WIKILEAKS CHINA: Hillary Clinton Promised to Ring China with Missile Defense. Trump Calls Taiwan #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

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Clinton: US will “ring China with missile defense” and has right to rename Pacific Ocean the “American Sea” (AP)

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42 Thoughts to “WIKILEAKS CHINA: Hillary Clinton Promised to Ring China with Missile Defense. Trump Calls Taiwan #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)”

  1. To set the fact straight: Trump DID NOT Call Taiwan, Trump received a congratulation phone call from Taiwan President. Did Washington Post set on fire when Obama shipped millions of dollars of untraceable cash over midnight to Iran? Why such a big fuzz about Trump receiving a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan??? To continue to find fault with Trump???

  2. Hillary is a delusional fool to contemplate such a stupid policy. Let me be very clear, no nation on this planet can "ring' China. They are way smarter than everyone, and let there be any doubt that they are in the Superpower league already. Same applies for Russia too, although they are economically no where compared to us or China. And, there is one more player which is emerging rapidly, i.e. India. This world is multi-polar at least from economy and trade perspective; it's quite apparent that big three players are USA, China and India.

    Back to the point – It's really very hard for me to fathom our obsession with anti-China and anti-Russia foreign policy. Why can't we just get along with big powers? Please don't tell me promoting democracy and freedom because now we all know what is happening in the Middle East. I can only hope that Trump administration will deescalate most troubles caused by us, including the Eastern European mess. We can't afford such war mongering postures, also we must stop riling up our people with hate and prejudice. Hollywood and Media morons disgust me for continuously portraying Chinese and Russians as bad guys.

  3. Jill Stein is a total piece of shit. Criminal traitor working for Clinton.

  4. Taiwan and China are two countries and not one.  Taiwan should be our 51st state.  China needs to get over Nationalist China and leave Taiwan and the memory of Chiang Kai-shek (RIP) alone. Move on.  Let's add a star to our flag.

  5. Would like to hear your latest views on Jill Stein since she has aligned herself with Hillary.😳

  6. think YouTube unsubscribed me from your page😡.

  7. Hillary Clinton is an imbecile. She can't build shit in Russia without Vlad Putin's OK.

  8. Hillary cannot be kept in prison she will escape on the nearest broomstick

  9. h a goodman is nothing but a HACK,,  babbling and rambling incoherently ,, oh and he claimed he voted for the now infamous jill stein  that did what,, took the money and ran,, DONT LISTEN TO THIS LOSER,,

  10. Hello! Right now it's "President Elect" Donald Trump. The guy isn't even sworn in yet and has already been open to dialoguing with Foreign Leaders, has saved jobs for middle America, and is relentlessly been working to mend fences within a broken Republican Party! I was not for Trump, and I most definitely wasn't for HRC. From what I have witnessed so far though, is that America just might have a chance to recover in several areas that were torn apart in the Obama Administration and I for one will continue to give Trump a chance.

  11. Good point that you make. USA sells arms to Taiwan but a phone call.

  12. At least Trump isn't talking about going to war with China. I'd rather a politician call another country's leader than listen to a politician spew warmongering rhetoric. Hillary is the military industrial complex's bitch.

  13. Styxhexenhammer666 made a good video about this as well. Also made videos about China in the past.

  14. HA, the volume is too low in your new setting. Maybe move closer to the microphone?

  15. I think it's just fine that Trump is speaking to the ROC. PROC needs us every bit as much as we need them so I think it's about time we stop giving a damn about their bullshit One China policy.

  16. CNN is having a fit over Trump's call to Taiwan and never a word about this. I have to wonder what their real goal is. I'm starting to believe the Globalists Fascist corporatism conspiracies.

  17. Let's not forget that Taiwan is "freedom loving Democracy" being pushed around by the oligarchic communist Chinese. Trump's tweet was fantastic! "So, they're (Taiwan) good enough to sell billions of dollars in military contracts to, but not good enough enough to talk to on the phone?" When the Carter administration let China force Taiwan out of the UN, those poor people haven't stood a chance. How much of our msm does China own, again? Seriously….

  18. It sounds like Clinton wasn't the diplomat she professed to be. Of course we need to protect ourselves but we don't need a President that makes other super powers our enemies. There are a lot of really weird coincidences of death surrounding her also.
    I still don't have confidence in Trump but, the more I hear about HRC, the more I'm glad she lost.

