#TwitterGate Exposed, Whistleblower Banned | #FreeMolly #PizzaGate #Corruption

**NOTE, I MISSPOKE***: @0Hour had to make a NEW account and Twitter verified him.
Please share this video or use #FreeMolly and demand that Twitter un-suspend Eclipse_OW’s account. Molly helped expose THOUSANDS of pedophile profiles actively sharing child porn on Twitter, yet Twitter banned HER. WHY?
If I, for whatever reason, get banned from twitter, you can find me here:
GAB: https://gab.ai/reallygraceful
snapchat: franseenwrites
Or here: https://twitter.com/FranSeenWrites
Instagram: https://instagram.com/franseenwrites
My Books: http://www.franseenwrites.com



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20 Thoughts to “#TwitterGate Exposed, Whistleblower Banned | #FreeMolly #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. You should do ASMR videos. You have a pretty voice made for ASMR. You would get tons of views.

  2. pretty soon pedophilia will be legal there are people out there working in government want it to be legal pretty soon these sick fucks will be able to rape little kids. It's a sick sick world we live in.

  3. It's been a problem for a very long time.. And it's huge on Twitter

  4. your content just keeps getting better and more eye opening. as someone who loves to do thorough research on thier own, youve really brought a lot of things to my (and im sure many other peoples) attention that i would have never kown about even with my own research.

  5. Twitter is OVER…due to their own hand…GAB it!

  6. Its not illegal to sleep with kids in all countries. Thats a huge problem as well. Those accounts are in foreign countries that allow pedos.

  7. I always thought twitter was stupid, guess i was right

  8. You notice that today "MDMA" got the "green light" for PTSD? I think that girl got killed or is gonna get killed

  9. And also you tube is in on it too. a month ago I would let my two year old get on you tube but on strict mode and only children channels but I look over at the screen I see cartoon porn!!! I report this then they start flooding my trending videos doing it more and more and more I stopped letting her use the phone in general. And they allowed it because why after I complain there is more and more cartoon porn on children channels on filter strict mode. They know what they are doing.

  10. I'm guessing that one of the people she exposed could be powerful or maybe involved with Twitter in some way. So they suspended her before she got too deep in identifying them.

  11. Exactly. It makes absolutely no sense unless Twitter themselves are involved in this. For them to ignore/tolerate the sharing of child pornography, something against their ToS, and to then permanently ban someone exposing it, is simply ridiculous!
    I'm just astounded by them deeming it "fake news" yet trying to cover up and censor as much as possible of it, going so far as to outright ban discussion about the topic

  12. I was banned by Facebook for exposing the Clinton campaign  using Haitian children in a human trafficking ring,,,welcome to the club of silenced whistle blowers

  13. Yup fuck Twitter. No use for them!

  14. Twitter CEO and others maybe apart of these rings. Sure money is involved.

  15. Thanks for the real news they don't want us to know about.

  16. Fuck Twitter, Gab is where its at.

  17. your title is to long twitter is cutting the hashtag off.

  18. send this to David Seaman and a call for an uprising they have loads of followers and will help you im sure. Good for you sticking up for Molly. thanks.

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