UNDERCOVER: Crashing College Socialist SJW Protest #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)


UNDERCOVER: Crashing College Socialist SJW Protest

Not my original video. Shared from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmNyzvH7H3c – Reuse of original allowed through Creative Commons Attribution license (see original’s description)

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2 thoughts on “UNDERCOVER: Crashing College Socialist SJW Protest #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

  1. one of your better, astounding works!! keep us informed..and thanks!!

  2. 22 views?  Please tell me this number goes WAY up.  Guys, this is genius.  Please make more undercover vids.  Not only is it funny as hell… but you really are uncovering some pretty scandalous shit here.

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