UFO SIGHTINGS reported in the sky of AUSTRALIA !!! June 2016 #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru

UFO SIGHTINGS reported in the sky of AUSTRALIA !!! June 2016

June 2016 – Australia, Menangle, Campbelltown Area. Pictures show strange UFO activity with glowing lights going through the clouds and joining what it seems to be a command ship/spacecraft. Click here to read the complete article :

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47 Thoughts to “UFO SIGHTINGS reported in the sky of AUSTRALIA !!! June 2016 #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru”

  1. lol I saw a UFO before for the first time that look kinda like that and it was on 2016.

  2. Hey man…I am officially freaked right out…I saw the EXACT same lights over Ontario Canada on June 11, 2016 at the drive inn with my boys…everyone around us saw them too!!!!…..We did not see the thing at the end sucking them up but the white lights are friggin IDENTICAL…..I have footage on my cell phone but it is not as good as this!!!

  3. To all the ppl who think this is fake think again. I work in villawood n I also seen these 8 lights.
    The only reason I notice them is because 1 passed the moon n it was very bright. I said to a work mate do you see that n he said yeah. The only thing I was spewing about was that I didn't have footage of my own to post. But let me tell you ppl. I was a none believer saying yeah yeah what ever n what not. But you only believe when you see it. That day I saw those lights was awesome n good viewing. It will stay with me for the rest of my life.

  4. Ufo are real for me due to my visual experience when I was 12. It was at night, I was watching tv in my parents room and I heard a really low humming rumble sound. I looked through the blinds, there was a round craft with red lights underneath, just floating above my apartment. I know im not crazy because my parents did hear it, they just dismissed it as a helicopter. It stuck with me growing up not telling this story..

  5. why are there 102 dislikes? This is the most surreal footage of aliens we have I believe.

  6. no doubt about it orbs  u f o

  7. i see this too in Canada before 3 days on the highway

  8. Hello, we flew to Russia

  9. SHIT. We are being invaded by the light from the dark!

  10. We live close to Amberley Royal Australian air base QLD & we have been sighting lot's of unexplained lights over Ipswich & Brisbane sky's. The lights are stationary for long periods of time & then they move far to fast for jets. I get a little scared watching unknown & unexplained reality right before my wife's & my own eyes.

  11. I'm in 2 minds with this footage .It looks real enough but to be honest people are so clever with special effects these days it makes you doubtful, if its real .

  12. Holy fuck im from CAMPBELLTOWN😂😂

  13. I believe it first when i see it live. 😉

  14. I have a theory that Nibiru is a binary Solar System to Our Sun and Nibiru has it's own inhabited Planet. Every 3500 years, when the Nibiru System gets close enough, contact is possible through space flight.

  15. finally some decent footage,well done compared to all the outher videos on youtube which is a slight grainy blurr being filmed through a wet sock

  16. looks credible, I will wait until they visit Canberra, in their 'alien form'.

  17. How long before I Oprah does a interview with them?

  18. uk Friday at 8 pm 16/7/2016 at black pool uk airport . me and my wife was out side having a fag I look up an I see a white ball in the sky following a plan . I have 1 picture and a video off this to show any one . can this show look in to it please . ps because we live next to the airport we see plan all the time we know the differences between plan's and what we saw was no plan 100% . the thing in the sky had no fuel or jet trace behind it on my video and pic you can see where a plan had passed by and the plan left trace behind it . so I don't know what we saw can someone help please

  19. i saw a ufo in june 2016. but in london

  20. have any of you guys ever wander if the green light that have been spotted in the sky recently are green lanterns in patrol

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  22. I've seen singular ones on their own they just vanish…i also seen 1 float up dim out and turn into a red/green changing light spinning in a disk shape… in the middle of nowhere pretty much.. in Queensland over out in the bush land omg it actually symbolises what happens in the end of this video… really fucking weird but my experience happened at night i can't make sense of what i seen. i thought it was a star at first

  23. maybe will take the alien all the radical muslims away from the planet earth, and the "good" muslims (2%) can stay ….. sight…

  24. Aliens are real but invisible, Read the book by a monk "Truth is formless and Nirakar" or "Hinduism accepts Allah"

  25. При замедленном просмотри виден дребезг координат привязанных к картинке, которые в свою очередь являются отправной точкой для наложения так называемых UFO, так что очередной фэйк.

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  27. anyone know what the closing music is ??

  28. I'm from India and last month me and my friend saw a very identical orb hovering just a couple of hundred feet above us. Unfortunately we couldn't record the incident but I'm pretty sure these orbs are higher forms of intelligence and probably not of this earth. I was sceptical about the existence of ETs but after experiencing one it has changed my perpective about the very existence of life form in this universe.

  29. what are they doing here in our skies???? its alarming,..

  30. So the black ones is the mother ship?

  31. I'm pretty sure that's ball lightning…

  32. I've seen many ufos but I've only seen one silver disk shape all the others were lights but pretty crazy lights the biggest one I seen had to of been about a mile or so long with flashing red to blue lights but the back of it kept moving to the front light spinning around then going back to the back but all invisible like


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