WIKILEAKS 1-30: Podesta’s Devilish Spirit Cooking Dinner and Hillary’s Faith in God and Bible #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

My name is H. A. Goodman and I’m an author, columnist, and journalist
STYX: John Podesta’s Nonsensical Spirit Cooking Crap

For 3 months Hillary Clinton’s email access was unencrypted, vulnerable to spies
The Podestas’ “Spirit Cooking” dinner?


When she switched accounts, all of her old email disappeared—including all of the email from her first seven weeks as secretary of state.
At least 2,079 Clinton emails contain classified material
FBI finds emails related to Hillary Clinton’s State Department tenure


The situation is viewed so seriously by the Americans that former President Bill Clinton, now a United Nations special envoy, has arrived in Haiti to negotiate a solution.
As Bill Clinton works to spring U.S. missionaries charged with kidnapping in Haiti, the case highlights a new evangelical strategy: Adopt Third World babies and convert them.

Bret Baier: FBI Sources Believe Clinton Foundation Case Moving Towards “Likely an Indictment”
Sources: 99 percent chance foreign intel agencies breached Clinton server
Clinton ally gave $500K to wife of FBI agent on email probe
500 Conflicts of Interest
Laptop in FBI’s Weiner sexting case had ‘,’ Clinton-related emails, source says
FBI to review 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop: report
we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say
most likely criminal
My first piece in The Daily Caller!!
WikiLeaks Tweet About H. A. Goodman’s #PodestaEmail Summaries

Note: Sources include Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region.
WikiLeaks: New York Times Propped Up Clinton, Subverted Sanders
FBI Says a Laptop That Held Clinton’s E-Mails Has Gone Missing
H.A. Goodman Says Bernie Sanders Still Has a Chance

H.A. Goodman Goes After Pro-Clinton Media Bias

This segment correlates also to my appearances on CNN and MSNBC:
H. A. Goodman on MSNBC
H. A. Goodman on CNN International
H. A. Goodman on CNN New Day


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22 thoughts on “WIKILEAKS 1-30: Podesta’s Devilish Spirit Cooking Dinner and Hillary’s Faith in God and Bible #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

  1. If anyone ever asks again how we got stuck with Hillary the answer is simple: blame the mentally deficient in Fraud Belt states such as California and New York.

  2. Monica Peterson found dead in Haiti, investigating Clinton . Brother to Hillary ends up with Gold Mine in Haiti, Google Monica Peterson- Clinton Investigation Haiti- Please make this viral, we need to stop the murders .

  3. What is performance art when your performance is composed of Satanic rituals? "They have eyes, but they do not see."

  4. This blows my mind, Alex Jones for years has been saying there are high level government officials into weird satanic stuff and I thought he was flat crazy, now it's TRUE?!?!? What has this world become?

  5. Bible? Then why is her idol Saul Alinsky?

  6. HA and hex666 it's really good to know we have a few satanist like yourselves that aren't into the murdering of our children for your satanic rituals. However I worn you and others dabbling in that sort of thing that what are doing the kiddy stuff is still dark and starts a path which leads to the loss of your soul!! BEWARE!! This stuff is not art and is no joke like HA would like you to believe. BEWARE!!

  7. no you're not off base, you're on a roll

  8. BREAKING BOMBSHELL : Multiple Reports Tie Clinton’s Podesta Brothers to Child Abduction Case of Madeline McCann

  9. A religious society such as America claims to be can not fund the largest military in the world and then close its eyes to what that industry is doing.  Americans are not religious, they are pew-renters.

  10. The content is great, I just find it hard to keep with it to the end. I find it hard to watch.
    I can't believe Trump is our only hope. I hate him and all he stands for. Clinton can not be allowed to get in. The corruption is mind boggling. This could be the end of America as we know it. How can anyone have confidence in your system of government and election. Scary times.

  11. On the cover of Newsweek -Nov-22,2016 Mr Obama was depicted as the Hindu Deity SHIVA The subtitle on the cover is "God of All things"….Lord Shiva is in the Hindu community considered to be the "God of Destruction"…..(Btw..The SAME Hindu statue is also placed next to the entrance of the CERN Facility in Switserland !)… can say – Newsweek had some foresight….we are now facing the final days of his self-destruction – even the destruction of what he calls "the most qualified woman for the Presidency" …… Really ? If Mrs Clinton represents the BEST the Democratic Party has to offer …. then go figure…..DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!

  12. Well said. Your light touch with bizarre and disturbing material was very well done. Persuasive and entertaining. Soon I will start my own YouTube channel on psychology. I'm a psychologist. I'll invite your feedback.

  13. Tonight I had a pizza with cheese and then played dominoes. Weep Alex Jones.

  14. It's all just beyond the pale. It can't be for real. What intelligent person would find that sort of play even interesting? It's so sophomoric and silly, almost laughable……Can you picture a spirit dinner? "Excuse me waiter, can I have a menu?"….A few minutes later…"Here's your menu back, just bring a glass of water". it's just not believable. About her religion or lack of it….she is an ardent believer when it's convenient.

  15. you are not off base. These people are so mixed in their cult world that they don't care and alot of stupid people out there that don't know nothing about the reality of the spiritual realm.

  16. Everything is being attributed to Hillary, and though I think she is a beast from hell and will probably start WWIII if she is [S]elected, the Spirit cooking dinner had nothing to do with her, and she can't possibly know what is going on in everybody's personal life. Also, Hillary's bible has a goat and a Pentagram on it.

  17. okay I'm confused I thought Saturday Wikileaks was supposed to expose how they're getting their information haven't heard that yet has anybody

  18. H.A., please consider voting for trump just to keep Hitlery out of office

  19. NOW im taking names of all who support HITLARY and DENOUNCED TRUPM and wait till i get the ballot box!

  20. Religion is a socially approved of psychosis.

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