Wikileaks releases ‘CIA espionage orders’ for 2012 French presidential election #Vault7 #ItsTime

Wikileaks has released three classified CIA espionage orders revealing details of an alleged seven-month long spying campaign by the agency ahead of the 2012 French presidential election.


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45 thoughts on “Wikileaks releases ‘CIA espionage orders’ for 2012 French presidential election #Vault7 #ItsTime

  1. if war with russia they are destroy nice world

  2. trump is good leader for america

  3. Nobody wanted to kill Russians when it was the USSR…now… get real. America treats it's allies as a prison bitch. If you don't bend over AND pay they colour code you dead.

  4. What a surprise – next step: blame Russia.

  5. I didnt see no evidence or proof of wikileak documents. I only see the tag name WikiLeak but how will your or myself will know if its REAL EVIDENCE or FAKE???? Come on guys wake up

  6. no surprise. wonder if cnn is reporting this lol

  7. There is no Obama in the house, maybe we get to see a different outcome this time with the French elections.

  8. A kgb technician can forge a copy of a “cia e-mail” quite easily and then give it to Assange.

  9. i bet CNN and others won't post anything about it haha

  10. CIA is the Enemy of freedom……. the demonic side of Empire…..wake up , and get the ropes

  11. Who cares, I'm sure we French spy on the US also

  12. The American left was trying to interfere with National elections of France? This stuff is priceless lololol.

  13. hitlers gestapo SS never died they only changed its name to CIA-

  14. I m waiting to hear that the Cia is using their black budget to finance the new York times and cnn

  15. Garrantee that you won't see this news on msm other than RT. It is so sad that a American has to watch a Russian news channel to hear real news

  16. spying isn't the same as influencing…this will get no traction in the US lame stream media

  17. ozz

    The shot herd around the world Donald TRUMP now the Vail is being removed  God bless you all

  18. Inb4 MSM blaming Russia for leaking this document too.

  19. and who did not know this everyone knows just how sick the cia is

  20. Will Obama administration be questioned about this by any media ?? Definitely No.

  21. Lol! At 2:41 RT leaves nothing to imagination on what this is all about!! The protégé gets plastered onto the screen for no apparent reason. They think they now have a proven method.

  22. so nothing of real substance, just intel gathering on potential people winning power, their policies, who funds them, etc… pretty standard stuff

  23. Seems like the bullies didn't listen to their Daddies when they were told 'don't be mean to others as they will hit you back'.

  24. The MSM will report this story, talk about it for 5mins, then go back to their goal of taking down Trump.

  25. Obama legacy. Color me surprised.

  26. The same will be repeated in this year's French election.

  27. Unbelievable how this latest release from Wikileaks is not covered by mainstream media in US and Europe! I checked France 24 today. They keep running the same tune- possible Russian hacking in their elections. To me, France 24 is an extension of despicable CNN. During presidential election in the US, our media did talk about Wikileaks revelations. Boy, they were sorry! Democrats and the establishment didn't do too well to put it mildly. That's why our undemocratic paid media has been told not to publish it and/or keep it off the front headlines.

  28. Once Benoît Hamon and Emmanuel Macron rejected his sexual advances… Barrack Ebola was left no choice…
    The decision was made to let loose the Dogs of Espionage… for the sole purpose of getting a date…

  29. The C.I.A is the main responsible, they are the true hackers…but the blame is Russia….lol…Fucking globalists…Thank you Wikileaks!….Marine Le Pen 2017

  30. The US has been bringing governments of their choice in power around the world from at least last 50 years, as well as toppling regimes of their dislike. What a disgusting country.

  31. Who cares Assange you hide in your little shack and reveal shit people care nothing about

  32. just average data gathering, i can't even believe you would call that spying. do you know how much farther we are past this now, human behavior patterns are just basic data, France is nothing to even worry about. Putin; knows, and he knows when US/OTAN missiles will reach 1000 km striking distance, among other things. he knows when he will over take the Rothschild banking system as well.

  33. Good job)) Mainstream media would never report it ))

  34. Well…. nobody investigates Putin's competition. But I mean… anyways they keep dieing for some reason so no point to investigate right RT ? ahahha

  35. Hillary – What difference does it make? We put our hands in everything, regardless of laws and regulations.

  36. CIA listening so hard for their lack of Education. Learn to appreciate people(s), instead of barbaric killings. Disgrace to really Real intelligence, so far too far, and blatantly Stoopid!!


  38. These "infiltrators" worked for the sectarian globalists, as always.
    Can't wait to see them deal with God, face to face.

  39. Masterful play by wikileaks (with russia behind them). just shows how hypocritical the US is.

  40. The Next News Network is sensoring comments and showing  only the ones they approve of. Noticed many from me or others gone  less than half  hour later  Go against what he says and your  gone.

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