#Vault7 AUDIO: Kit O’Connell on WikiLeaks’ Vault 7, Broadband Privacy (Black Tower Radio)

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WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 release and the recent broadband privacy vote by Congress have left people confused about how to protect yourself online. In this April 5, 2017 discussion with Black Tower Radio, gonzo journalist Kit O’Connell separates fact from fiction about online privacy and offers some simple tips for protecting yourself online.

Read more:
— What Vault 7 Means for You & How to Protect Yourself With Encryption
— The Gov’t Just Sold Your Internet Privacy To Corporations…

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(All photos from Flickr. Credits:
Computer board w/ key — Blue Coat Photos, CC SA license
Subway rider with smartphone — Dragan, CC license
Laptop w/ phone — Morguefile
Money Corrupts light brigade signs — Joe Brusky, CC NC license)



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