WikiLeaks Confirms Obama Wiretapping Trump Tower Because He Did it To Many Leaders #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

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WikiLeaks Confirms Obama Wiretapping Trump Tower Because He Did it To Many Leaders

Wikileaks published “highly classified documents showing that the US National Security Agency bugged a private climate change strategy meeting; between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.”

According to Wikileaks, Obama’s administration, and specifically the National Security Agency, also:

singled out the Chief of Staff of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for long term interception targetting his Swiss phone;
singled out the Director of the Rules Division of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Johann Human, and targetted his Swiss phone for long term interception;
stole sensitive Italian diplomatic cables detailing how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implored Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to help patch up his relationship with US President Barack Obama, who was refusing to talk to Netanyahu;
intercepted top EU and Japanese trade ministers discussing their secret strategy and red lines to stop the US “extort[ing]” them at the WTO Doha arounds (the talks subsequently collapsed);
explicitly targeted five other top EU economic officials for long term interc

WIKILEAKS: Obama’s long history of spying on friends, foes

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25 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Confirms Obama Wiretapping Trump Tower Because He Did it To Many Leaders #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. The BITCH obama DID IT WITHOUT A DOUBT IN MY MIND, he did it so many times before, hell ask Jason Chaffetz he did it to him 40 Fucking times, Jason reported it himself, & there was no wrong doing….. so tell me again how he didn't do it to ANY AMERICAN PEOPLE …….

  2. The so called MSM is a dying breed, they're losing their audience to other outlets such as social media, twitter etc.
    To make things worse the millennial generation isn't into buying newspapers or magazines.
    So it's in their best interest to go full on negative to draw an audience.
    True journalism is dead and the whole thing has become like one big Jerry springer show.

  3. It is time to bring back old Sparky because Treason is too serious of a crime to let slide.

  4. I'd love to find out who else this traitor bastard wiretapped that wasn't discovered.

  5. IMO, the whole situation seems like a trap for Donald Trump set by the US intelligence community. Either it really happened, Trump found out about it and the IC won't back him up with the evidence to prove it ..or.. the IC leaked false intel to Trump in hopes he would run with the claim publicly, in which case they will still throw him to the wolves.
    Obviously, it's just a guess from someone outside the beltway but the IC has been pretty antagonistic towards the Trump administration with the ridiculous amount of leaks.

  6. Most of the statements that Trump made in the last years were confirmed as true. Mainstream median are nstill defaming trump to cover up crimes of Obama and his supporters.

    Followers of B. Hussein and Hilary Clilnton, sore losers, project their sticking with treasonous Democratic party onto supporters of and INDEPENDENT non-politician, Donald Trump and his capable administration which is bringing TRUE improvements into lives of USA rather than phony traitor B. Hussein Obama and Clintons who are all RADICAL mobs agitators staging riots all over USA as they KNOW they will land in jail…and are trying to divert attention of Americans from their crimes.

    Egyptian journalists claim to have a documents proving that B. Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro or whatever other alias this chameleon used in his climb to power to cover up his tracks) is a card carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which would explain his Presidency filled with covering up for Muslim terrorism and Islam and cavorting with a terrorist organization, Muslim Brotherhood…and giving them US taxpayers money. CIA director, John Brennan is a Muslim convert…converted in Saudi Arabia, where they hang gays, stone women to death, behead blasphemers and witches, lash women for driving or not wearing niqab, and condone pedophilic polygamy, rape, misogyny, and boys molesting as long as the boy does not have facial hairs.

    That is who was "protecting safety of USA…two Muslims at the top, who hate USA and everything that US stands for. These flakes who are still staging riots around USA against freedom of speech need to wake up or go to Saudi Arabia and Iran to enjoy Islamic "freedom". They do not belong to USA any more than morons who said they would leaver IF Trump gets elected. They are hypocritical liars who are still in USA and continue defaming Trump.

    We do not need 17 agencies with spooks…we need 3 (FBI, CIA and NSA) all others need to be consolidated to avoid duplication and scams. Many of these spooks need to be fired and/or arrested for their violations of laws…start with John Brennan and Comey top dogs of CIA and FBI who had betrayed US numerous times. Or perhaps B. Hussein Obama, Hilary Clinton, John Kerry and their Muslim Brotherhood should be tried first as there is enough evidence of their treason and violation of US laws for their nefarious purposes.

  7. Our country is being run by a bunch of corrupt fucking idiots!!

  8. this is why europe taking muslim men, they are being threatened by obamabecause he had their phones tapped, obama has dirt on them.. well, i say trump should have all democratswiretapped, then put them in jail for treason and disban the democrat party as enemies to the united states… they already are our enemies as it is.. just make it official this time…

  9. The conversation between Flynn and the Russians was on tape, so obviously they were tapped. Or the story was completely made up. It can't be both.

  10. They are Narcissistic Psychopaths.

  11. He is the Doctor of Common Sense !

  12. Man, I would pay a thousand dollars on pay-per-view to watch our Doc. To step in the ring with that girly man Hussein O to bitch slap him from pillar to post and make him concede until his mom jeans fell off.

  13. Dr of common sense at his best ! Your exactly right . Wish this would play on every news network

  14. My Dr of Common Sense.. You get 5 thumb's up and a gold star for today's info.. Thank you!! 👍👍👍👍👍⭐


  16. If anyone has followed Trump, he doesn't say anything unless he knows. And I mean he knows!!! They will be caught. I just pray this is a speedy recovery. Please let Trump show what America already knows. Many say Obama is the Anti-Christ. Well, I'm not sure about all that. I do believe he is anti christ and I do think he will usher in the end times. But, he ain't got the gonads to be Satan. None do. He is definitely his follower. When Satan comes on the scene, you better hope to God you are taken up in the rapture. And you better pray to the Lord above you are not here when he is revealed.

  17. Trump supporters we need to form an alliance and fight. We will be persecuted and that's a given. Let's stop letting them do this to us and start fighting back. We have to do this for America. For our children and grandchildren. We can't sit by and think someone is going to do it for us; that's not happening. We have to stick together and be strong together. PLEASE, lets do this!!!!!

  18. Damn right he wire tapped Pres. Trump along with private citizens if truth be known, he had power to absolutely ABUSE AND CORRUPTIONS STILL ABOUNDS. Evidences and facts found but NOTHING HAPPENS. Attorneys are taught NEVER ADMIT TO ANYTHING, which they have MASTERED. Seems like the blinded justice lady can see after all and sees ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and monkeys remain silent!

  19. The president wouldn't have made a big clam like that if he didn't know 100% that Obama was guilty.

  20. good videos man but quit the negro slang

  21. I think the Ed Snowden, Julian Assange picture got switched.

  22. Trump is super man he can do it tens of thousands of Christians world wide are praying for him, to protest and guide him. The Lord and Holy Ghost are protecting him.

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