UnSpun 47 – “Pizzagate Essential Update: NYT, Podestas, Olson Twins, Miley Cyrus, A. Kleinman” #PizzaGate #Corruption



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18 Thoughts to “UnSpun 47 – “Pizzagate Essential Update: NYT, Podestas, Olson Twins, Miley Cyrus, A. Kleinman” #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Possible Money Laundering tied to Comet Ping Pong: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1449130

    Thank for covering this! Subbed and Shared!

  2. re Breitbart tweet and video, It was in reference to the ACORN scandal and James O'Keefe's hidden camera footage. Breitbart wasn't calling Podesta a pedo or that he was personally trafficking underage sex slaves. He was appointed to investigate ACORN, but instead covered up a fake attempt by O'Keefe who posed as a pimp and asked ACORN how to get away with running an underage sex slave op, which they obliged. Heres a video with more about the Breitbart red herring:
    #PizzaGate Disinfo Alert! Breitbart Tweet is NOT a Smoking Gun


  3. Alifantis changed the story on the pic of the girl taped to the table. In the video I mentioned in my other comment he says her sister did that and they were just having fun. So it went from him having fun to his daughters having fun.

  4. Reactions also maskeddo'n

  5. ''Strangely'', thumbsup doesn't show. Hotdog= heissen hunt= in hot purse oot. Pasta= past dat= dutch for: 'does my junk fit in this'. 'chickenlover'= dutch:"kieken"=rube. Map= dutch onomatopea: pap. I'm sure you get the deep connections between english dutch german, joe. Also culturally. Maybe, belgium and holland being a helldin of pedoes, it's even directly linked in ways, since they're basically the worst thing possible as demons. I would look for what i call 'dinglish' dutchenglish. That's how i caught cedric bixler zavala trying to slander me as 'kookoobird" in public. I'll see if i find any more, but i'm outty myself, pretty much.

  6. Thanks for putting the info out.

  7. Comet pizza has removed all the artwork. Watch the video where the two guy supposedly confront Mr I love children outside comet pizza. When he takes them inside the artwork is not there. I said on my Broadcast that they have already removed all the evidence. When this broke they most likely had cleaners come in and scour the places on this block.

  8. Thanks for the episode, and ftw the Mary Kate and Ashley pizza clip originates not from Full House as I myself originally thought, but rather a movie titled "You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party" (1995) [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0242153/] For reference. I can't imagine what those two girls and all those child actors may have went through. There is actually this great documentary I recommend people watch given this topic material called "An Open Secret" (

    ) about pedophilia in the entertainment industry. Difficult subject but I think it's necessary people see it.

  9. Remember Gaga in the disgusting meat dress?

  10. Good work fellas…

    I want to throw some more history in the mix that might not be so well known…
    Imagine if D.C. had a pedophile scandal………



    I am aggregating data on the hideous punk rock music genre and culture creation.

    noun: punk; plural noun: punks; noun: punk rock; plural noun: punk rocks
    NORTH AMERICANinformal
    a worthless person (often used as a general term of abuse).
    a criminal or hoodlum.
    (in prison slang) a passive male homosexual.
    an inexperienced young person; a novice.

    I have a mass of data aligning with the work of Jan, Joe, and Dave Mcgowan. Throw a little Dr. Hans in the mix and we have the most blatant case of social engineering and cultural debasement EVER. Punk is a vanguard for the social justice movement (which will soon include "consensual" pedophilia). Punk brought us the first OPENLY gay actor on T.V., the first OPENLY gay musician, and the first reality T.V. platform to inject this trash into our minds….
    We have William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg making cameos throughout punk rocks grooming period….

    The following connections to pizzagate have been added to my punk BRAIN database…

    Titus Frost mentions MiraGonz…. Well, the young Ms. Gonzalez was raised by Chuck Dukowski of the band Black Flag…
    Like so many of the bands Dave McGowan brings up, Chucks father was an engineer and supervisor for the TELSTAR project in Germany. Chuck himself went on to graduate from USC Santa Barbara with his degree in behavioral neuroscience. ( psychobiology)

    Next through the pizzagate gate is Brian Baker of the leftist atheist band Bad Religion.
    Titus Frost brings up Brian Bakers account on Instagram and suggests he should be looked into.

    Finally we have the band call the Sex Stains… They caught some peoples eyes with the triangle inside of a triangle symbol plastered on their music video…(same as early Besta Pizza logo before it was changed)

    Allison Wolfe is the front woman for this shitty noise…
    Allison Wolfe (born November 9, 1969) is a Washington, DC-based singer, songwriter, and zine writer who has been the lead vocalist for several punk rock groups including Bratmobile and Partyline.

    Allison Wolfe and her sister Cindy were born identical twins in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 9, 1969. Together with their sister Molly, they grew up in Olympia, Washington. Their parents divorced when they were all still young children, and they were raised by their mother, Pat Shively. A radical feminist and self-described lesbian,[1] Shively founded Olympia's Eastside Women's Health Clinic in 1981.[2] It was the first women's clinic in Thurston County,[1] and throughout Shively's two decades of work it was the target of relentless anti-abortion demonstrations.[2] The protests could be harrowing: Wolfe's mother endured verbal and physical abuse, and death threats forced her to go to the clinic armed and wearing a bulletproof vest.[2] (The EWHC was razed in a fire in 2005, set by a still-unidentified arsonist.)[2] Pat Shively died of ovarian cancer in February, 2000,[2] and Wolfe credits her as being a lifelong influence, a feminist role model "almost too big to live up to."[1]
    In 1988, Wolfe spent time as an exchange student in Thailand's Krathum Baen District. She returned to attend Evergreen State College in Olympia, and later the University of Oregon at Eugene.

    The resulting Girl Germs was self-published through several issues in 1991 amid a flowering of Olympia zines, many of them produced by Wolfe's friends and companions. Contributors to Girl Germs included Kathleen Hanna and Tobi Vail who authored their own zines, Jigsaw and Bikini Kill. Despite amateur production and scarcity, these zines quickly achieved a near-legendary status among their audience. They were deeply representative of the growing community of feminist punk rockers which has often been termed by the title of another Wolfe-Neuman zine, a weekly compendium they called Riot Grrrl.

    Im not trying to derail just add to the conversation with my field of study.
    PUNK is the vanguard for Kinseys technocracy and Jewish (not NAZI) bohemianism and Communism……..


    NINO 210

  11. Have you seen what was found on Comet Pizza's message board today, since taken down?

    And take a look at Reality Calls new video showing conclusively that Podesta pedo code matches dark web pedo code, just posted today. How can any sane person ignore this horror?

  12. important stuff! I would like to hear the full thoughts of BOTH gentlemen. Please stop interrupting !
    thanx for your work.

  13. Don't forget that Macaulay Culkin called his band The Underground Pizza… Wishing y'all Love, Strength and Courage to keep exposing these Luciferian Bastards

  14. Screen shots posted to The Bases Project on bookface

  15. The disgusting display on Thanksgiving of the Disney holiday celebration depicting nothing but grown men leading little boys to the castle between every commercial break for two hours proves how IN OUR FACE ….Disney has become. .literally giving the American public the middle finger on thanksgiving with the message of serving up our children

  16. Jan, are you using a condenser mic? You may want to think about adding phantom power for about $20

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