#Vault7 AMD RX 500 Series Discussion w/Wendell & Tech Deals – TGW #94

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Why Does the AMD 500 Series Exist?
Tech Deals:

AMD Launches 500 Series with minimal perforamnce gains

RX 480 Flashed to 580 BIOS

Volta Ready for Q3 2017?

Steam competitor WeGame

Vault 7 Discussion – CIA Virus “Hive”

Sony A9 Camera Revealed for $4500

Intel 300 Series provides USB 3.1 Gen2 and Gigabit Wifi

G.Skill 4500MHz RAM.. Holy crackers

Logitech G413 Mechanichal Keyboard


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50 thoughts on “#Vault7 AMD RX 500 Series Discussion w/Wendell & Tech Deals – TGW #94

  1. I'm sorry but I don't believe the line even exists anymore, greed has driven a large enough portion of the population across the line that even if it does exist it's no longer considered by most people…

  2. can you give me link for amd 480 software and drivers thank you

  3. Joker, did you have ads disabled for this video, or is that a trend for you ? I would have watched an ad to support you, and your show. This show is a strong point for your channel. You run it how you want it, I just was wondering if you knew. : )

  4. on my 1700, im running 32GB 2400, 2 16GB Dimms. Runs awesome! You can get 32 GB of Gskill 2400 for $180 on newegg.

  5. Great show guys!! You're the best!! 😉

  6. I love the collab with tech deals. Good choice Joker!

  7. 1:13:24
    Oh shit.
    The CIA must know by now who my favourite por-
    I mean, they know who my favourite YouTubers are! 🙂

  8. 1:00:46
    Somebody turn that into a meme 😀
    1:02:38 as well lol

  9. 56:19
    I MUST to do every side mission and collect all the collectiebles before continuing the main story! xD
    The OCD is real haha

  10. Sounds like the RX550 is for HTPC media use and very entry level gaming. Bad news for AMD the new RX560,570,580 are still only competing with the GTX1050/ti,1060 and will fall behind when the new GTX2050,2060 come out and will be priced competitively. This launch really only suits people with mid level cards before the RX400 series, which is a good deal for those people. If I where upgrading from say a R9 280x, I would look at the RX 570 or 580 but would wait to see the GTX2060.

  11. Thats fast Joker – my download is 8Mbs and upload is 1.5Mbs (UK) No Fiber or Cable were I live and its the same as you the Fiber runs past the end of my road but I only got phone lines up my road

  12. This is a really good episode. Very informative.

  13. To be honest, I have a gut feeling that says that this release is solely there to accomodate the Ryzen launch. Casual (as in the hardware side of things) gamers now have the complete package with a new GPU and CPU being discussed in the media (you guys).

  14. so my old crossfired 280x and 7970 outperform a 580? hmm

  15. so you don't know how to disable windows 10 automatic driver/windows updates? i wonder what you guys even doing here
    you don't need to go offline joker, you need either do a registry tweak or download and use Ultimate windows tweaker which does all this things for you and more
    besides that function is also present on DDU when you uninstall your drivers

  16. Keep up Joker !!! Love Discussion with Level1Techs and Tech Deals

  17. If you have a rx480 just flash a 480 bios with higher voltage instead of a 580 bios.

  18. I like that the 500 series gives you a higher guaranteed clock speed. My 480 won't go higher than 1365mhz even at 1.3V (on air). Currently I'm running 1345mhz at 1.175V

  19. like some have said, the 500 series is for those that would have bought the 400 series but haven't yet. At the same or similar price they get a slightly better card. At the same clock speed the 500 cards will use less power than 400 and the average 500 card will clock higher than average 400. some of the 580 cards are clocked as high as 1450mhz stock.

  20. This was bada$$! lets see some more streams like this!

  21. Make more time for the stream Joker.

  22. Amazing video guys good information.

  23. Thanks again, great content guys!

  24. ~ 24:20 You`re asking why would anybody spend so much more on a binned chip + liquid cooling over a lower binned chip and stock cooling for such a small perf difference … i`ll answer you that … Psychological Synthetic scores! That`s why, people in 3D mark or w/e benchmark are using they don`t look that one system has 1-3 fps difference … and i would call it a TIE, they look at 10.000 points vs 12000 point ! Man that totally beats your system … That`s why they are willing to buy more expensive parts… for Scores.

  25. In Bulgaria I pay 15 euros for 200 mbits for down and 100 mbits for upload

  26. Best thing to do is to keep the update service disabled for testing purposes.

  27. Great show, you guys make an awesome trio.

  28. Wow, Wendell and the Dealsman really did click. An amazing trio!

    GG Joker.

  29. 49:00 -Indeed, it does make the CPU faster. In some situations it made it competitive with a conventional i7. Perhaps intel should include edram on future cpus?

  30. hearing about cray computers is crazy awesome, it's what I want to see some tech channels dig into in an interesting way, like IBM power series and such and how we can make computers do awesome things in different ways. Wendell has it for OS's with Linux, and still trying to prod a youtuber into making a VIA cpu build.

  31. Not only do you have to take a drink every time Tech Deals says "Deal", you have to also take one every time he mentions the $720 Cyberpower PC. 😉

  32. It seems to me that many of the aftermarket rx 580s are stupidly overvolted. No wonder it draws a ton of power compared to what was expected.

  33. Didn't AMD announced that vaga will be available with different configurations of hbm2 or gddr5. I think that they will cower something in between 1070 and 1080 with gddr5 and but only hardly match 1080ti to titan/Quadro with hbm2. Price will have to be same or lower.

  34. Joker
    Tech deals

    The holy trinity.

  35. keep this up joker. I'm liking TGW and I can tell you are making efforts to be a good host. trying not to talk over co-hosts etc. and great co-hosts. I follow tech deals after seeing him on here and like his perspective. and well… Wendell is awesome lol good luck with the move. good luck with Comcast lol

  36. Wow this episode was amazing.

  37. Jim over at Adored TV did a very interesting review on the MSI RX 580 Gaming X. He shows how he tweaked the voltage and used AMD's "Chill" software to get some very low voltages and temps which kept the card running at max clock speeds.
    Speaking of which… TGW staring Joker, Wendell, Tech Deals and Adored TV would be the four pillars of PC hardware. Maybe call it TGW OC'd or TGW Ti 🙂

  38. Americans complaining about 10x internet speed of Australia

  39. love the intelligent discourse about ethics etc. wendell and tech deals are refreshing

  40. really diggin the chemistry b/t the three of you. i know wendell has his own L1techs podcast, but thisbreally should be a regular thing. maybe u can split the content into 30 min pieces among 3 channels when uploading – like what paul&kyle do. anyways, great show.

  41. Tech deals is a quality dude, he is so informative

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