VP Mike Pence On James Comey’s Firing: ‘Right Decision At The Right Time’ | The New York Times #LatestNews

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Vice President Mike Pence said that the decision to fire James B. Comey was not because the F.B.I. is investigating possible ties between the president’s administration and Russia.

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VP Mike Pence On James Comey’s Firing: ‘Right Decision At The Right Time’ | The New York Times



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42 Thoughts to “VP Mike Pence On James Comey’s Firing: ‘Right Decision At The Right Time’ | The New York Times #LatestNews”

  1. The russian hacker was DNC Staffer Seth Rich. He is an American patriot that sent 44,053 emails to Gavin MacFayden wikileaks (also dead).

    Told you so

  2. Pence can't think for himself. He would be a stupid president so lets keep the stupid one we have now.

  3. LOL he is the perfect VP he tell more BS then is boss, what a loser !

  4. Pence, Ryan, Kellyann are all liars. Trump is the biggest liar of all… someone help the USA by locking all these morons up.

  5. Pence here you are lying again just like you did with Flynn. You and Spicer and Kelly are all spreading fake news. Guilty

  6. d;p When Trump & Pence break up, who's going to act like a woman scorned? Oh, and what about the Trump/Putin break up? Nevermind; their bromance will last forever. joking here

  7. Christian Mike Pence bearing false witness, once again. What an unbearable hypocrite.

  8. These kinds of press performances give us a wonderful glimpse and measure of how easily the people elected lie to us all, how little they think of us, how shallow their morals are, and how far they will go to cover their own corruption.

  9. hes turning red from his own lies 😂😂😂

  10. Dems hated Comey until Trump fired him. Now he is the best.

  11. new york times all the fake news that is worth reporting

  12. Don't ya love it when Russia-blicans run scared when the G-Men close in? Watch what happens when you start a fight with the smartest guys and gals in the room.

    Game On, Sir.

  13. Yup, I guess that means there's more to go too !

  14. The Justifier in Chief

  15. Dear Mr Pence, when you become President, will you please pardon Hillary
    Clinton so we can be done with 2016 and we can move forward with

  16. James Comey's announcement concerning my e-mails during the 11th hour of the presidential race cost me the presidency. I am glad that he is gone.

  17. "the American people have to come accustom to him," exactly. Take that American people.

  18. Strong leader. Uh huh. No evidence of collusion is a lot different than no collusion took place.

  19. This may be the dumbest thing ever said by a Vice President. What a moron.

  20. VP Pence did a great job here. The fatal flaw is within the system itself. NOBODY WOULD MAKE A DECISION. Now that Comey is a civilian, he can be subpoenaed without any roadblocks. Thus, it is the inability of the federal government to govern. I have run into this on the yokel yokel level where I reported two violation of the law to FOUR DIFFERENT local authorities. None of them would claim responsibility. A worse example happened to me several years ago. I called on 12! Yes, a dozen government agencies who referred me to another agency. These latest incidents taught me that justice is not only blind, it is incompetent. Thus, I avoid any affiliation with any political party or government entity as much as possible.

  21. Flynn didn't lie to Pence,   Pence lied to the public!! He's in it too!!  The entire Party is in on this..  Lindsey Graham's sudden change of heart about "Getting to the bottom of this" and willingness to buy Trump's flimsy excuse, shows that the GOP is supporting this move rather than agree to a Special Prosecutor. He had no willingness to protect Trump yesterday and he isn't pretending to buy that crap to protect Trump. He's protecting the GOP!!!! They can't have an independent Prosecutor because an Independent Prosecutor would follow the bread crumbs right to McConnell and Ryan and others who have been aiding and abetting Trump's attempts to cover this up!! Remember the Russian strategy is to compromise business MEN (NOT SINGULAR) and then use their influence within the Nation they are attempting to undermine. There are other GOP supporters ((businessmen) involved in this.

  22. I never rolled my eyes as much as I did while watching this video.

  23. The New York Times and the Washington Post — weavers of the Russian narrative that we simple-minded voters are not buying. Trump won because Hillary and her cohorts in corruption were recognized to be precisely who they are. Sad to write this, dear traumatized elites, the Russians did not defeat Ms. Clinton. She managed that very nicely by years of history — her public record — that we all saw. Now you, would-be masters, want to get power (or more correctly) retain power by breaking the country into two warring camps. Shame on you! Truly. You have reached a nadir that surprises even old guys like me. Whatever sympathy I ever held for the views coming from NYT and their counterparts has ebbed away.

  24. you can not fire the man investigating you…..just go ask Nixon's ghost

  25. he calls himself a Christian

  26. Look Pa! Commies and Comey all over this youtube channel! Shouldn't have fought for them Pa, not worth it.

  27. Mike Pence is next. Nobody is safe with Trump in office

  28. he's literally saying we did it just in time before he caught us as he and conway and everyone else on the trump admin give smug evil smile looking expressions they know what they are doing and we as a nation are letting trump and his cronies get away with it.

  29. Comey was incompetent and deserved to be fired

  30. It's amazing how Pence, who used to be his own man became Trump so quickly……unreal.

  31. It was the right direction we need to go in

  32. I've watched several interviews with Pence about this and it is clear by his body language that he is not being entirely truthful. But, what is refreshing is that he can string his sentences together cogently and coherently unlike his Boss DJT. This is all win-win for Pence. He just has to bide his time and he'll be #46.

  33. Boooooo. you are horrible leaders. .shame on you….Enough of Lies

  34. Our future President, everyone. I wish I was 21

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