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Report: CIA, FBI hunting for insider who gave docs to WikiLeaks

FBI head Comey and CIA head Pompeo in New Zealand this weekend for secret week long 15 agency 5-eyes spyfest

Trump Adviser’s Visit to Moscow Got the F.B.I.’s Attention

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Demand DNC Allow FBI to Examine Allegedly Hacked Servers, Now!

Susan Rice denies leaking Trump associate intel, defends unmasking requests

FLASHBACK: Susan Rice Said ‘I Know Nothing’ About Unmasking of Trump Officials

Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel

According to @EliLake Obama’s NSC head Susan Rice opened US intelligence on Trump campaign on “dozens of occasions”

A Cyber-Gulf of Tonkin
There was no “Russian hacking” of the 2016 election


Shaffer: Trump Wiretap Case ‘Worse Than Watergate’

FBI reviewed Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit

WikiLeaks Task Force RT’d: U.S. criminal investigation into advisor for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who had access to her computer

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Good write up of the Donna Brazile debate rigging saga by @hagoodman

Donna Brazile Finally Admits Giving Hillary Clinton Debate Questions. Democrats Still Demand Unity

NSA head: DNC hack didn’t affect election outcome

Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia

“We did not include anything in our report … that had any reflect of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report,” he said. “We had no evidence of such collusion.”



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45 thoughts on “#Vault7 CIA, FBI MANHUNT UNDERWAY FOR WIKILEAKS VAULT 7 WHISTLEBLOWER: CIA FBI Searching For Whistleblower

  1. The Deep state needs to get their hands out of the pants and wash them real quick, because they probably have invisible electronic powder on their shirt sleeves. Hurry Hillary claim your IT guy was hacking the CIA from your server in the Bathroom.

  2. If the person(s) that leaked the CIA documents worked for the CIA, then they should be charged and prosecuted. We cannot have people making independent judgments as to whether something should be leaked or not. These people have a responsibility to do their job and meet security requirements.

    I do not have any problem with Wikileaks.

  3. You are a wonderfully innocent person! Thank you for your perseverance and truth. We just peel it like an onion-one layer at a time and we need to sustain until all realize that 911 was and inside job. It's horrible. The liars always turn the story to oppose the truth. It's like the Congressional committees "investigating" the Trump=Russia connection when Hillary and Podesta had BLATANT ties. Further, Hillary's campaign was not only miserably failed, but she has left over 70 bodies in her wake. Like Obama, if anyone opposes her, they die and nobody cares. It's unbelievable.

    The Rockefeller agenda is transferring to the Rothschild agenda (Trump) which is good for the American people at this moment because their interests align with ours at the moment. That status won't last forever, but Trump is "on our side" at this moment. "We the people" must remain active and must keep digging to the bottom of the truth in all matters. Further, we must kick the establishment out of power in the next election and for every election to come. We must engage at the local level in politics and make sure that the elections are not 'rigged'. Not easy.

  4. Patriot another brave soul to help Americans.

  5. Start a petition to shut down the CIA H A. I'll sign it.

  6. What it wasn't the ………….Russians !!!

  7. The like vote doesnt work. When i leave the page my vote is canceled…

  8. But wait, FBI & CIA, I thought there was a whistleblower program that PROTECTED whistleblowers? Why do you kill or imprison them instead? No likie when it uncovers your corruption?

  9. Hello…The Russians..LMAO !!!

  10. Rome used to kill the messenger, guess the US does too.. he will die when they find him… hope the crooked CIA never do find him.

  11. Clinton 2020 and Rachel Maddow is new campaign chairperson for next Clinton presidential run

  12. It would be a great early Christmas if this Vault 7 leak somehow winds its way back to Clinton's unsecure server and potential access through it. Who knows how many people through Clinton and her hit team could have provided access to state secrets.
    It likely won't happen, but it would be ironically hilarious. Long live madam cyber hack

  13. Why Doesn't Clinton get indicted?

  14. Hillary Clinton is most likely the leak. She's leaked everything else!

  15. I just cancelled my subscription to the bs msm and saved $91 per month. I will be splitting it among you tubers like H.A. et al.

