Vault 7, Islamophobia, Jordan Peterson and M103 #Vault7 #ItsTime #Wikileaks

A brief description of the latest WikiLeaks release, then Islamophobia and Jordan Peterson with Motion M103 in Canada.

Sorry if the sound is off – there were huge variances between the audio tracks in the clips used.

ZeroFox Given video on M103 and Islamophobia

Vault 7 Home

Global News Article:
Anti-Islam and anti-Islamophobia protesters clash at Saskatoon city hall

Rebel Media Interview of Peterson Link:

Protest Clip – Waterloo Ontario



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49 Thoughts to “Vault 7, Islamophobia, Jordan Peterson and M103 #Vault7 #ItsTime #Wikileaks”

  1. You're not afraid of Islam.. Many asians are muslims.
    You're afraid of muslim people from the middle east, because they want to kill you

  2. These SJW's make me ashamed to be Canadian, not because they disagree with me, but because they are not educated in the basic rights and privileges of a citizen. We have, to some degree, failed them in our duty to educate, but they have failed us in their responsibility to learn.

  3. Criticism is healthy, is it not? That is how governments and parliaments are. So simple, let Government grant people to criticise any religion including Islam. Then the word phobia will not be uttered.

  4. The point just needs reiterating, over and over again – we draw a distinction between criticising ideas, and attacking the people who hold those ideas.

  5. If they keep resorting to calling people Nazi's for absolutely anything they do or so, they risk creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Next thing you know we're putting Jews in the ovens.

  6. "I generally DON'T listen to police." OK, we have a special place for people who don't listen to police. handcuffs clicking

  7. F–k Y–r Feelings, SJW

  8. I hate to be vulgar, but I am so sick of Antifi scum that I have my thoughts about what they deserve. No one has the right to violate the rights of others, Period. There should be zero tolerance for Antifa. Come down hard and often.

  9. So if I get it right, that woman is fighting for freedom of speech and she's being labeled a nazi? Give a Godwin point to the moron who uttered this word! I mean, some people are so quick to go nuclear by using words like nazi, sexist, islamophobe, white privilege, rape culture… The political climate is becoming more and more volatile and it looks like it would not take much to go up in flame. Time to legalize marijuana!

  10. The left wing faggots are wearing masks at a public meeting. That is against the law since the Vancouver riots.

  11. 10:17 …WTF Is that you Hugh Mungus?

  12. Radical Islamists are the equivalent of hydrophobic canines…think about it.

  13. "Islamophobia" is the ULTIMATE WEASEL WORD! And anyone who uses that word is an untrustworthy weasel!

  14. how did you get that video clip from the Rebel?

  15. These so-called leftist are fucking INFURIATING!!!! Anti-free speech, anti-ANYONE who disagrees with them. They're behaving like FASCISTS and they don't even know it!

  16. It's time for a good, bloody revolution.

  17. There is nothing wrong with being against Islam. That's not islamophobic. It's very rational to fear Islam.

  18. It's kinda funny how the it's the colored woman standing up for free speech against the motion, and it's the snarky white college student who's all "islamophobia! stand for the minority" and shit like that.

  19. I hate sharing videos that have like and sub begging in the end

  20. Jordan Peterson is a bloody hero

  21. this is all due to Donald Trump, that retard and his bullshit rhetoric has given the social justice warriors a boogeyman to have to fight, and we're all paying the price for it.

  22. yeah islam is a religion not an ethnic group… why dont we protect christians like we do muslims? we should be able to attack ideas, because ideas arnt people, they just come from people… like if i ask you simple questions on your beliefs that isnt the equivalent to attacking the person… like an std we use drugs to attack the virus which is produced by the human body just like thoughts, but your thoughts arnt you nor are your emotions… these things are always changing… if you dont think your thoughts and emotions change i advise you to seek medical advice or read some self help books or something… idk… people identify to much with ideas then just being a human being… if someones wrong about something educate them instead of shutting them down by name calling… whose really pushing what on who?

  23. This video constructs a strawman argument and then keeps attacking that strawman argument. M103 and Islamophobia is not about criticizing the doctrines of Islam. That is not an issue, and it's never been an issue. I've taken religious studies courses throughout university and that was a common thing; to raise questions and to have debate. There were plenty of Muslims in that class who never had a serious issue with it.

