Uh-Oh: FBI Director James Comey Caught Lying About Hillary’s Emails #LatestNews

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–While testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, now-fired FBI Director James Comey drastically overstated the number of classified emails Huma Abedin forwarded from Hillary Clinton to Anthony Weiner

–On the Bonus Show: Russian LGBT faction rescues gay men in Chechnya, Finland’s universal basic income experiment reducing stress, The New York Times asks readers to ‘say something nice’ about Trump, and much more…

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Broadcast on May 10, 2017



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43 Thoughts to “Uh-Oh: FBI Director James Comey Caught Lying About Hillary’s Emails #LatestNews”

  1. how did I get here,i suggest to the FBI hire George Web*ster the great sleuthing master which of course you all need. put the roundtable discussions on defection of truth, from foreign 'hack' and leaking🏋🏊🎯

  2. Comey seems to be for the 1st time nervous, previously he was so calm cool & collected in his testimony. It might be BC Judicial Watch is planning to sue him for obstruction of justice. I am on the left, but have loved the work of righty Judicial Watch for decades. Can't trust ACLU most of the time. I am a f ormer ACLU contributor, but found definite reasons to stop my money flow to ACLU. Cheers to Comey being a bit mentally rattled, he should be, he covered up the truth! He gave free pass to criminals, him and the Deputy Director, McCabe. McCabe is worse than Comey, BTW.

  3. So instead of 6,000 maybe 1,600. Even so still not his fault the media doesn't seek the truth and do their job before putting out what ever headline helps their narrative, just to increase viewers and clicks.

  4. David, your title is clickbait. It doesn't look good.
    Also, you say he mis-stated the number of emails, but don't demonstrate that fact in your video.
    Need you to be on point, bro.

  5. No, David, he did not lie. You correctly quote him as saying "Hundreds and thousands of emails containing classified information" were found on Weiner's laptop. What he said is completely unequivocally true. He had no purpose or reason to lie. The emails as a whole did in fact contain classified information, but that is not news. You say he lied, which is itself slander based in your ignorance of the relevant facts. (I'm sure it's ignorance rather than deliberate distortion.) You and his right wing detractors apparently impute to Comey some nefarious intent involved in saying there was classified emails. But of course, he had earlier in that summer established that there were classified emails, indeed as HA Goodman repeats ad nauseam, they were at the highest level of classification.

    Speaking of HA, your (mis)characterization of what he said as "lying" and worse, is actually the most gross misstatement I've seen since HA Goodman was agreeing with Trump in his lie that "Obama 'wiretapped' me (Trump)." Why are you guys so prone to throwing out this kind of shit that used to be called "yellow journalism", sensationalistic innuendo, half truths, and downright slander I would expect to come from some news stand tabloid. None dare call it "clickbait", but David, that's what it is.

    Why would you impute some nefarious motive to Comey at this point in late Oct, for the claim that some or all of the emails were classified???? He had testified previously in July about tens of thousands of Clinton's already examined emails, which, as HA will remind you, every chance he gets, were at the highest level of classification. Why would you or Comey, as you imply, possibly think that some new batch of emails,
    classified or not, would be something Comey would be interested in, simply on the prospect they contained classified info. That would be totally absurd, since he already had that on her. You're totally missing the point, apparently due to ignorance about the story. He not only doesn't lie here, he does not even misspeak. Classification of material is not the issue with the prospect of Weiner's "new" (turns out, after examining them, they were mostly not new) batch of e-mails. Y'all have gotten so friggin' starved for some new factoid of scandal that you yourself are causes of slander. Are you really so hard up? You need to actually LISTEN to what the people whom your slandering have to say before you slander them!!!!

    He says, "You need to be with me on that day, 11 days before the election," when he gets word of this new batch of emails, and feels he has to dig into them because a) all polls are saying Clinton will win, b) he's closed the books on her, with the very controversial explanation that he could not find in the emails available up through July, evidence sufficient in his opinion to bring an indictment. In his experience, to do that, the evidence would need to convince a jury that she had intentionally violated the espionage law. Again, this is what he felt from past experience to be necessary due to the mens re legal principle. Some experts agree with him on this, some do not, and he of course knows that. What would be needed, what would really be a slam dunk "smoking gun" on this matter, in his view, was some statement in the emails that Clinton and/ or her cronies knew that this (basically downloading or re-routing of her emails to a home server was contrary to law due to being a form of espionage, or knew that it was equal to gross negligence. In fact, Gowdey and Chaffetz (neither of whom has any prior experience prosecuting these kinds of cases) had pushed him very hard on .

