Wikileaks & Julian Assange Update – Full Timeline of Events #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)


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Wikileaks themselves confirmed they have been working with the CIA. Our video exclusive from inside information form ex black opps has confirmed this. Wikileaks have confirmed Julian Assange was been taken by the CIA in a black opps operation on October 16th, 2016. Julian and Wikileaks stuck a deal with the CIA, but the deal went sour. An SOS for help was sent out by Wikileaks in a series of coded messages on the 14th of October, and more in the following days.

Full timeline at 3:13

Oct 17th – Wikileaks account Free Assange tweets out a threat to Clinton not to harm Julian.
Oct 18th – Fox news makes an announcement that Julian Assange is moments away from being arrested.
Sometime in October, the new account of Wikileaks Task Force is added to Wikileaks accounts.
Oct 18th – made public visible files, dates/ time stamps changed to 1984 Orwell reference.
Oct 20th – /r/wikileaks,/r/dncleaks,/r/wikileaks taskforce add 21 new moderators and remove previous moderators. All threads about Assange go missing and are deleted since permanently.
Oct 20th – Free Assange account sends private message to Wikileaks Party person abusing and trying to discredit the Wikileaks Party and its leader Newt Pressmen. This account was also caught in lies in the message. Which alerted Wikileaks Party that Wikileaks had been compromised.
Oct 21st – 16:00 BST at Airport Chem false flag.
Oct 21st – Tweet: “The Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism of its ruling party candidates. At the same time Wikileaks bank accounts are emptied.
Oct 22nd – Gavin Mc Fadyen mentor to Assange and key player in Wikileaks dies of lung cancer.
Oct 23 – Wikileaks tweets a poll asking how to prove Assange is alive. The poll chose a video, however, no video was ever made.
From October to present day, December 2016, Wikileaks have tweeted “Stop asking for proof of life”.
Oct 23rd – Wikileaks tweets: “We will release Statement tomorrow about Assange. Our editor is safe and still in full command despite reduced communications with staff.” No statement was made. Note the amount of words, word for word, from tweet in our article, it goes over allowed limit of twitter words.
Oct 24th – Wikileaks tweets out a video from June 2016 of Assange and Michael More for proof of life from June 2016.
Oct 26th – John Kerry Meets Colombian drug lords. The Secretary of State John Kerry flies to Antarctica.
Oct 26th – Tweet sent to us saying Assange is dead now, so is Wikileaks. The tweet was sent from the Hillary Clinton campaign twitter page, however, the tweet was then deleted by them.
Oct 26th – 4chan users successful decode first messages into WikiLeaks block chain.
Threads are constantly flooded with shills-trolls- saying that’s not worth looking into. The block chain is blocked with fees and 43,000 unconfirmed transactions appear in the mempool.
October 29th – Nov 1st Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn shared two articles on his Twitter account and sends out a series of tweets claiming that Clinton was involved in money laundering and a high-level child sex ring. #PizzaGate is real. The corruption is bigger than WaterGate.
Nov 4th – Wikileaks suffers huge Denial of Service attack take down, this is the first time in many years. They tweet out their bank account for donations because they are offline, so is the Wikileaks shop.
Nov 7th – Hundreds of Podesta and DNC emails are missing from recent leaks from the website and from Wikileaks twitter feed, accessed from the inside of their network.
Nov 10th – Obama Administration, Senior US government figures, including Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden have called for WikiLeaks to be registered as a terrorist organization and founder Julian Assange to be considered a “high-tech” terrorist, while government strategists and military top brass have called for his assassination.
Nov 12th – tweeted out coded message: Dead Canary email server used by Wikileaks had been compromised. Told not to use it.
Nov 12th – #Putin issues an International Arrest warrant for #GeorgeSoros, Dead or alive.
Nov 14th – The Swedish Persecutor Ingrid Isgren flew all the way to the UK to take a video statement from Julian Assange. To keep up the charade the CIA had Swedish Prosecutor do her illusionists show to the world. The press were all gathered outside, none the wiser to what had gone down last month.

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  1. we are awake and you arent fooling us.

  2. Technology DAM YOU SCARY!

  3. I got permabanned from 8pol for talking about this.
    Mods of 8pol are fully compromised… cough ImKampfy cough

  4. Don't use your real name on posts! I found this one in Alaska!!

  5. I seen Osama Bin Laden at 7-11, I swear.

  6. Basically if a real proof of life video or picture, or what have you, were to ever be released, we would never know for sure.

  7. Thank you once again, anonymous ❤️. Pray for Julian Assange

  8. I can't get your point in this video。it sound confused。 Julian Assange is the puppet of the CIA?that‘s a big lie。They just want to discredit him。this just like another bullet shoot at Assange in addition the one came from the CIA。don't let them fooling your head. if they could make that Swedish prosecutors quiz hoax.what lie they can't make? and he has not been taken to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp。he ‘s already dead。he had been murdered in October。when a person alive, there are connection between his physical energy and his imag.I had seen all his video ,I hadn't find the connection. He's dead. I'm sure of that。I ‘m a spiritual practitioner ,I had many way to know the truth.

  9. What purpose would a monthly income of $200000 be to a man that is confined to an island? There is a limit to how many toys he can pack into one estate. Is it a way of promoting his agenda or is it being dispersed to family members?

  10. twitter thread with links to some of Assange's background & the CIA cult called The family {aka Great White Brotherhood aka The Children of God}
    Worldlwide cult, LSD, child abuse, child trafficking etc..

  11. We need to be ready to fight as our ancestors did to get our freedom… I hope to God we don't need to take such action, but we need to be ready to fight for what is right… It is scary what is going on these days.

  12. What you need to know is at 3:18. Stop video and read. It's all there.

  13. why do you (Anonymous) use the united nations symbol

  14. Yeah Yeah…
    Bullshit! Where's any of the proof this is just people taking n people blaming Clinton!!

  15. You's are awesome & I hope you's will keep the good fight going & fuck these turd smokers up!!! My prayers are with you-mayGod bless you's Anonymous!!!(0414497460😉)

  16. These evil elite will not be able to take God down on Judgement Day.

  17. I feel like they got him..just my opinion though.

  18. This is not even the Official Anonymous… !!!!!

  19. You can't be that dumb to think this pile of shit will convince us, can you?
    You're targetting truth seekers – people who take their time to analyze information to the best of one's ability and gather the outcome.
    You thinking us this stupid insults our rivality towards you, inhumane bastards.

  20. Someone Needs To Stand as a Patriot and Save Him.. If he is still alive.. #Pizzagate #FreeAssange

  21. There was an interview uploaded about 4 days ago, (RT I think) he was interviewed by Paul Mason. Also, if you look at the vid of embassy cat, a hand is holding said puss.

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