What to do About Syria, Call Your Congressmen. #HandsOffSyria #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

This is a short video where I provide the solution to the problem with the Syria conflict. If you want to see US Involvement end, go pick up your phone and call your representative or go to the US Capitol Building and speak to a legislative assistant. People bitching online will only go so far, go pick up the phone.

This video is inspired by a Ryan Dawson video I saw on this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4SuCdINwss

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43 thoughts on “What to do About Syria, Call Your Congressmen. #HandsOffSyria #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. You speak the truth Frost but I think calling your congressman would be pointless. A large majority of them are owned by AIPAC. It'll go in one ear and out the other

  2. Your better off writing to congress, keep a copy, have it recorded delivery, so it is signed for…..they are all in the same pedo bed…..so they do not care….

  3. Sorry, but calling you congressman is a waste of time.

  4. You are right Assad is innocent , If you watch his interviews you gain more respect for the man . My one friend has a friend in Syria 20 minutes from Where Trump dropped the missiles and she is adamant her President would never gas his people . Look back to 2013 the natural Gas was found then John Kerry states I think Assad may have gassed his people …… John Kerry of all people such a liar and those who disagree.need to do a lot of soul searching .. God Bless

  5. Call??? They don't give a flying fuck about any of us…remember we are Goyim!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

  6. good advice , I wish you all the best and I hope USA will not get us in a third world war lol

  7. Why is he speaking so softly? Is this AMSR?

  8. Amen to that bro. Use an email as well, fulfill their mailboxes , their twitter accounts . Donยดt let those bitches skip Your phone call . And print it , deliver to their offices and film it , to have a prove if they donยดt care .

  9. fuck it im doing this tomorrow good idea if these bitches want ww3 they can be on the front line with us

  10. maybe this is a stupid question with an obvious answer but was this air strike just another distraction from the real atrocities going on? media makes it seem as tho the air strikes destroyed the Syrian air field when in actuality it is still operational. less than 20% was damaged and that figure is high.

  11. Ok, but what are we supposed to do about Titus Frost creeping around all those scary pizza places, alone, sometimes in the dark and most likely unarmed? Well???

  12. Everyone needs to hit the streets if this thing looks like it's going to happen. We cannot have another Iraq or Libya. We cannot buy into their lies. If there's a false flag in Syria or in the U.S., we can't fall for it. What will hurt them is if everyone boycotts the economy. Don't buy anything beyond bare essentials. Work as little as you can. If Americans stop being complicit, we make it a lot harder for them to keep doing whatever they damn well please.

  13. Good advice. Looking dapper dude! Thanks for all your hard work! We are trusting you for good journalism. God speed!

  14. I called it!! I told friends and loved ones that the media was putting to much of an emphasis on Trumps first 100 days in office, I said watch the first 100 he will take care of a few things as if he is making good on his campaign promises but after day 100 his true colors will show…… Well now everyone sees him for what he really is. God Bless Titus ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

  15. I hope in the next election, nobody votes, not one single person. This is what needed to happen already, this is how we take the power back, if millions would not vote….we win. The system would start to fall apart, this is their biggest fear.

  16. Titus, IF you actually beLIEve that Congress gives a flying fuck about what either you or I think and feel, you need to wake the fuck up dude. Contacting politicians is like protesting: " It adds up to NOTHING more than " emotional masturbation "..It might feel good, but accomplishes nothing. Like having a good piss straight into a 100 mph wind. Here's a recent comment I placed on another YouTube video ( research it and contemplate it well ):

    " Getting emotionally involved in the bullshit going on in D.C. IS insanity. We The People have NO dog in that hunt. Why ? Because THE UNITED STATES is a " private CORPORATION ", foreign owned & controlled since 1871. Think ANY of those D.C. criminal fucktards give a shit about you ? Think again. Are you on the Board of Directors or Shareholders of THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION ? Fuck no, neither am I. Think you have ANY say ? You fucking don't. THAT'S why we're considered " debt instruments ", ie chattle . . .

    To me, all this shit is mere circus crap.

    Know this: There is NO " Organic Government ( like we fucking need to be governed ) " in America. Just a vast, labyrinth of CORPORATE structure, that is in fact a murderous, genocidal, parasitical, criminal MAFIA based in satanic practices masquerading as so-called " government "..

    The more attention you give it, the more you feed it. STOP FEEDING THE MONSTER !!!

    Wake the fuck up and don't be myopic, SEE the bigger picture . . . . . "

  17. Btw, Bill Still on YouTube is doing a quick advertisement himself before he goes on topic, which he's surely being compensated for-look into that! #fckyoutube!

  18. I like this improved attitude it seems you have recently. I'm sure you've cursed me out a few times for me giving you shit when you're wrong, but I think your heart has always been in the right place and I hope you continue to grow.

  19. Thank you for advocating this action Titus. We need to show the world that we are no longer represented by our government.


  21. We stopped it in 2013. We can do it again.

  22. its the president going to war. call the white house first!

  23. First question you should all ask them is โ€œWho do you work for?โ€ and then wait as they stammer out the old lies.

  24. This where I completely disagree if the people in ice land had that mentality that big brother is going to do right thing they be bankrupt and starving. That goes same for the early settlers who founded this nation. The US is a corporation 28 3002 part 15 doesn't serve America it only serves the corporation's interest(for profit, for share holders). Fascism, corporations merged with goverment. Please wake up, your still believing govern ment(mind control). The only honest system is the republic, which the US doesn't operate under. Your chasing a pipe dream.

  25. My Congressman is a fucking tool. He could care less. But I'm gonna call him anyway.

  26. What is Written has to transpire. I just stay close to my savior and know that the end of this world is close at hand. I'm not troubled because I am free indeed.

  27. Please watch out about those involved with Gene Energy Ltd, they are inside wdc, and maybe some even in congress.
    Please check out their board of directors, you perhaps rethink going to visit them.

  28. Great idea Titus, we should at least fight back in some way even if it's just us bitching at them!

  29. Please let us know what you find out. Don't be surprised if they say: "we can't talk about anything political." That is what they told me.

  30. without that Red Sox hat I don't recognize you – I called my congressman and gave them an ear ful- I made it quite clear I was livid

  31. Done this so many times. Doesn't do a damn thing!

  32. I'm sorry Titus, but I don't beg my rulers for shit.

  33. Did my part, called them all!!

  34. Alright Titus I am going to call but I feel it will be in vain. You see we are asking brethren to go against brethren…they don't usually play that. I have gone to a town hall meeting to meet with my congressman (over pedogate) Jared Polis,I have emailed him three times,called twice. Facebooked him three times…I got one reply he apologized for not having time to answer my question at the town meeting….WELL answer at Facebook Jared…nah, that wont happen because Jared doesn't read any of his mail,his PR's do,they also take his calls. What did your congressman's PR say? Were they as polite as a peach on a Sunny day in Georgia? Did they say they'd get the message to him/her?
    Right – bless your heart for trying….we have to take to the streets that's the only way to really be heard…every city –

  35. I phone all the time but they never call back.
    The nice lady on the phone told me the congressman was, " out to lunch " at some pizza joint.
    That figures !

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