WATCH: Corruption At Trump Super PAC Exposed

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is facing a fundraising scandal after a Telegraph investigation exposed how key supporters were prepared to accept illicit donations from foreign backers…

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23 thoughts on “WATCH: Corruption At Trump Super PAC Exposed

  1. trump fans. your disgusting leader is proving you've been snowed. suck it up damn idiots. rich get richer, your dictator is fing you over. you believed he loved you more than wealthy sobs in congress, and washington. you fing deserve this. feel taken? maybe stupid?…Good. And he has only gotten started. He'll tax you more than wealthy buddies and you'll lose insurance, food stamps (Ryan) and homes. AGAIN, you deserve it.

  2. The sheep just voted for a hungry wolf, but thank god we were SAVED FROM THE PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER! OMG!

  3. THIS video doesn't sit right with me! The subtitles are at the beginning of the video but the sound is NOT. he coulda been saying anything then!! Lol

  4. with the video, Trump's people on it. yet corporate media has not reported or mentioned a single thing.

  5. where's the fox news uproar ? yeah you're right media bias does exist

  6. This is a super pac, that isn't controlled by Donald Trump, moron.
    How do we even know what this supa pac did?
    What if they pocketed it all?
    This is bullshit.
    They would tell anyone stupid enough to give them two million, anything they want to here,….IDIOT!
    Offcourse they will say that they will speak to Donald, I would say anything that a guy wanted me to say, if it ment he was going to put two million dollars you MORON.
    Many times in your videos you get everything so twisted, and you forget how to use common sence.

  7. "B-b-but the the the p-p-project veritas vi-…."

    Yeah this is actual investigative work. It's not a gotcha video of pressed comments, it's a whole scenario set up to test the PAC integrity.

  8. Where is all the MS media outrage over this?


  10. If they were doing something wrong then they wouldn't video tape the actions

  11. this would be national news if this really happened. kyle your grasping at straws dickhead

  12. you will cover this but not the varitas leaks….???? i thought you where supose to be objective? but i guess i was wrong…😥

  13. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  14. Are these fragments from the video or the video itself? Where is the video?

  15. Seems Donald has one leg in Russia and the other in China.

  16. Jesus H, Jesse Fucking Benton. Starting to wonder if he's just a plant to destroy candidates that actually resonate with people. He pulled some shady shit in Ron Paul's campaign as well. Or maybe he's just shit, who knows.

  17. The following statement regarding Jill Stein, is the most simple minded statement EVER!!!
    "At this point she has absolutely no chance"

  18. Is there any evidence that he was actually in touch with these guys? I don't doubt that they were when both of them claim they can pass out currency in TrumpBank, just looking for cement casing to bury this coffin with over 9000 nails in it.

  19. he took money from kadofi and burnt him. so he might just burn anyone?

  20. if you think about it, trump took money from kadofi to rent a place then he kicked him out and burnt him. so maybe he will just take it and run.

  21. if you think about it, trump took money from kadofi to rent a place then he kicked him out and burnt him. so maybe he will just take it and run.

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