VAULT7 SHOCKER: OBAMA MAY GO TO FEDERAL PRISON #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

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The Wikileaks VAULT7 documents will rock the deep state CIA to its very core – and the evidence the leaks provide will likely lead Barack Obama directly to a Federal prison cell.

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25 Thoughts to “VAULT7 SHOCKER: OBAMA MAY GO TO FEDERAL PRISON #corruption #theresistance #russiagate”

  1. this channel has confirmed at long last that its sole intent is to appeal to those with little to no situational awareness or critical thinking ability.

  2. This Guy shawn is a Holocaust Denying Self promoting Jerk. Please dont give him anymore exposure. My Dad, a German POW personally walked by two of those camps walking out of Germany.

  3. You dumbed-down Goyim are really stupid if you think Obama is going to prison. It is all Jewish political theater, and you think it is real hahaha

  4. zero credibility with these clowns anymore. Silver, to da moon! lmao

  5. The only thing we KNOW is that Trump and his Campaign Team are TRAITORS who sold their country out to Russia and committed TREASON in order to STEAL an election victory……. ALL TRAITORS DESERVE THE DEATH SENTENCE!!!

  6. Old report dated today. This was from a week ago.

  7. Obama to prison and all the organizers and participants of the women's march to prison too! It's time to set up the courts to handle the load.

  8. It will never happen but it should happen!

  9. he has better chances of becoming president for third term than ever going to a prison

  10. Love to see these traitors get their just punishments. But it won't happen on earth, I can guarantee that. When it gets too hot for them, they'll kill Trump and put Pence (their friend) into power. Problem solved. They will pay in the afterlife, they can't hack or blackmail their way out of that.

  11. Obama going to prison?

    No! He might enjoy buttfucking. Better to shoot the demon dead!

  12. j k

    The deep state is in deep kiddy poop.

  13. I agree with most of what you say. But this is just bullshit. Corruption is firing AG's around the country to prevent them from launching probes or investigations. Corrupt is backing a former General who stands on MSM and admits to being a foreign agent and supporting him.

  14. Obama going to prison? – LMAO!  This will NEVER happen.  The US government is a plethora of criminality… from the bottom to the very top.  Even if Trump starts investigations, they'll get a few libtard judges to overrule anything he does.  Obama is here to stay… the only way he'll go away is if someone takes him out.

  15. KILL off the CIA, TSA, NSA and the rest of the Nazis. "GO TRUMP' MY PRESIDENT

  16. The day Clinton, Obama and the rest of them Nazis go to jail. WILL BE A HOLIDAY.

  17. the web bot says a lot of things

  18. It is past tiresome hearing that the psycho-criminals "may be or will be going to prison" when the simple fact is that *NOT A SINGLE ONE* ever gets indicted, let alone prosecuted or sent to prison. Hillary remains free; Obama remains free, Lynch remains free, so does Comey, Eric Holder, the Bushes, the Clintons, McCain, Pelosi, Cheney, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Bernanke, Greenspan, banksters at Wells Fargo, BofA, CITI, HSBC, Wall Street, Regulators, officials at the IRS, DOJ, NSA, CIA, Treasury Department, ……. need I go on?

    The list of criminals is long and their crimes are many and serious yet NOT A DAMN THING EVER HAPPENS. Officials with the power and authority to make something happen are either cowards or in cahoots with the criminals. Clowns like Trey Gowdy provide entertainment by "barking" at the bad guys – all for show because NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.

    Outside of a revolt, someone explain how this situation is going to change? Please don't say by elections – the criminals OWN the elections. Yes, Trump won but how many of the mega-criminals (not "small fish") has Trump indicted, prosecuted or imprisoned so far? Hell, he's been *integrating* criminals into his flock (examples: Comey and Mnuchin)! At his post-inaugural luncheon Trump actually praised the Clintons – who were in attendance – and said, "I have great respect for them". Are you getting the idea? Let's not be naive children.

  19. If this is true (100% wiki leaks accuracy rate), and nothing of significant is sought to counter this, then we officially live in a police state.

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