#Vault7 George Bush Shows Off Crack-Cocaine He Created & Ron Paul Responds

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Clip from 1989 where George Bush shows off a bag of crack-cocaine, which he and the CIA helped introduce to the United States. Senator Ron Paul talked about Geore H.W. Bush’s involvement in CIA drug trafficking rings in interview from 1988.

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26 thoughts on “#Vault7 George Bush Shows Off Crack-Cocaine He Created & Ron Paul Responds

  1. He probably passed that bag to Freeway Rick Ross to sell in the ghettos.

  2. Wow, just wow. And the struggle against the DemonRats are still going on……sad…..hopefully this time they will be drained from their swamp and put in jail.

  3. An unwavering patriotic legend.

  4. I'm sure he knows all too well the dangers of it and since he's the one who turned it loose on the American people then he should be the one held accountable.

  5. George you weasel you know you were bringing in you and your buds at CIA financing your Iran-Contra and who-knows-what Wars all over the f**** world what a two-faced turd

  6. Daddy Bush is one evil motherf**ker (as is the rest of the Bush clan). May his carcass rot in hell once his time on earth comes to an end.

  7. See his little grin or smirk when he delights in talking about the damage it does.

  8. "…….but goshdarnit, it's sooo much fun"

  9. George Bush is one of the biggest U.S. criminals of all time (allegedly).

  10. Ron Paul has been spot on for 40 years..too bad most Americans are glued to their TVs and I-phones. The establishment has been feeding the masses shit with sugar on it, and most people eat it like candy..

  11. I feel he's so evil (Bush)

  12. man. I didn't realize Ron Paul has just been fighting the good fight forever.

  13. Ron Paul needs to be reborn again. I think America and the world might be ready f2ir him now.

    He can start over with his END THE FED campaign and defund the U.S. GOVERNMENT SPONSORED DRUG TRADE.

  14. Funny…Putin is former KGB…

  15. More to the story, from the good documentary: 'Planet Rock – The story of Hip Hop & the crack generation'

  16. Young Ron Paul was a bad ass.

  17. Bush will soon face the creator. Good luck…

  18. thanks for posting this i saw it many years ago and i ve wanted to see it again ever since… you know he smoked all that shit at the bohemian grove wearing a blacck cloak and having an eyes wide shut but really wide open on crack party kubrick style

  19. The War on Drugs was launched by Richard Nixon in 1971 – 46 years ago. Obviously, it has had zero effect on the amount of illegal drugs, or addicts in the USA. It has tremendously enriched law enforcement, the courts, the prison industry, and the healthcare industry, all of which oppose legalization of drugs, while impoverishing and imprisoning millions of Americans, whose only crime is consumption of harmless plants in their own homes. It is the longest war in the history of the nation, and it's time to declare it over.

  20. Meanwhile US soldiers protect the opium fields in Afghanistan and the CIA smuggles heroin and cocaine into the US.

  21. The 80's are repeating

  22. That was probably part of Bush's own personal stash.

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