UK Helped Obama WIRETAP Trump? Insider Explains FBI, NSA Coup (ObamaGate Sedition) #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

Did the UK help Obama wiretap Trump Tower?

Larry Johnson (former CIA) explains HOW Obama used FBI and NSA to illegally bug Trump — WHY that is Sedition — and WHICH criminals helped Obama commit this Treasonous crime.

Larry Johnson (former CIA): “All of this was part of a coordinated planned campaign by people that are linked to Barack Obama.”

“Both Jim Clapper and John Brennan (at CIA) were intimately involved in trying to derail the candidacy of Donald Trump. There was some collusion overseas with Britain’s own GCHQ. That information gathered from GCHQ was actually passed to John Brennan, and it was disseminated within the US Government. This dissemination was illegal………”

“There are still senior people in jobs at the Director of National Intelligence office, the office of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency that ought to be fired, Larry Johnson, retired CIA and State Department official, told RT.”

Why Trump WON’T Nuke Obama for Wiretaps:

Obama’s NYC Body Double:

Hillary NAILED, 5M Illegal Votes:

Wikileaks BUSTS McCain (Russian Cash):

FOX Admits Obama ID Fake:

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39 thoughts on “UK Helped Obama WIRETAP Trump? Insider Explains FBI, NSA Coup (ObamaGate Sedition) #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. From hindsight, we now understand why the UK Parliament has fiercely opposed Theresa May's invite for President Trump to visit the UK. What a display of contemptible cowardice! They cannot face the victorious Trump. The UK Parliament are the ones not worthy of our respect. With this recent release of their participation in this disgusting heinous act of wiretapping, the world's opinion of UK Parliament is nothing but utterly odious.

  2. if this continues..they're all going down..ACTUALLY go to "country club" jail..

  3. it IS legal for a president to wiretap any body he wants.
    but NOT for political sabotage, or sub rosa procedures

  4. TBD

    Hangings on the Capitol steps! Obama Ambassador to Macedonia (with approval?) commercial espionage funding the destabilization of Macedonia which may be Treason by both
    U.S. Gives Soros Groups Millions to Destabilize Macedonia’s Conservative Govt., FEBRUARY 28, 2017

  5. What is the story on Comey and lack of DOING HIS JOB?

  6. Obama…shame on you………… You pure EVIL!!!!!!

  7. Time to cancel the Patriot act, because they lied when they said it would only be used to spy on Islamic terrorists. The terrorism threat has been over exaggerated by the government to justify their constant renewal of this act. We need to contact our elected reps and tell them to wither cancel the patriot act, or we're voting them out.

  8. WHAT IS THIS SHIT !? This is all moot !! Remove this crap . RT network really !? Pro Russian network !!! Nobody is trying to Defeat Trump ,TRUMP IS DEFEATING HIMSELF ,DUH !!!!!!

  9. >That feel when Russian television is the most unbiased news source out there

  10. Now we know why O is down in Tahiti, safely out of US jurisdiction.

  11. everybody knows the earth is flat too!

  12. No and the WH have apologised to the UK for propagating this false statement.

  13. This is just the introduction …. The CIA will assassinate Trump sooner than later …. JFK thought he could control them, and looked what happened ….

  14. Clapper was COO of Detica (Brit Intell Company) '06-10. Info returned thru Serco (Brit Intell Company) Clapper & Brennan briefed Obama. GCHQ has 24/7 access to NSA electronic commo storage.

  15. It is High Teason get the firing squad out!

  16. we all know about bathhouse barry and his man lover big Mike


  18. by my Spirit says the LORD ,GOD Bless you bro ….

  19. "No President can order a wiretap" Yeah sure, just Nixon can order a wiretap, right?

  20. let's fulfill Killary's prophecy and start fashioning some nooses!

  21. lol fruitcakes, all make up bullshit, no evidence nothing, you are such a bunch of losers

  22. All terrorist attacks on Australian police (7 approx) were teen jihadists all RECRUITED ONLINE VIA UK. Now I don't know about you but in my country we call that morherf**ker an ENEMY! Time to bury that rancid old witch and her PEDO family's paycheck.

  23. UK government is Zionist controlled..Zionist's hate Christianity and Bible.

  24. Obama' swears he did not do this. We know better , those of us that are smart enough , that is !!

  25. Trump is a genius . Watch him let people (Comey) hang themselves.

  26. Obama will get away with it bc he's half black.

  27. Soros poppet is been spying the whole world, Soros is the master puppet.

  28. Well done Larry Johnson! Well said!

  29. George W and Cheney started this spying crap, using 911 as the excuse.  Barry Soetoro expanded it.  I do not believe Trump or Soetoro.  They both work for the "deep state".

  30. You finally captured Schumer in exactly the right light…perfect!

  31. No surprises paedophile Britania is involved is it.

  32. Barry the Fairy poppins….. yea, these people are bad and we get that – but you stupid slothful SHITS out there in God Blessed America who eat your own shit and are actually dumb enough to buy into this shit and allow it to happen? You are the TRUE shitbags. You know who you are, pussies….

  33. Kick Obama out just like he kicked the Russians out in December

  34. Vault 7 opening tomorrow in morning – check David Kirkland on Twitter and Facebook – badaboom HRC

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