What They Aren’t Telling You About The OSU Terrorist Attack #PizzaGate #Corruption

Accused Ohio State Attacker, Abdul Artan, posted online rant about the treatment of muslims prior to attack. Margaret Howell and Joe Biggs delve into Artan’s history.

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31 Thoughts to “What They Aren’t Telling You About The OSU Terrorist Attack #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Joe is one funny mother [email protected]!

  2. Columbus is a shit hole in the first place.

  3. If we just give them the Bush , Clinton and Obama crime families the terror will stop , Guaranteed…

  4. Once again complete blackout on the MSM

  5. The press no longer identifies illegals or uses the term Mexico national. You can have a gang member who stabs or shoots a rival gang member, the fact that one is a member of a well known Mexican gang is never written, the story ends up with the guy's name and age as well as the city he currently is residing in, the fact this was a gang killing is dropped, nor is the fact he has been deported 43 times and has a very long record record of felonies and misdemeanor assaults. One publisher named the federal government as pressuring his paper to leave out such information. The case I mentioned is real taking place in Salt Lake City, the crimes real as well as the man shooting dead a 2 year old girl the same night in a drive by. Obviously had the man crossed the border today he would not have been deported, no one would have been concerned that he was a violent criminal, a member of the criminal gang M15

  6. Once again info wars doesn't have a clue what happened….I was there ….the police did the shooting then it has been covered up….Media like this platform is misleading thw World…. I work for Sysco Foods….making a delivery
    that is all I will say

  7. Well Arabic is a form of Gallic so… most Muslim can't read Arabic! They are brainwashed plus from India and to Arabia because of the taboo on women etc they butt "f" each other and animals in their depravity but it is a process and we are part of the same family!

  8. The 'Get Islam Off the Hook' Playbook A Handy Guide for Media Organizations Whenever an atrocity is committed by someone claiming to be inspired by the teachings of the Qur'an the following steps should immediately be taken to avoid awkward questions about the 'Religion of Peace': Interview friends of the perpetrator. Have them express, how 'totally shocked' they are that such a nice guy could do such a thing (the implication being that he must have 'snapped') Interview worshippers at his mosque. Have them say that he attended irregularly and 'drifted away' eventually (have them mouth words like 'He could never have learned that stuff here lone wolf, misunderstands of Islam etc • If the perpetrator had a troubled background (drugs etc)before turning to Islam make sure that it is emphasised • Insist that the perpetrator is mentally deranged and/or a 'Ione wolf' Insist that the interviewee or panellist talking about the attack repeat some version of 'This has nothing to do with the peaceful teachings of Islam' (It does not matter if they do not have the foggiest idea of what islam actually teaches as long as the mantra is drilled into the minds of the gullible public) Do not pay attention to any references to the Qur'an or the example of Muhammad made by the perpetrator but if this is unavoidable constantly point out that he/she 'Misunderstands islam' Assist the Muslim community in playing the victim card and feel free to do this even while the incident is playing out. Finally, Start, a 'feel good hashtag' (e.g. I'llridewithyou or jeSuisCharlie)so that people engage in pointless social media activism instead of analysing the root causes of the attack.

  9. Nothing to do with islam, as Pat Condell points out!

  10. OSU crisis actors exposed.
    Alex your a lying sack of chit

  11. Have a simple comment…"never walk into a bar full of indians acting like a cowboy. "

  12. W B

    info wars throw in a hot mexican girl, too much pasty pale faces.

  13. That damn gun toting white man… What a F-ing joke. Hashtag come and take it commie/globalist.

  14. Why arnt they telling us what his families response was to the attack?

  15. Prepare for things to get worse. By Christmas the terrorist will be dressed as Santa and attacking parades. Then they will attack the hospitals were the victims are sent to, dressed as doctors and nurses.

  16. Infowars needs to cover the border as of late, Over 5000 Somali immigrants and all are men of military age and it's been well known there are several hundred ISIS training camps and now all these men are at the US Mexico border and Obama wants Border Patrol to stand down and let all these men in! Mexico even says what's going on at the border is crazy and they've never seen anything like this and fear something fucked up is coming and the US needs to be warned now to keep yourselves safe and look into this because an attack is on the way! Infowars needs to hop on this and warn everyone

  17. Islam is evil so anyone who follows it is evil. The religion is fake with a fake prophet. Mohammed was a pedophile, mass murderer, liar, thief, rapist and antiChrist. The koran was written after he died by a groups of men who wanted an excuse to live like hell and control people. Mohammed married a 6 year old girl and then consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old. Muslims will marry their own kin and rape their wives. They are animals.

  18. Isis is a creation of the NWO you retards.
    You people have to be the dumbest Conspiracists I've ever seen on this channel.
    Where did Alex find you idiots?

  19. I can't believe how tucking stupid you people are. You're just gas lighters for the 1%. Cointelpro. If you want refugees to stop boycott the oil corporations who are killing those people on their land for oil creating refugees.
    Figure it out.
    If another country attacked your family on your land what would you do?
    You'd be freaking out. But instead of being consistent you're not a fucking total hypocrisy non reality.
    If Middle Easterners killed your family and sent you packing what would you do.
    You're the ones that need to "gets the facts straight."
    So why aren't you protesting oil if you want the refugees to stop?
    You have t figured that out yet?
    So you're still retarded then.
    So you're not for gun control but if a Middle Easterners protects himself he's a terrorist right?
    When oil comes for you you'll be a terrorist too.
    You realize that right?
    The Veterans going to Standing Rock understand it.
    So where are you?
    No where.

  20. Margaret Howell : your such a gorgeous SMART woman! Love the dress!👀

  21. there are homegrown jihad muslim terrorist camps in the USA since the 90s. they have been trained and armed like the military. Youtube search : Homegrown terrorist camps USA

  22. did she get paid to were that blouse?

  23. Outside of Info Wars and few other media outlets, the overall liberal media have made sure to squash this OSU terror story.

  24. I'm so confused. when I 1st heard this I immediately thought BLM or terrorism. not redneck with a gun

  25. SEND THEM ALL BACK to Wherever they come from. A parachute works will at 10k feet

  26. This is why AJ is accused of beign some sort of gov disinformation. Pizzagate was covered fairly well but this muslim attack at OSU was another hoax with crisis actors some of the survivors with huge grins after having relatives injured in the hospital. Also AJ never exposed Sandy Hook hoax or San Bernardino hoax. Some good videos on youtube expoding the OSU hoax.
    Sad to see so many likes on this video.
    Thumbs down!!!
    Shame on you Alex!!

  27. Why would isis claim this?  The guy was a inept failure as a terrorist. Don't they have standards?

  28. why do democrats try to hide islams crimes?

  29. america is immoral… ameficans cant see themselves accurately…

    so they are attacked by other immoral extremists…muslims, gang members, serial killers, thieves , perverts , etc..

    its an epidemic that can only be cured by a real thorough morals based reformation…

    or a slow death is inevitable

  30. Ban is-lame problem solved, period.

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