  16. We don't have a government anymore – they are all there to serve their own purposes whatever they may be.  We know that Trump doesn't run the government, the shadow government runs it.  Even the military lies to Trump to cause him to make big mistakes.  They will fight Trump every step of the way.  There is the Bush/Nazi faction, the Obama/Nazi faction and the fake Jews/Nazis faction and they all fight amongst themselves for control even though the goal for all of them is the same. Life sure is a funny duck.

  17. This is why Comey needs to go, still no investigation into unmasking by FBI, no DNC servers, no investigation into the multitude of Democrats with ties to foreign governments, podesta, Clinton's, ect

  18. Maybe they got them from Killarys private email?

  19. Anything that hurts the CIA is a big plus for humanity.

  20. The whistleblower is Dennis Montgomery, he worked on The HAMR or The Hammer, surveillance supercomputer. He's been trying to bring his 47 hard drives worth of material to congress for 2 years, they've been stonewalling the investigation, so he leaked it to Wikileaks. Please keep the spotlight on this story, its bigger than any scandal before

  21. Need an underground railroad for these patriots.


  23. Sad news..the cabal is winning by leaps and bounds. How long will it be before the CIA and FBI are completely taken over and there are no good ones left. ugh!

  24. yep, and my fucktard relatives still wish she was president. I said she has a huge rap sheet and they said so does Trump. I have not seen his criminal record. but her crimes are a wide open book.

  25. Well, according to Rachel Madcow, the Russians and Putin personally hacked that info…hoohoohahahahaha

  26. HRC left the data unencrypted for a reason. To leak that info to a specific party she knew would hack her server. We can logically expect the government to investigate HRC to see what data was on her server and who was specifically interested in that data. Saudi and Israel who we know she recieved money from, no doubt. The fact that AMERICANS PAY BILLIONS to keep this kind of spying out of our government as part of the protection we seek from being compelled to fund unending wars needs to be addressed. What we all want is PROTECTION FROM UNENDING WARS. PROTECTION FROM BEING EXPLOITED BY ISRAEL WHO WANTS A BIGGER CHUNK OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

  27. Our politicians are supposed to provide oversight. Epic fail there, and at all levels and agencies in the government.

  28. Don't forget the prez said Comey saved Hillary's life!

  29. they wont confirm the legitimacy but theyre investigating😂🖒this storyline sounds very familiar. Let me guess what the conclusion is😉

  30. Why would the agencies be on a manhunt for someone that was giving false information out? Hint! They wouldn't! They know it's real and they fear what is coming next! All the more reason they need to just dump it all and kill these agencies pretending to be doing things in favor of the USA!

  31. Thumbs up to HA in white. I'm too pissed off to say anything else right now.

  32. Oh H A, where to start. First off, wikileaks is not simply a publisher of information. It exists to publish what might be otherwise be normally unobtainable information such as social security information of private individuals, government secrets, business secrets, and a who host of other information not available to the average individual. These are not "innocent" people. You write and broadcast your material which is copyrighted. You expect to be paid for your work. So if a publisher starts printing or broadcasting your material without your permission and keeps the profits they receive for themselves, what will you do? you will take them to court and demand they stop illegally publishing you and demand any monies they have obtains as the result of using your copyrighted material without your permission. So why should we put Wikileaks on a pedestal of sainthood? That is the problem of rule of law, one does not get to choose which laws he or she will support and then expect to be held blameless for those he or she does not uphold. Rule of Law is a binary rule, either you support all of the laws or you don''t.

    Do the intelligence entities abuse the trust of the American people as well as other peoples? For the most part, no. If the foot soldier kills civilians at the order of the general we normal hold the general responsible. Oh, we don't give a free pass to the foot soldier, we reprimand him for following "illegal" orders. But we often jail the general. Those in charge of these agencies and departments are usually the ones giving the "illegal" orders or instructions. Yet our politicians of all stripes do not wish to hold them accountable and jail them. One of the problems is the civil service rules, damn near impossible to fire anyone in government service. The other problem is that this tar baby gets real nasty very fast. In a way, it is like trying to enforce speed limits on every individual driver all at once. Damn near impossible and we all expect to get away with it any how. Or how about all of your progressive friends who will not tolerate those with differing opinions to speak in public? Wow, kind of hits home, doesn't it.

