‘We have something in common’ – Trump jokes about Obama wiretaps with Merkel #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have met for the first time in Trump’s time in office, discussing many issues on which the two have disagreed in the past, including immigration, defense spending and free trade. The US President, however, did find one thing held in common.

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29 Thoughts to “‘We have something in common’ – Trump jokes about Obama wiretaps with Merkel #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped”

  1. Merkel's reaction is just priceless 😂😂😂

  2. Considering Trump is a germaphobe' it made sense not to shake her hand :))

  3. Best Präsident ever ! 😉

  4. Merkel is a traitor with her "Wir shaffen das". We should have been building a huge wall at the Greek Turkish border, instead of importing all those luck-seekers. Next to this deporting all those islamist Erdoturks.

  5. Must confess, that I like the joke personally….ah this Donald Trump, you are lucky you American, this president have some sens of humor and lift his ball, I do like it….look at the face of Angela, she is just a muppet that discount germany for refugee> Collogne rap, thank you madame Merkel…..

  6. TTP

    Merkel is Autistic

  7. if the election were today……..merkle the toad would get slaughtered.

  8. He is so obsessed with OBAMA !!! 🙀💁🏾‍♂️😍

  9. It's funny how he gunned her in front of everyone


  11. I think it went right over her head…

  12. Ughm, no proof so is he…Lying?!?!?
    Oh Great leader would NEVER lie to his retarded supporters.

  13. …the look on her face!lol I love this guy!

  14. Angela on a timely getaway while her country is being taken over by radical Islam 🤔😁 Finally Trump who does not let the corrupt left wing media get away with their disregard and bias towards We the people How ironic
    The last jerk for last 8 years had the press licking his privates to no avail and President Trump has the press begging for Scooby snacks 😁🤐

  15. I am so profund right now to call this woman my president… without using any word, she said: oh boy, we have nothing in command, I am a President and you are just a rich, twitter addicted little boy, who insults everyone who is critical or is just telling the truth. hahaha

  16. KGB

    why is RT filled with Trump supporters?

  17. her face is like…seriously motherfuxler

  18. As a German I find this HILARIOUS. Yeh right, what exactly happened to the NSA-scandal in Germany, Merkels phone being hacked etc? NOTHING. Like the puppet she truly is she obeyed her master Obama and told the German people it's okay that the NSA spies on us. It's so ridiculous what a sellout to the NWO she is.

  19. God damn hypocritical leftists.
    Hillary received campaign funding from China and Saudi Arabia…. where's the outrage? the shock?
    Wtf? I'm going to throw up….

  20. Goddamn this jackass is ignorant…Makes GW Bush look like a noble prize winner in thought process…

  21. She did not find it funny one bit. Also, perhaps it was me but that small talk is really unprofessional

  22. I think Trump was being laughed at?

  23. BOOM! Drops mic. Walks off stage.

  24. Merkel has no life in her. Trump is at least a very interesting character.

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