UFO passing the plane high speed over Mudgee N S W Australia 6 01 2017 12 45Pm #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru

The camera was using: CANON X A.25. Full H D camera.50 X optical zoom.


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13 thoughts on “UFO passing the plane high speed over Mudgee N S W Australia 6 01 2017 12 45Pm #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru

  1. Very average. And I'm not a debunker.The new chile ufo video is good,and their government researched it. This though,yeh sorry guys.

  2. Én csak a repülőt látom élesen. Az a hirtelen felbukkanó "repülő tárgy" talán egy katonai felderítő gép volt. Azoknak nagyobb a sebességük. Mindenesetre örömmel látom, hogy továbbra is lelkes UFO-kutató vagy. Üdvözöllek.

  3. hello could i use your awesome video on my channel? i will give full credit with a link to your channel…. god bless you brother

  4. I,ve seen them is spear long round metal object the one I saw was with a kind of seam on it as if it could open up or morph into another shape.And a strang shimmer around it.TESLA TECH Drones by Gov.?

  5. Hello I'm trying to put together night vision system and infrared for day recording. would like to know what parameters you think is important for camcorder( brand ,Zoom, Focal length, lens size…..)
    thanks for help.

  6. Excellent catch my friend

  7. Thank you for another interesting capture and for keeping up your sky watching over the very long term—especially as you’re proving these phenomena frequently occur right above the unaware heads of us Australians! Interesting that it seems you captured this particular clip in normal visible light? My 2017 resolution is to get outside and set-up my cameras in tandem…one camera filming full-spectrum (UV through IR) the other capturing at normal visible wavelengths.

  8. Great catch Laszlo. . a steered space ship. thats for sure . It even did a full circle turning around . before if flew futher . this is solid proof of ufos flying in our skies . art

  9. Wow! Thats an amazing video! Well done.

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