Vault 7 CIA Leak from Wikileaks – #CoffeeWithCurtis #Vault7 #ItsTime #Wikileaks

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Happy Wednesday everyone. Todays show im diving into all the news surrounding the huge CIA leak from Wikileaks and Vault 7. Hope you enjoy the show.

Todays Topics:
Vault 7 –
Joycon Teardown –
James Kingston Arrested –
Netflix Working On New Show Type –

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7 Thoughts to “Vault 7 CIA Leak from Wikileaks – #CoffeeWithCurtis #Vault7 #ItsTime #Wikileaks”

  1. Happy Wednesday everyone, today im breaking down a bunch of the information surrounding the Vault 7 release hope you all enjoy. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram links on my website:

  2. If it is dangerous info why are you now spreading it more out? And are you aware of the fact that Wikileaks is owned by Putin?

  3. CURTIS, MATE! I watched all of your Sims videos that you had back in the day (2010~) I grew out of the Sims and I recently bought the Sims 4 and I remembered you, oh how the memories came back of all the house building videos that you've made and everything. It's amazing to see that you've created 2 more channels and I am astonished to see how well they are doing. Best of luck to you in the future man. 🙂

  4. Yep I freak out With my Xbox/PlayStation systems when they automatically switch on, I have a habit now of unpluging then completely. as with my PC I have my webcam dsiabled and only use my mic when i planning to chat to some one or do a vid.

  5. Holy moly, I wasn't surprised about that Year Zero document until the part about remotely hacking cars. That is super scary. A choose your own adventure show sounds awesome though.

  6. Of course, where do you think the hackers that get caught go. If they don't go to jail they go work for the government, creating all the malware, viruses, and other tools that would benefit government snooping.

  7. When I'm browsing around in the internet I'm usually not thinking about it too much, especially on my phone. However, I'm sure the government has me pegged as a crazy cat lady (with no actual cats mind you), coffee and tea drinking, cooking show enthusiast, who really only watches YouTube and plays too much Stardew Valley. Also, they would know I have tried and failed twice at maintaining a blog on blogger.

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