPOS DE FMC TECHNOLOGIES Y TECH MAHINDRA, $31,900.00 USD HACEN CONTRATOS LEONINOS PARA TRABAJAR EN MÉXICO Y NO CUMPLEN LAS LEYES LABORALES EN MÉXICO;ADEMÁS DE ENGAÑAR A LOS CLIENTES DICIENDO QUE TIENEN OFICINAS EN EL DF CUANDO ES SOLAMENTE VIRTUAL, ENGAÑÁNDOSE CREANDO UN TEMPLETE GLOBAL PARA EVADIR EL FISCO EN VARIOS PAÍSES. Además de cometer fraude laboral en México, posiblemente relacionados al tráfico de petroleo robado por parte de los illuminati, Bush, Gortari, Fox. Atras de todo esto esta Chevron, Nestlé, Praxis, Softtek


  35. can anybody see these messages?

  36. omg they r putting me in psych ward. they didnt even take my bp or temp last night. somebody help me!

  37. Where are the mothers …of these kids????? Why do they. allow this???

  38. if i was a mental patient they r treating me dishonorablely

  39. im in a hospital. not getting medical care. was being stalked. My contact seth rich is dead. i am mk ultra they r not giving me medical care. set me up with psych doc. the tactics here in atlantic city hospital is mind blowing im in danger.

  40. Remember "White House Call Boys" scandal, Paul Bonacci, Johnny Gosch, Noreen Gosch, etc (Bohemian Grove), testimonies of Cathy O'Brien, Ted Gunderson, Nancy Schaefer, … also look at "The Clinton Body-Count". We can't let satanic monsters free ! Time to go in jail or on the chair !

  41. What does the sign 'stained by blood' mean, in the background of this gentleman?

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