Wikileaks Sends Out Secret Message | Takeover Was Faked #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

During the past few weeks, there have been reports that Wiki Leaks may have been compromised. Julian Assange is allegedly still in hiding, without access to the internet – And there have been rumors of his death.

Wiki Leaks’ profound impact on the 2016 Presidential election has forced the group to go into hiding. But now, a secret message from the group has been revealed!
In a Bitcoin payment system account affiliated with Wiki Leaks, the organization sent out a few payments which each had a secret message in them.

The message reads “We’re Fine, 8 Chan Post, [is] Fake.”
The message is likely in response to an 8chan message board post, where an anonymous user claimed to be one of the 15 staff members at Wiki Leaks and claimed the office was raided.
This is the 8Chan message, which Wiki Leaks appears to be privately replying to as a fake story:

The same author also claimed Wiki Leaks lost control of their official Twitter account and that the Wiki Leaks Reddit discussion I A M A was not conducted by Wiki Leaks staff.
Still, rumors of Assange’s death persist.

a video requested by a majority of those who took a poll to confirm assanges safety has never been released. That has made the situation worse.

what do you think of the secret message, comfirmation of julians safety. or a devious trick. thanks for watching, subscribe for more



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  1. I wouldn't trust anything until you see Julian in person speaking freely !

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