What You Really Need To Know About The Trump Russia Collusion #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

In this video, we go over the latest Donald Trump controversy and allegations of collusion with Russia and Vladimir Putin. We go over the latest scandals, hearings, and investigations on the Trump administration and 2016 presidential campaign. We, of course, uncover the latest evidence the democratic and liberal establishment have against Trump and that is his “confidant” Roger Stone and explain to you why his story makes no sense at all.

Video mentioned: The Real Truth Behind The ‘October Surprise’

for full transparency the rumor about Mike Flynn was correct

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29 thoughts on “What You Really Need To Know About The Trump Russia Collusion #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

  1. An alliance between USA, Europe and Russia could rule the world tho. I wonder if they found this out yet…

  2. White Supremacist traitors!

  3. can we say profiting of war.. i bet you anything trump told putin.. i can make you even more powerful if i bomb the middle east. we will just play god. and stage a fight between ourselves.. so the media has something to report…

  4. wait this is channel support Trump I'm going to unsubscribe real quick

  5. They love Hell and that they are about to get !! Crawling maggots…..Thank you GOD for the great Trumpet !!!!

  6. It`s a lot of smoke to side step the pedophile politician`s Satanic crimes against our children. Also I hear there are thousands of American soldiers being sent overseas and ship loads of armaments. Nobody seems to be talking about that either. That sounds like something pretty effen BIG to me.

  7. If you see Trump as being good on any level, congrats, you've thought yourself into a circle. Critical thinking, it's your friend.

  8. You're wrong on not going after the Clintons.   Justice needs to be served to ensure a deterant against future traitors.

  9. Does the name Vladimir Fomenko mean anything to anyone? (Google that name)

  10. WTF! This guy is a fucking commie pig! He even looks like a fucking Russian! This page is full of Russian Trolls, commie sympathizers and Russian propaganda! FUCK ALL YOU PUTIN LOVERS! It's time to set up another Senate Committee on Un-American activities!

  11. We need to get an independent prosecutor to investigate this issue. We need to get potentially partisan influences removed from the process. That is the only way to do it. You are too quick to take Trump's side. Let an independent investigator and prosecutor tell us what is true.

  12. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  13. Jan Brady: "Russia Russia Russia!"

    The dems and repubs are both in collusion regarding this Russian bs…fake news. Everyone playing their role to bring about ww3

  14. Russia Hacked My Toaster And Burnt My Bagel

  15. The Russians Are Coming!!!!
    The Russians ARE COMING!!!!!!!!

  16. every time a pedo gets arrested…. the russiancare gets full coverage…. check out the pattern…

  17. for full transparency the rumor about Mike Flynn was correct https://t.co/4mm26XHa3A

  18. look over here look over here don't look at the other hand that's all this Russia crap is meanwhile they push on everywhere else – oh say like syria n. korea etc

  19. why don't you lump all conservatives in with neocons like you lump all liberals in with neoliberals?

  20. I don't care about our president they don't do nothing for us

  21. Only collusion is with Israel, Russia what gonna turn us into oligarchy, not communists anymore, we are already plutocracy, so what's difference, we interfered with their election, proven along with France and every third world nation with something of value to steal or people to enslave.

  22. Who is this little elf face weasel? bro, you need to learn what literally means and how to use it. no one "literally" has no heart unless they're dead and its been ripped out. kill yourself you fucking retard. Fuck your mother.

  23. Luke and Team, I subscribe to you (of course.) But I notice on the daily that you are never featured at the top of my subs list, and I only subscribe to about ten channels. You're being throttled bro. YouTube and Google in general sucking big right now. When I go to the Google News aggregate, tons of stories are CNN and Washington Post. See you on Patreon guys. Big Love.

  24. so the fbi confirming they're investigating trumps possible collusion with russia and most of the comments here think it's fake. You have to ignore reality to think it isn't real or isn't important. please don't vote next time if the truth matters so little to you. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's not a liberal talking point. the same fbi director who helped trump win the election confirmed what you people refuse to believe.

  25. You are awesome. I love independent media. Just know you are a beast!!!!!

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