Undisputed And Clear: Obama Administration Sought To wiretap Trump! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT! #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

Dick explains



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35 thoughts on “Undisputed And Clear: Obama Administration Sought To wiretap Trump! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT! #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. The silence is deafening.. thank you sir, you are always spot on

  2. I really like and respect Dick Morris, but I don't see any links to evidence/proof of what he is going off of.

  3. Traitor in Chief Obama will go down as most Corrupt President in American History! Lynch Lynch!

  4. The Obama-Soros Axis is the most dangerous threat to American security and world peace

  5. Seriously, not even trying to be sacarstic, Obama is the one whom had encouraged "Sense of Entitlement" and "I am above the Law". He encouraged and close one eye to others as long as it benefits his scheme. The are so used to it that and some of the brainwashed Americans are still ok with what they are doing. It is sad and scary that they have made it ok, it is acceptable even killing President Trump to anyone as long as they get what they want.. Same mentality.

  6. I hope to God that 0bama and his pet snake, Valerie Jarrett, are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, are convicted, and do serious time in federal prison.

  7. Obama should be jailed for war crimes and being a traitor.

  8. Put the monkey in the cage.

  9. there's only 3 questions I have : when , where & how will obama be executed for treason ?

  10. I knew it had to be true. So many people consistently underestimate Trump and he just proves 'em wrong time after time after time.

    Obuma is as evil and vile as they get. A total bastard.

  11. All of the Dems' conniving didn't help them, did it?? HAH!

  12. I've been thinking about these 'random' tweets. MSM likes to call Trump all sorts of names, put out stories that make him look crazy. I think hes crazy like a fox.. think about it, he not only called out Obama but the MSM as well, all in 140 characters. People believe what is written and said in the media, yet the media is discounting the idea that the Presidents source is the MSM.. thats about as hypocritical as they can get but also, he was able to shed light on what an underhanded person Obama is. I just love that this exploded and I know there are good people still, in government who will get to the bottom of this. No more hiding behind a crooked boss (BHO).

  13. love your videos.Please keep doing them I post most of the on twitter

  14. Obama's real legacy comes to the fore!

  15. what evidence do you have? you're spreading lies and all you dumb sheep are to weak and retarded/religious to see this load of bullshit. good luck in life losers

  16. But didn't they go back to FISA to get a warrant in October, having made slight changes?


  18. …and the leaked Q's to Hilary…same-same…toilet time.

  19. Position your camera sideways just like a TV when recording!

  20. Mr Morris, I don't think I have ever made comments on YouTube! Except to you! But this is the 2nd time I've made one on your channel. I wish your followers numbered in the millions! You were an insider and I wait daily to here your reports! You are short, sweet and to the point, which is good for people with attention spans of a gnat.

  21. Obama didn't even have to go to the FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court). That right, "[T]he President, through the Attorney General, may authorize electronic surveillance without a court order" (50 USC Ch. 36: FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE
    From Title 50—WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE Sec. §1802).

  22. Obama is almost certainly guilty of wiretapping Trump – the MSM knows it, notice they are mostly ignoring the wiretapping story and not defending Obama

  23. The same Loretta Lynch that is NOW calling for Anti Trump protestors to bleed and die in the streets for the Democrats cause to take President Trump down.

  24. That's what happens when a country stops executing its traitors.

  25. your so brave Mr. Morris, thank you for all your sacrifice and exposing so much evil, your the best

  26. Will Obama and Hillary ever pay for thier Transgressions? Probly not in this life!!!

  27. OMG! I've been watching your videos and you are an ORACLE! You have predicted all these things!!

  28. Unfortunately Dick, the worst ex president in history, will slide by, like his most qualified person ever since Jefferson who ran for office Hillary.

  29. No wonder Loretta is on Youtube hollering for Violence!!!! If the country goes into crazyness? They wont be prosecuted! I bet they did it anyway!

  30. What I want to know is, in all the fakestream media, they are saying (and showing interviews with 'officials' saying) that there were NO requests (or approvals) from any FISA courts regarding tapping Trump. So, how come there are so many sources in alternative media [Like In DM's video here] that say THE OPPOSITE? Supposedly there were TWO of these requests (one denied and one approved). Where is the proof? We want to know so that we can spread that most absolute key piece of information around!


  31. Wow and to think there's 10s of millions of people who still like and even love Obama til this very day.

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