  19. as Jimmy dore said, do you know all of the Obama cabinet? I don't,yet we'll know everyone in trumps,everything he does.the man isn't even president yet he makes the news everyday.they'll be criticizing how he shits soon

  20. Buying electronics and medicine from your enemy is not a bright idea. Heel Hillary. Appoint her Senior Embassy Greeter, any embassy without air conditioning will do.

  21. The Ocean renaming is telling. Pacific means Peaceful, American must have a different meaning (in their minds).

  22. Of course you know that the US has ringed China completely already with 400 military access points over the past six years. Including the US naval exercise in 2015 to block China's main sea trade and oil shipping routes. No wonder China is pissed off. Wouldn't you be?

  23. I'm sure the MSM would rather he had not taken the call so they could run headlines like these:



  24. Hillary psychologically saw herself as a VICTIM, so she built a circle of whiner supporters. YOU CAN'T EXPECT HONOR FROM COWARDS. THEY ARE TOO AFRAID, TO DO SO.

  25. H.A, I have been getting a page that your YouTube account has been terminated for violation of terms. What is up? Are you blocked from posting new vids since Dec 3?

  26. Hillary and Bill will be history soon. Bill has very little time left and is obviously I'll with something serious. Hil will choke to death one night in a coughing fit. You'll see

  27. We should talk more about Bradd Pitt and Angelina Jolie's marriage. Mass incarceration and New Jim Crow talk could upset people, bringing back manufacturing jobs from china might upset the Neoliberals. And piss on universal health coverage, and tuition zero college and developing peaceful relations with Russia and China.

  28. Ofcourse, Killary C. is the warhawk neocon, super extreme right militarist! Her policies are not democratic, they are international murder.

    Also she has personally pursued Libya's no fly zone and beyond, making her the first female-fascist massmurderer of Arabs in history.

  29. "WWJD"? What would Jill do, HAG? Any idea? Instead of her leading quixotic recount schemes she needs to be out in front on this stuff.

  30. Hillary needs to start a dog walking business maybe the the dogs can teach her a thing or two.

  31. Don J Trump has a good instinct when it comes to China, which is that China is not important. Not a big deal.

  32. ….better not make Chinese too mad—-they own our debt!

  33. According to (Trumps) Twitter, the president of Taiwan called Trump, not the other way around.

  34. No country recognizes Taiwan as an independent country, period. Some recognize it as the legitimate government of China, but not as an independent country.

    In fact, this is so true that not even the Taipei government recognizes Taiwan as a country. This is very important because Taiwan itself doesn’t claim to be an independent country. The government in Taipei doesn’t claim that they are the government of Taiwan. They claim they are the government of China, of the whole China (and in fact, Mongolia too).

    There is a pro-independence movement in Taiwan. But wait, you say, they already are independent, since they exercise uncontested sovereignty in the island. Yes, they are de facto independent. But what the Taiwanese independence movement would want is an end to the Republic of China thing, and the founding of a Republic of Taiwan. In practice, for the domestic institutions in Taipei, this might not mean much. It would mostly be symbolic.

    However, there’s one major issue: as long as Taipei claims to be the government of China, the reunification of China is possible. Beijing and Taipei are not ruling separate independent countries, they’re competing governments of the same country, each controlling a portion of the territory. This is the narrative they both agree on, and it allows them to talk about a future reunification. As long as reunification is on the table, the current “cold war” status quo can exist.

    If Taipei declared independence, however, this would mean this narrative ends. It’s now no longer two governments claiming sovereignty of the same country. Now, in the eyes of Beijing, Taiwan is a rebel province trying to gain independence. The status quo then doesn’t lead to eventual reunification, however long that might take. It leads to separation, and Beijing doesn’t want that. So Beijing has threatened with military action if any concrete steps are taken towards independence by Taipei.

    So from Trump's perspective, he has taken his gun out of his holster. Bluff and bravado at this stage. Nothing more.

  35. Breaking News!!!! Hillary said we can rename the Pacific Ocean – "The American Sea"!!! She is an F-ing idiot!

  36. Ringing China with "defensive" missiles is a directly aggressive action because there is little difference between offensive and defensive weapons. If you can neutralize a retaliation then you may think it possible to strike first. I think America avoided a catastrophe when they relegated Hildebeast to the dustbin.

  37. The US MUST re-recognize Taiwan!, and set it's priorities straight!
    China is like a spoiled two year old! It's gotten it's way to long!

  38. There is a big difference, Trump has no clue what he is doing.

  39. Point well taken! Yeah I think what Trump did was fine, surprised me to find out the one China was a goal of Nixon and carter launched the isolation of Taiwan! WoW stupid moves by Nixon or Carter

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