    Islamophobia is strictly about hate towards Muslims. The Quebec shooting was a response to anti-Muslim sentiment, which has been exasperated since 9/11. The rhetoric that is used to describe Islam and Muslims is not one of intellectual critique but one of othering, dehumanizing, and fear mongering. It is the furthest thing from reason, which is why the vast majority of people that are considered as Islamophobic, demonstrated here by your fan base, are clearly anti-science, anti-intellectual, incredibly stupid and full of fear, and militant. Moreover, they are strongly aligned with white nationalist and supremacist ideologies; it's like the Nazis infiltrated western governments and have been conditioning people for decades, and this is what you get. Your video panders to these sorts of people, and this is indeed a devaluation of society, which is scary and unfortunate.

    I saw the anti-Islam rallies in Toronto, and the signs were not about free speech. They were full of hate, saying things like Muslims are terrorists, Islam is evil, and so on. Free Speech is just a word co-opted by you folks, and it's dangerous to do that because you're now associated liberal values with your fear and hatred. It's a very typical formula that we have seen throughout history. The facts are these:

    1) you're not under threat
    2) you have nothing to fear
    3) you should just focus on having an actual life and productive goals
    4) there is no immanent ww3 scenario or apocalypse about to happen
    5) Alex Jones and those conspiracy theories are not a reliable source, and they're anti-intellectual
    6) the Annunaki are not returning
    7) Muslims are not agents of the Annunaki

  24. We need more cops like the Saskatoon officer in Toronto! Most of ours are just pussies standing by idly off to the side, or they're too busy arresting/detaining honest, non-violent people for telling the truth..

  25. As a Muslim, I would not agree with the law. Had questions been able to waver my faith that easily, I wouldn't be Muslim now. Plus, people should be able to ask questions, should be able to criticise. Do I appreciate the insults thrown at my beliefs? God no. Do I empathise with people worried about a foreign culture encroaching on theirs? Yeah… That's a very rational reaction to it, especially considering the information given (and biases needing to be satisfied). Questions and criticism help societies to grow and bridge the gap between us as people. That's how we learn from one another. Through freakin' dialogue…

    Also, screw those college yuppies. Being offended on my behalf. Pfffttt… Yeah right. All they are doing is just hijacking another issue to satisfy their need to do 'something important and worthwhile'. Freakin' liberal arts kids….

    P/S: I'm sure there are plenty of folks wanting to jump on me and ask me stuff about Islam. I apologise in advance if I can't answer all the questions (or if I'm too lazy to answer ANY of it). I'm not the most devout muslim, and in truth, I am still learning as well. So, you know….. Not the best authority here, bud.


  26. A phobia is an irrational fear. Does it apply to the buzzwords they attach that word to? Or are communists making a comeback. What pisses me off is that communists take over things so subtly. They attack institutions, and family, currency, and a thing such as the possibility that there are absolute truths. They take over academia and the press, FIRST OFF.

    They are the reason why Adolf Hitler was able to succeed, and would succeed probably anywhere with these bastards running around. But. The real reason why politics aren't the answer, is because we as individuals ought to look beyond that and do the right thing in our daily lives, and not commit sins of omission or commission, or sins that we commit, or sins that we commit by not doing anything at all. J.B Peterson would probably agree with this part at least.

  27. The issue is not as clear-cut. Peterson is of course right that the word, etymologically speaking, is silly as not every "Islamophobe" is motivated by extreme fear as someone suffering from arachnophobia would be. However, the blame for this faulty etymology would have to be laid on the feet of those who first coined a "XYZphobia", quite probably that was homophobia, which etymologically makes even less sense. But then again, words quite often do not make sense etymologically.
    OTOH, that thing (mis)labeled "islamphobia" does exist. Quite frequently, criticism of Islam or some of its branches, teachings, practices devolves into outright hatred. Sometimes the one flows into the other …
    … which makes the concept so dangerous right now as the term "islamphobia" is indeed mostly used to stifte open debate. And that is always wrong.

  28. here's a phobia that liberals have, conservophobia. It is widespread from what I have seen, AKA freespeechophobia.

  29. It never changes. Opponents of western ideologies or more precisely, the Judaeo Christian world views, always fall into 3 categories. Stupid, insane and evil.