    But now here he is, 11 days before election day. Clinton is leading in the polls, everybody believes she's going to win the election, and he'd then be stuck with having to go through these newly found emails, looking for a smoking gun, by which to bring indictments on this newly elected president. He's both strongly hoping and strongly fearful that there will be such smoking gun evidence from the first 3 months stored on this new batch of "hundreds n thousands" He knows that they did not have any access in July to any of the emails from the first 3 months that Clinton had set up this private server, and he's been hungry to find a representative group from those first 3 months. Why? Because following his conscience regarding his best knowledge of what the law requires, he's publicly taken the heat (rather than Ms. Lynch) for his best legal opinion that "no respectable prosecutor" would indict Ms. Clinton, although he's torn her a new one by his public condemnation of her carelessness. He's taken all the political heat, but ended up telling the Chairs and members of these committees, he can't recommend indictment. Now, eleven days before the election, with a prospect of having hit a new trove of emails from the first 3 months, the prospect of finding the smoking gun that will make everybody but Clinton ecstatic, what is he to do???

    Whatever the answer, David, it has nothing to do with whether there is classified material. It has to do with whether any of the material contained evidence of the smoking gun nature, something like, "Well, it's been six weeks, and nobody's said anything about our rogue IT." Something like that might have done it, and it has zero to do with being classified. He explains all that's relevant, but you bozos apparently don't get it. You prefer slander and clickbait type interpretation.

    I did not think you were so ignorant or sloppy in your practices as to report slanderous shit on something you don't even understand.

    In addition, you've been doing this too long to be ignorant of this simple fact: whether or not information is classified has zero to do with whether someone has marked it classified. The only relevance to marking in this context is that since no one had marked them "classified", they would have had to be each individually checked, without the IT trick they eventually came up with. Stop saying things in a critical tone that are completely irrelevant.

    You guys are good, you're one of the better "progressive" commentators. But you're not yet reliably good enough to send some decent amount of money. Most important is that you too often make these really stupid criticisms, very amateurish, that tarnish someone's reputation, and mislead your less informed readers.

  6. This guy looks like a lame progressive beta male that makes trend videos.

  7. There's a difference between getting something wrong and willfully lying. What exactly did he have to gain from lying?

  8. He should have been fired right then. His recent firing is only makes Trump look guilty, guilty, GUILTY of being reckless, feckless and interested in furthering himself not the country. #bananarepulbic

  9. Comey is a dick and I'm glad he got shit-canned. And I'm glad he got shit-canned by Turnip who Comey helped cheat.

  10. James Comey should not been working on this case at all peter comey his brother was working with Hillary Clinton side by side. so many people are saying he should not even be working on the case. some one else should of been in charge. all he was doing was protecting his brother and Hillary cause they both should of been jailed !!!!!!

  11. what comes around goes around

  12. Are you sure he didn't just misspeak?

  13. You literally say in this video that lying implies intent to mislead. Do you know Comey's intent? No? Than why the blatant clickbait title? "*Uh-Oh*: FBI Director James Comey Caught Lying About Hillary's Emails" You yourself do not know his intent and yet you say he is caught lying? Enough with the blatant clickbait. You're better than this

  14. First off he said hundreds and thousands, not hundreds of thousands. Since there were thousands, he didn't lie about that. Listen to what he said. They were also unaware at that time that Abedin's phone automatically backed up onto their main computer (Abedin & Weiner's). She was unaware that all of her work emails were duplicated as it was an automated feature of her phone. The reason that the FBI only had to look at 6,000 was because the remainder were backups and never opened on the main computer. There was no indication (logs) that Weiner had ever opened or shown any interest in any of them.

  15. David Packman Show, there was no investigation on "Trump/Russia" until long after the election. That is why Comey never mentioned it before.

  16. Alex P. Trump is not the good guy calling out the bad guys. He is the bad guy. For years he has been 'PROJECTING' his own crooked schemes onto others. Ok to cheat on taxes because he cheats on taxes, OK to make deals with Russia because he makes deals with Russia, OK to lie because he lies. His experience dictates how he views the world. Beware!

  17. he did not say thousands of her emails to Weiner we classified listen again to the clip you play.he said there where classified emails not stating a number ,and than says there where thousands of emails to weiner

  18. All this news is water under the bridge. And now the bridge is falling. What a mess. When the George W Bush admin turned over emails for archive, millions were missing. No one had any problem with that.

  19. He misspoke. He's running sentence fragments together, and put the thousands of total emails in a run on sentence with the few emails that were forwarded to Abeddin's husband, making it sound like there were thousands.

  20. I heard (and God only knows what is true at this point) that Huma's government issued blackberry was backed up on Anthony Weiners laptop. There could have been thousands of emails Huma wanted to keep totally unrelated to anything classified but if you remember, they were destroying devices and emails in the Clinton campaign. I can understand her backing up to Weiner's laptop because no one was going to look at his laptop in relation to the campaign. And they didn't. Huma may have thought she could go thru them and delete stuff she didn't need when things comes do after the election. Comey and FBI teams would not know what was classified or not. Or what Huma's motive were. They might be perfectly innocent. When he found the emails, that statement of thousands of emails to go through was probably true.

