UPDATE: Julian Assange Kidnapped & Pizzagate Decoded- Kurt Haskell/James Fetzer Ph.D #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

SPECIAL REPORT: Host Dean Ryan is joined by phone with Investigator Kurt Haskell & Researcher James Fetzer Ph.D to discuss the alleged kidnapping of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and a deeper look into the decoding of Pizzagate. The news crew also covers the recount efforts by Jill Stein and true reasons Andrew Brietbart died.
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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Julian Assange Kidnapped & Pizzagate Decoded- Kurt Haskell/James Fetzer Ph.D #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

  1. Old Hillary and Trump share views. GOOGLE —> C-SPAN June 27, 2006 Hillary proposes criminalizing flag burning. BOOM! How you like Hill now liberals?

    GOOGLE —> NYT Article: Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime
    #PIZZAGATE Media outlets and the government in cahoots when it comes to child sex trafficking!

  2. "Delay" is not the goal. Overturning the results of the election is not the goal. "Scamming" people for money is not the goal either (I've heard people say that).

    No, the goal is literally what Jill Stein says it is… to make sure that every vote is counted. This is nothing new for the Green party. Election integrity has LONG been one of their signature issues. For well over a decade, the Greens have been working on this. One of their recount efforts from way back in 2004 in Ohio even resulted in an election official going to jail for rigging election results.

    I'm a former Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter. We (meaning those of us who voted for Jill in November) literally HATE Hillary Clinton, but are in favor of what Jill is doing because we just came out of a primary where Clinton (or someone on her behalf) literally stole the D nomination from Bernie through Election Fraud. Election integrity experts say that Bernie not only won the primary, but won BIG… I'm talking about numbers in 60% range or more, had the election not been rigged and the machines not tampered with. Bernie should have challenged this, but for whatever reason chose not to. And there was nothing Jill could do about it because she wasn't in that race and would therefor have no legal standing to do so.

    So why did Jill pick those 3 states and not others?… A couple of reasons. The first is because election integrity experts identified those states, along with Nevada and Virginia which Hillary supposedly "won" as being highly suspicious. Unfortunately, Jill could not take on Nevada because she was not on the ballot there (again, no legal standing).

    As for Virginia, I honestly don't know, but here is my theory– it all boils down to money. Jill has no big money backers. Like Bernie, the Greens do not take corporate cash. If she had filed for Virginia, the Hillbots wouldn't have donated the way they did. Btw- this video questioned how she raised the money so quickly— that is how… the same hypocritical jerks who called us Bernie supporters "conspiracy theorists" when we dared even mention the primary rigging, went into a fundraising fury. I saw it w/my own eyes. On pro-Shillary websites, they were trying to outdo each other w/their donations to Stein's recount efforts.

    There is so much more I could say about this, but I'm sure I've bored you guys enough with this ridiculously long spiel. But please know that Jill is NOT doing this for Hillary. Election fraud exists and unless we are able to prove it, people are not going to give the issue the time of day. I think that many people just don't want to believe it.

  3. Yes we need to know where Julian Assange is and if he is alive or not. So please keep us updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Julian Assange is a hero to America and the world. We NEED to find out where he is and if he is healthy and safe. My prayer is that he is ….my other prayer is that our new President Elect would use his powers to have him released of all charges and live a good life. He has been locked up much too long…however now we do not know IF he is alive. Please everyone send your prayers to Julian and Donald Trump.

  5. I think it's appalling that people are complaining about independent people donating money for a recount. A. There should be recounts in every state automatically every year. The process in this country is ass backwards… most states might as well be voting on Ataris, no consistency from state to state, no actual receipt of ballot choice or of that ballot being counted.

    And B. If we're paying via taxes for these campaigns then the recount shouldn't rely on individual contribution either. If one 10th of the total of campaign funds went directly to a cause.. infrastructure or healthcare or education, etc maybe we could feed our citizens. Instead of bombarding our brains with ads that we instinctly and deliberately ignore.
    If any of this happened in another country we'd be bombing them over their disrespect of democracy. This is a Country of Hypocrites. 

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