  30. Did I hear the obnoxious young local white "broad" say, at 5:30, to a well groomed woman, obviously from a visible minority, protesting M103, that she is "anti-Muslim, anti-islamophobic"? Is that like anti-antisemitic, or better yet anti-arachnophobic? Islam needs to be mocked, just like any other religion, cult or sect, including the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Scientologists. It's the only way that things can progress. Remember Je suis Charlie?

  31. Your sound sucks, great content, thanks for the video

  32. A bunch of whiny white college kids who are in school on their daddy's money bullying a middle aged Armenian woman who is very likely an immigrant, given her accent. Funny that the very spoiled brats who think that they're defending immigrants are in the process of trying to stop one from speaking her mind.

  33. "I am not blocking any healthy discussion, my sign is just coincidentally blocking this camera, and I am bodily preventing this woman from speaking to a camera she has previously arranged to speak to."

    Makes sense.

  34. Not only is it used to describe situations that are not a phobia but it also makes it illegal to have a phobia.

    A phobia is an irrational fear and a mental condition. Some are simply born with it but for many it is a learned behavior. Androphobia is a fear of men and it can occur if a person has a particular disturbing encounter with a man. If someone is raped, for example, by a man could develop androphobia.

    Likewise a person who gets captured and tortured by radical Islamist terrorists could develop a legit fear of Islam. That would be a legit case of Islamiphobia. Does such a person deserve to go to jail?

  35. A phobia is an irrational fear. I have no fear of i slam. I'm islamorepulsed, islamorepugnant, islamoantagonistic, etc. but NOT islamophobic. I don't fear 13th century inbred thugs. They should fear ME and when they cause trouble in my country, my people will make that clear to them.

  36. They can bring in whatever laws they like, these leftist retards pick and choose what laws to obey and what not to obey. One retard doesn't usually talk to the police, but will be the first one try ring them when someone is in her apartment. I gather the laws you choose to obey are relative to the individual, that's REAL FREEDOM. One person obeys one law whilst your neighbor doesn't and visa versa. The police are only useful to one half of the population at any one time. Been summonsed to court? Don't go if you don't want to, no one is forcing you, just tell them, sorry I don't believe that law is for me and I choose to disobey it. Bit like a pick and mix at a candy store. Will there be a law against Christianaphobia, Buddestphobia etc. Don't think so. A law is useless as a law if it doesn't apply to everyone irrespective of sexual orientation and religion. If these retards want to silence people who they don't agree with it isn't free speech, then they have no cause for complaint when someone else gets to silencing them as well.

  37. Islam is a religion of peace. The Jews are God's chosen people. Jesus is the Son of God, sent to die for your sins.

    What is so hard to understand? God loves the world, but he hates his son. Therefore, people try to destroy hypocrisy with violence.

  38. Step away bitch and let her speak.

  39. No such thing as 'islamophobia'. A 'phobia' is an irrational fear of something.
    The entire world has every right to be rationally afraid of islam.

  40. Stupid girl said it's harmful and violent to speak. Needs a course in democracy. She has totally embarrassed herself.

  41. And if you think I'm over-stating my case, you simply don't understand what is at stake. Full stop. You just don't get it. If you understood how extreme i am, you may have understood mr. Richard Dawkins. If you do not appreciate the evolutionary scale of time, you may judge me on the basis of expedients that are relative to our current decades or centuries. But as that is not the audience to which I speak, I say: You know already the cause and consequence. If totalitarianism is not the teleos of our our eschatology, you literally know why.

  42. This is the message I sent to CTV: The proposal that a certain group should be hunted down and exterminated, ruthlessly, is one which is advocated by another group.

    All suggestions that this inappropriate are Islamophobic. So when specific threats are made, I hope you appreciate that your duty as Canadian citizens is to look the other way.

    Good luck to your women.
    Kind regards,
    With every due modicum of respect,
    Timothy Shaw-Zak

  43. Subscribed. I have nothing to hide… Oh except that body. And that medical condition…. And that sexual preference…. And that business association… And that employment history… and that track record of physical position… other than that, nothing to hide! If you have anything you'd rather anyone not know, you have nothing to hide.

  44. that clip with the two women has terrible sound

  45. holy shit fuck this cuckholded pussfied culture, all these retarded anarcho communist facist left-tards are doing their best to amplify and promote islamic propaganda. This cancer makes me actually hope the west burns to a crisp. I want to witness this leftist globalist utopia they'll establish.

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