    It's water under the bridge now. Our President admitted he fired Come because of the Trump Russia thing and threw every person that told his lie under the bus.

  21. It was a little trick by James Comey to fool Tramp, to make Tramp trust him, to buy time to finish Trump-Russia investigation. This kind of obvious now and he almost succeeded.

  22. Makes me wonder if Huma betrayed Hillary. She's from KSA, born in the US, raised in KSA, went to Georgetown and gets to be in the WH. Why they can't find people raised in the US with generations of US traditions, is beyond me. Clearly she got the job b/c of Saudi connections.

  23. Are they investigating the murder of Seth Rich? Because that is whom Julian Assange indicated is the source of the DNC leaks.

  24. This had nothing to do with why he was fired. Trump would certainly have referred to this if it was, since he was grasping for an explanation for the firing and the timing.

  25. Don't stand up for Hillary Hundreds of thousands, of course there was classified emails, ..out going husband. ….??? he's a fucking peado Clinton is a fucking above the law witch who should be Shot…. he said the investigation would go on for another year because they are going bk in to 2012 documents, so he was not wanting Comey around for another year, .. this Clinton shill & is side kick & there scripted crap probably wrote by Huma, Outgoing husband. lol he was a NONCE 14 YR OLD GIRLS SENDING PICTURES OF IS WEINER, ….OUTGOING HUSBAND. ..??? WTF.. IS THIS GUY A MUSLIM FAN AS WELL ?? OUTGOING MUSLIMS….?? IS THAT WHAT HE CALLS THE RAPIST MUSLIMS. ..?? WHAT A TWISTED LITTLE FUCKTARD THIS TOOL IS …

  26. listen to your own clip. he did not make the claim of thousands of clasified emails. "they found thousands of new emails. they found classified information." two separate statements. being disingenuous doesn't help the cause

  27. according the fbi congressional liason, they did find thousands of new emails…but very few had anything to do with the server
    his testimony was purposefully misleading
    and hopefully, if he does return to congress to testify, he will be asked about this testimony
    i have no problem with comey being charged with contempt

  28. Abeden should not have been forwarding ANY emails to her husband for any reason, especially for 'printing'. I am pretty certain that the State Department has as good or better printers than Weiner did. There are other departments that handle classified information, that could deliver the copies by secure messenger, that would have been more appropriate than her husband's laptop if all their printers were down for some reason.

    They were all also well aware that lots of e-mails do become classified, so they should all be kept secure and not floating around on personal and/or non-governmental servers.

    I worked for my state government and didn't screw up like they did, having no difficulties whatsoever in keeping my personal and professional e-mails separate. It really isn't hard to do, at all.

    The rules and reasons for it all are pretty clear. At the very least, they are a very incompetent bunch, and because doing it right is so easy, it causes more concern.

    I am still very interested in seeing what Comey had on Trump, back during the primaries even. We all knew Trump was just as or more more crooked, and I think Comey likely did as well.

  29. if he turns out to be also a crook the story is too damn crazy to believe

  30. Well, it's a good thing I didn't not vote Shillary because emails, but because she was a corrupt center-right corporatist cunt who couldn't make it through the primaries without cheating. But that is a dick move only mentioning Shillary's Federal Investigation. Not like it would have mattered, his base would have voted for him no matter what he did. Even now they stand by him, even knowing full well he's the worst president I history.

  31. Go back to sleep, obey, consume more …… watch reality shows …. its ok … just sleep

  32. Fascism is here .. the slow coup has begun !

  33. Maybe the FBI was hacked by Russia into believing there were more emails than actually existed.

  34. Comey sucked trumps dick, then when trump was done, he cast him aside like a cheap whore… Gg comey, you moron!

  35. I don't think Comet lied. I think he was stabbing at DUMPSTER about his exaggerations on crowd size, voter fraud, etc. Comey was punking DUMPSTER U FOOLS!!@@@.

  36. It turned out that Huma Abedin used her husband's computer as an automatic backup. She actually only forwarded a few emails for printing. The rest were automatically copied to the system.

  37. The United Trumtards of America?

  38. I'm still waiting for those MILLIONS of emails that went missing during the Bush administration! Nobody looked for those! Comey didn't search for those! Look I'm no Comey fan, but he did mess up! He did Hillary no favors! I believe he was fired over loyalty! He refused to cut off the Russia investigation & Trump is scared!

  39. I suspect Comey's hyping of H. Clinton's doings is Trump-powered

  40. where are all the tough 2nd amendment murican rednecks screaming threats against those traitors ? 8 years of meek obama presidency they cried about government abuse and now that you have actual traitor sellout in charge – Silence?

  41. Comey lied about "criminal intent" as being the reason he couldn't recommend indictment.

  42. this circus needs to end soon………..we have seen nothing but clowns….and a GOP dog and pony show since January.

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