    As for the Clintons, what political power they once held was lost by losing the election. They have become useful idiots of the status quo politicians who call themselves democrats. And that group has lost much of its own power. The young, the working class, the old middle class democrats aren't listening to them. It's the identity politics that is the big thing right now for liberals and progressives. And the Clintons are being used as useful idiots by these factions. You see, you still think along the old lines. You still see the battle as between two large competing political groups. The fact of the matter is, the identity groups are making big inroads into most of what used to be the old democratic party and driving out a great many supporters. On the republican side we see a similar process but not quite as broad.

  33. The corporate media is just engaging in establishment narration, not actual journalism.

  34. Notice that the security breaches by Hillary as SoS completely drowned out her documented theft of public records. That remains a criminal offense! It would also, if they ever decide to take her to court, ensure she cannot run for ANY office in government for the remainder of her life. We all, and you right wing folks especially, need to start demanding that this goes to a grand jury! Why has it not been prosecuted?
    Suppose my neighbor asks me to keep an eye on their car, but then the car just disappears…the disappearance would be documented as a theft. But no one knows I took the car and I put it in my garage. When the police become suspicious, I lie about having it, and obstruct the investigation. But then, three years after the theft, I realize I am about to be caught red handed, so I hand over the car.
    Does that last act of desperation mean I won't be going to jail? HELL no! Returning stolen property does not erase the the criminal act, especially when the return was done only because the theft was already discovered after THREE YEARS of hiding, obstructing, and lying! Does the fact that I was the lawful custodian for a time mean it was not a theft? No…I had no authority to take it, just as Hillary had no authority to take the documents she stole.
    Further, there is the fact that Clinton colluded with others to enable and hide the theft, which makes it a conspiracy, and it crossed state lines and involved using businesses, which makes it a RICO violation!
    Hillary Clinton is NOT above the law. PROSECUTE!
    Please talk about this, H.A., before it is BURIED under two tons of BS.

  35. I am poor as a churchmouse right now but next month after the occupational therapy copays slow down,Ill help u,youtube sucks for what theyre doing,but u guys keep me sane!

  36. They created the threats H.A., it is a self licking Ice Cream Cone. If the world was at peace, they wouldn't have a job or be able to run drugs or be able to traffic in human beings, ya know, defending America. Hey and the FBI (cough, cough) is on the case. I wonder if whoever they catch can play stupid to Comey and get away with it. The whole bunch has become discredited and deserve all the ridicule the public can give them. They operate above the law and need to go away in their current form. Pompeo and the CIA need a HUGE budget cut. The FBI needs all their leadership removed and replaced by people with integrity. Uncompromised integrity. Does it exist? Not sure anymore

  37. Hilliary called for a "Manhattan Project " sized program to give the NSA and CIA more backdoors into our computers. And she was calling for this in the Dem primaries in a debate against Bernie.

  38. HA, I don't agree with your political views but I know you have intellectual integrity. That being said, have you considered going to the dark side and have a political career as a professional dissembler?

  39. #CIA & #FBI are politicized at best and totally corrupt at worst. They need to be labeled as Enemies of the State and dissolved and prosecuted. They are NOT FOR US! They're criminal organizations involved in cover ups and mass felonies.

  40. Hillary Clinton's "Computer Server" was NOT hacked. They say it was hacked to prevent being accused of "SELLING STATE SECRETS" which is really what took place. For a sum of money, a country or entity could "BUY ACCESS" to the server. I believe Huma Abedin, a Saudi / MOSSAD SPY, made the "DEALS". If, somehow, down the road they got caught, they would simply say, "We were hacked"! THIS WAS TREASON………PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

  41. Yes, Creeping Communists, The Hegelian Dielectric.

  42. they should be investigating the crimes revealed in the emails, not who helped reveal them. Who is keeping us safe from the "Deep State"?

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