Watergate Prosecutor: Jared Kushner Should Be Concerned | The Last Word | MSNBC #LatestNews

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As NBC News first reported, Jared Kushner is “under scrutiny” in the FBI’s Russia investigation, meaning the probe is now in the Trump White House and in the Trump family. Should Kushner keep his job? David Frum & Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks join Joy Reid.
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Watergate Prosecutor: Jared Kushner Should Be Concerned | The Last Word | MSNBC



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28 Thoughts to “Watergate Prosecutor: Jared Kushner Should Be Concerned | The Last Word | MSNBC #LatestNews”

  1. Ivanka Trump VACATIONING with PUTIN'S Girlfriend, Weni Deng. (See Google or Youtube)


  3. Technically Trump is guilty of "attempted" obstruction of justice….but that's fuzzy. There was a consequence for Comey to attain justice. Try attaining justice and you are fired. That indeed could be defined as full obstruction of justice, especially if FBI underlings and newbies are afraid to continue investigating in the vein they were.

  4. one President at a time

  5. How do I become a " Street fighter".
    Every word out of Trump's mouth is a lie. Including : the ; these; them; commas and apostraphees.

  6. This black woman is always slamming one of the Trump family. "She must lay awake in bed in the night dreaming about what dirt she can supposedly find stop the Trump
    administration. "She gives me the horrors!

  7. put all the trump family to jail…. even ivanka…. everybody in the white house…. they are Russian agents. ..

  8. And so the inevitable has happened whenever there is a video on this subject, the ALT-Right sets up it's bot machine to flood it with comments that are nothing more than slogans, insults and random insults against those people with any desire to actually discuss facts that in any way don't fit their narrative.

    75% of the one liner posts are from bot accounts, many of which were created in the past week. They have no real people behind them, or in some cases (like when they recently flooded the FCC) simply take the dead voter lists and use them to make up accounts.

  9. i love how cnn hires many black latino and muslim anchors to make it seem as if they are diverse.. lmao! u arent fooling ANYBODY!! u idiots…

  10. all of these idiots here under some sort of mind control. Wake up people

  11. When you start with the assumption that they are guilty, it's easy to find something to make it seem you're right. You are the same Idiots who praised everything Obama did as he devided, denigrated, and tried to bankrupt this country. It's time to put on your adult pants and stop crying. You Idiots have been pushing the Russian BS line for 6 friggin months and NO EVIDENCE. to show!!! Why aren't you covering the REAL news like all the attacks by Radical Islamic Terrorists??? This is why you are worthless as Journalists. You are just paid mouths spouting the approved agenda of your Alt-Left LibWit Bosses.

  12. Yes we Jews are always "concerned" since you already ruined Bernie's chances pulling the "Jew" card invoking conspiracies of world control of banks parroting what David duke says…
    If Jared were a Muslim,Mexican or a leftist you would ignore him.
    Setting up a back channel to Russia or any country by President or staff is not illegal or un common… …Hillary's emails were a secret "back channel" that were erased.
    Russia and China Mexico helped her win the popular vote . Let's look at that. You won't..only the "Jews"…
    Hypocrites . שלום נודנק

  13. I talked to a Russian the other day. Does this mean I'm going to jail?

  14. It's not illegal to be "financially beholden to a foreign country?" You can't get security clearance if you have a debt in collection let alone if your financially beholden to another country. How has he obtained his security clearance? Perjury?

  15. My God , what is crime? Dems will never stop crying😩🐍

  16. Who you kidding anyone who supports President Trump is being targeted. People are beginning to wake up to the truth of msm fake news.

  17. Too many lies and too many secrets, add corruption to the mix and you have the Trump administration.

  18. Such unadulterated nonsense. This is no longer very fake news, it is LOSER FAKE NEWS. Tons of wishful thinking on the part of sick so called journalists.

  19. I wonder if Ivanka will stand by her man when he's in prison?

  20. I sincerely hope this stupid MSNBC shake-up won't affect Joy Reid. She is 1 of only 3 reasons why I watch this network, in the first place. And, I would watch her wearing a boyfriend t-Shirt! If Lawrence leaves after next month, I will be dissing Comcast wherever I go. And, there's not going to be much of a reason to tune into MSNBC.

  21. The Russian probe-One of the biggest wastes of time and energy in US history. Thanks, fake news, for pushing this narrative wasting our time.

  22. they are mad because Jared planned Trump's oversea trip !!!!

  23. Muller law firm already represents Trump family…don't trust Mueller

  24. Jared Kushner appears to have no pupils in his eyes. Looks like his name should be Damian.

  25. While is not a crime to associate with criminals it does not help your resume to listen as associates while working for the Bank as the Money Vault Guard.

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