We Must Share The Truth About Russia So We Can End The New World Order’s Lies

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30 Thoughts to “We Must Share The Truth About Russia So We Can End The New World Order’s Lies”

  1. Putin is the only world leader who has the guts to kick the Rothschilds out of Russia and take over their Central Bank. After researching them, I was shocked to learn they own hundreds of banks all around our world; thus, enabling them to ruthlessly rule our world leader(s) who, in turn, commit ruthless deeds on their citizens. Google the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the remaining 11 families who comprise the OLIGARCHY who really run our Earth. Read about their historical ties to satanic worship.

    President-elect Trump is a gift from God, who is giving us one last chance to purify our thoughts and deeds, and ask for forgiveness for our actions against His children and creations . Look at the harm we're doing to His beloved creatures and Earth.

    "God is Love, and he who dwells in Love dwells in God."

  2. Trump will end aggression against Russia! Thank GOD!

  3. How long will the treaty over Antarctica will last when it becomes the last livable land on Earth?

  4. I agree with this guy but- he has his lefts and right wings crossed.

  5. How much was wasted on the last "Cold War"

  6. Complete BULLSHIT! Des pures CONNERIES! Полная ХРЕНЬ!

  7. whos this forked tounge bastard.. these sheeple come on saying what trump cant do… he didnt have a prayer to be president either…

  8. I'll go for Putin anytime. He's a true leader.

  9. only politicians are the ones who wanted war

  10. I salute Putin from England.He is doing a great! job and the west dont like it.Russia are not the bad guys

  11. end the fed, stop using their fake money systems, stop paying taxes. capitalism is destroying the world. end all money!

  12. Thank you PUTIN for cheaper FUEl

  13. Yes the Emblem of a knight slaying a dragon is the symbol of arthurian legends but also of Archangel Michael slaying the darkness of the Establishment in the West…. it's symbolic as the Light does not operate as human do. They convert us to higher conscioousness and it's beginning to happen. It's the AWAKENING that makes people see the lies in the narratives of the controled media, the lies of the Establishment that Donald Trump has opposed. Let's create a new culture and a new civilization all around the world that will provide prosperity for all, a beautiful world in Peace.. west and East, hand in hand….join my Facebook page circle, Christine Preston, Swansea University… 97 videos published by Matt Muckleroy.

  14. if you love Putin so much, go live in Russia, you will soon change your mind

  15. GOOD JOB RT, KEN AND PUTIN! The liars wanted to create an ENEMY for their war industries! Let's have peace!

  16. The Brit can't really declare that it was always "lying" because Russia or the Soviet Union has always used "misinformation" to scare  and mislead the U.S. into thinking that they had more. That is what any country would do against a power house like the U.S. We couldn't have been sure back in the fifties and our history books report the "bomber scare" when we thought they had many more bombers then they had. But RT will always take the Russian point of view, so just beware when the Communists report, that truth has different colors. Nevertheless, times have changed and it is time to take Mr. Putiin more at his word and back off a bit!

  17. Yes, you are right let's share some truth hear: Russia

    > Military expenditure: $84.9 billion
    > Expenditure as pct. of GDP: 4.1% (10th highest)
    > 1-yr. spending change: 4.8% (48th highest)
    > Total arms imports: $148 million (33rd highest)
    > Total arms exports: $8.3 billion (the highest)

    Russia leads the rest of the world in military exports, with more than $8 billion worth last year- 8 BILLIIONS $ well above the U.S.'s $6.2 billion in exports. So what this mean it means that: RUSSIA SELLING MORE WEPONS THEN USA!Right?! While total military spending in Russia remains a fraction of what it was in the late 1980s, it has been on the rise in recent years as a result of Russia's involvement in various regional conflicts. With the more recent ongoing Crimean crisis, this spending trend may likely continue. The country's military expenditure was roughly $85 billion last year compared to just $64.5 billion in 2009. Russia now spends 4.1% of its GDP on its military, exceeding that of the U.S. for the first time in over a decade. The dramatic increase is likely due in part to Russia's stated plans to invest more than $700 billion to modernize its weapons system by 2020. According to some onlookers, making these improvements may be difficult given Russia's low birth rates, poverty and lingering soviet-era corruption problems. Read more on: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/07/12/countries-spending-most-on-military/12491639/ or if you don't like source read this one: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/arms-sales-by-the-us-and-russia-2014-8 ! I mean after all we can't just simply swolow propaganda that USA is only Bad power in Wolrd today!

  18. Thanks for the vocals. I don't care for reading.

  19. its incredible to hear people say they think the answer to corrupt media is to replace it with a new shiny media that will no doubt be corrupted just as all the other ones were. when will people learn?

  20. look at the symbols! look at the coat of arms! there is your answer.

  21. Putin really pissed off the Rothchild banking conglomerate when he flooded the market with oil. Americans are now paying a dollar less for gas but doesnt realize Putin is the reason.

  22. Everyone LIES… This whole place we live in is a LIE.

  23. Real and strong countries don't want NWO. China, Russia , Japan, Korea, maybe Australia, although tied to weak Europe, already in the throngs of the EU aka NWO!

  24. Russia,USA,UK  will destroy the EU globalists and Islam

  25. Thank you Truth News Channel and RT. We must through off Zionist mind control and its masters.

  26. I am sure Russia is not stupid enough to be under armed in case of a conflict. Don't think both sides are telling the truth.

    Go Russia!! Destroy ISIS!!

  27. God bless Christian Russia.

  28. Damn it's the Stupidity as the wind blows that's ruining this world. People like leaders have always gotten away with shit because the people that support them. People who crying Free Is Never been a Captive of shit. Free Your Mind start there..So Many claiming others are sheep yet praise another. You're Sheep Moron. Stop asking Rich and Wealthy People to Save You…They Don't Give a Damn about You..If it wasn't for your Poor Ass they Wouldn't be Rich..Its Your Money, Your Support and Your Ignorance that will make suffering for all. White People sound as silly as Black People thinking Trump is going to Help you as much as Obama help them. 😄😄😄 Learn what a President Does. Has Anyone with Wealth Helped You Yet and They have been around for a while…WAKE UP MORONS of the WORLD…Things will happen if you let them…

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