Unjust Treatments Of Male Student At Liberal College Amherst Part 2, Megyn Kelly Fox News #swedenincident #Pizzagate #Pedogate

Unjust Treatments Of Male Students At Liberal College Amherst Part 2 Amherst Rape Accusation led to male student being expelled. Megyn Kelly Fox News

Megyn Kelly/Fox News

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43 thoughts on “Unjust Treatments Of Male Student At Liberal College Amherst Part 2, Megyn Kelly Fox News #swedenincident #Pizzagate #Pedogate

  1. Carbon-Update to the Story of a male student being accused of rape at Amherst college in under the most absurd circumstances. If you want to see part 1 click on the end card in the video. The update wasn't as detail as i thought it would be. If anyone have anymore information on this. Please post link in the comment section. Don't spam PLEASE.

  2. fuck that prosecute the fucking school prosecute the board of directors prosecute the fucking bitch that made the false allegations

  3. I really hope he wins and burns Amherst to the ground in legal fees.

  4. These feminist bitches love abortion, here is a clear sign this bitch should have been aborted.

  5. law guy angling for money. his life is in ruins and he can't sleep he is depressed lol. its not funny at all actually but lol

  6. Release this cunts name, so we can publicly shame her and make her a famous meme across the globe.

  7. The girl's name should be released publicly, so that we can all give her the Internet treatment she so greatly deserves.

  8. y do all these guys come up with "we dont wanna prosecute her, just wanna get relief"
    wth.. if they dont start prosecuting these liars, soon there'll come a time when there'll only be 2 options left to an innocent guy – suicide n freedom, or homicide n go the same prison they were anyway going to..

  9. Damn those Amherst frat bros are PC. I totally would've set that slut on fire.

  10. it's sad that women do get raped, but these women that claim rape because they regret it after the fact, are making things difficult for real victems.

  11. This makes me sick being a guy. Talk about not fair. Let's be honest, if he was black, and BLM protested this college, he'd already be in, and I'm black.

  12. This poor guy. We ALL should pay for his legal fees. Dies anyone know him?

  13. An Obama law , Obama is a walking pestilence !

  14. let them lose fed funding and be sued

  15. sex should banned in colleges and universities because those are not place for shit like sex or prostitution..

  16. Look at the viewing of this incident. Under the radar, no fruition in terms of mass media. She raped him while he was drunk, then proceeded to have sex with another man that same night, then tarnished and ruined this kids life 21 months post incident. He was expelled. Labelled as a sex offender, etc.

    Yet a similar situation that played out with Brock Turner allegations made every media outlet nation wide. Both were rape/sexual assault, and yet this time around the victim gets screwed over even with clear evidence pointing to the opposition.

    This is clear gender inequality and sexism in a very high order. It's pathetic.

  17. where is this bitch these days? I haven't heard from her anything about Donald Trump recently.

  18. So who wants their kid to go to Amherst? I don't see that much value to college lately. If you have enough intelligence and ability to do anything on your own you are better off.

  19. The double standard strikes again.

  20. It is the Demolition man mentality. The sattire in that movie is becoming reality.

  21. College chicks shouldn't be allowed to have sex and college men should only hook up with mature women in their thirties and over.

  22. Why aren't they publishing the name and picture of the lying slut? She needs to be famous for the rest of her life.

  23. gets "raped" by guy hmm better call another guy friend over to comfort me proceeds to have sex with other guy

  24. "We're not interested in prosecuting Miss Jones". Fuck that! Drag the lying skank out back and hang the filthy cunt.

  25. Welcome to America. I know I keep repeating myself but what else is there to say. American women have become some evil vile despicable bitches. They actually take pride in their actions.
    Now I defy anyone, in good conscience, to defend this little sluts behavior.

  26. There's times when I hate certain groups of women, the kind that always make out that they're victims and under privileged, when in fact they have the world wrapped around their little finger. The pay gap is an over generalised myth that some women just hear and think oh disadvantage I'll just cry outrage without research and everyone will listen and take it for fact. The facts are out there, the second a man challenges a woman's point, it doesn't matter if he's right or not, this type of woman will argue whatever point just to get one over the man. I have a great deal of respect for women that aren't mentally retarded, they are strong and beautiful humans, I have zero respect for the feminist bunch who are dare I say a fascist group of people who only want social superiority.

  27. The school should allow him to attend for free or fork over some money because being expelled can be detrimental to someone let alone being accused of this crime. Whoever this girl is, should be publically placed on trial, made an example of an given the maximum for rape; about 15-25 years in prison.

  28. Expat Flight from Feminism and Female Privilege –

  29. maybe he shouldn't have drank so much. fucking entitled college kids.

  30. A friend of mine had the same experience, its so damn unfair, without any proof they put him in jail and it was pure luck that she after a week got cut lying. My friend could have his future destroyed was it not for her mistake. Thats feminism for you. Sweden sucks in that aspect.

  31. The circumstances here are just outliers….this rarely happens, but that doesn't mean it isn't becoming more frequent today than it ever has. The process or how this whole ordeal was handled however is not an outlier. It's pretty disgusting how many of our rights are being thrown out the window. I can't believe how ridiculous this leftist sjw/feminism/victim ideology shit is gaining ground. All it does is make things worse for society. I grew up in a household with 2 women(mom and sister)and my own father was extremely sexist and i developed a mentality where women are inferior to men at a young age. Luckily i grew out of it and crafted my own opinions, but seeing how things are shifting in recent years disgusts me. especially since we live in a day and age where all the "victim groups" are treated far better than they ever have been. I'm a 24 year old white male. Da struggle is becoming more and more real than i could have ever imagined.

  32. men….MGTOW….  search for it and your journey to freedom will begin.  Sure you can still fuck women.  They just will NEVER get to the altar of male horrors.

  33. why do they keep saying sexual anything call it what it was he was raped and this college kicked out the rape victim and stands with the rapist

  34. Does anyone else what happened after this? Did he sue? Was there a case? Was he able to go back to school, I imagine he would go somewhere else

  35. She should be charged with rape.

  36. Western society is circling the drain.

  37. Well, of COURSE the university is standing their ground – if they admit they made a massive mistake, that they engaged in a criminal injustice – they will be liable in lawsuits to the tune of millions. They know they're wrong, they just don't want the consequences. As far as they're concerned, better to let John Doe twist in the wind than admit their fault. Between the false accuser and the university, we have the perfect example of present-day, feminist-sponsored narcissistic revenge, which they laughably try to call 'justice'.

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