UFO Sightings Check This Out May 24th 2017 #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru

UFO Sightings Check This Out May 24th 2017. ©iUFOSightings.
UFO sightings what is this object. Look at this UFO it is spiraling upward and emitting smoke. No idea what this thing is. There seems to be wires all over this UFO. Is this UFO a man-made object? What is it doing here is this a test? Or is this UFO drone. Is this thing steam powered? What is all the smoke coming out of it? This is interesting UFO Footage.
UFO Sightings Mexico. Take a look at this object. It is moving slowly and can barely be seen by the eye. The source was done with his shift and heading out to his car when he saw this UFO. The UFO seems almost transparent. This UFO also has some holes in it.
UFO Sightings shiny object hovering in the air. What is this UFO and what is it doing in this area? The UFO is just hovering up in space. This looks like a blimp at first sight but on further notice there is no ad on it so that cannot be a blimp can it? Is it a balloon? If it is why is it not moving in an upward direction?

UFO Sightings Possible Alien sighting. Take a look at this alien! It seems to be hovering alongside the building and then it teleports or disappears into thin air. This Alien is huge judging by it’s surrounding area and elements. The Alien has some kind of cloaking system as it is distorting the image of the Alien. This one is out there guys just crazy alien footage here…
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  1. Beam me up Scotty.

  2. That is USA new aircraft from area 51

  3. A lot of chem trails wonder if that is a coincidence?

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  6. The vaper coming down from it, could it be doing something to the soil?

  7. With all that smoke the last clip looks man made.

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