Tucker Carlson vs. Jill Stein’s Campaign Manager Over Election Recount

Tucker Carlson takes on Jill Stein’s campaign manager, David Cobb, over her efforts to initiate a recount in multiple states. (November 30th, 2016)



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31 Thoughts to “Tucker Carlson vs. Jill Stein’s Campaign Manager Over Election Recount”

  1. >Tucker doesn't mention anything about scamming people out of money
    >David Cobb immediately accuses Tucker of accusing him of scamming people out of their money

    There you have it everyone, the Green party is a scam

  2. Those electronic machines were EXCLUSIVELY switching from Republican votes to Democrat votes. So why are you only challenging Trump states? If that was really the reason you were demanding recounts, you would recount Clinton states. Be honest, Soros and the Democrats are paying for this recount effort because Trump is an anti-globalist.

    Furthermore, that proprietary software and the voting fraud machines are provided by a Soros linked company. Soros was a Clinton supporter, even MORE reason to challenge Clinton states.

    What a fraud.

  3. Mr. Cobb is just a fringe conspiracy theorist.

  4. Tucker is one dumb fucker

  5. Why only states trump won?

  6. That money has now been traced back to a bot – adding money to the gofundme acct in specified amounts in specified time increments hhmmm who has that much money? unreasonable to think her followers did because they didn't have it when she was running – something smells fishy

  7. I live in Michigan and we use paper ballots that are then fed into a tabulator machine.

  8. >Be asked a question
    >Answer some other made up question
    >You are now a politican

  9. "For the sake of my job i watched all of the view." true sacrifice lmao

  10. Why Tucker didnt ask him why they didnt do the same in NH where Hillary won by only 3000 votes? NV was closed polls said Trump would win NV, yet he lost, VA and CO were close also, what a joke.

  11. Does anyone out there really believe anything this dude says? lol   All our donations were small, even though they were done over one weekend. hahahahaha

  12. They are working for the CLINTONS it is that simple.

  13. That blank angry stare is deadly 😂

  14. if those voting machines were susceptible to being hacked and were hacked before. why would you continue to use those machines in future elections.

  15. Michigan used paper ballots. How does one hack paper?

  16. The machine are from George Soros , JERK !

  17. Jim

    Yes you have a "right" People who were duped into sending you money have a right to sue you and jill to recover it when it is not used as advertised. A recount does just that – count. Nothing to do with hacking, space alien interference, phase of the moon or any other possibility you can conjure up. Even though they both begin with "L" logic & liberal don't belong in the same sentence! All they're really doing is delaying a legal election process in hopes that somehow it might be decided in some other way. For this tampering they should all be prosecuted just like the officials he mentioned. This election showed one thing – we are tired or all the establishment games and manipulation. These folks are just players.

  18. "I want to correct the record"….BTFO CTR

  19. Liberal jibberish , They go low we go high ….. fucking. Babies

  20. David Cobb. . . LOL what a moron!

  21. "Thousands to 100s of thousands to millions of voters want to know" 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. These idiots are just doing this for attention. Jill Stein getting more publicity from this recount than she did in her entire campaign.

  23. David Cobb V Jill Stein…Estrogen Count…Who wins?

  24. "Future recounts or election integrity effort". – That's the loophole big enough to drive a truck through. Once they start holding onto money that will supposedly be spent at some future date it can " disappear " easily into some crooks pocket. And the crooked Greens were caught red handed in Austria trying to steal the election in May, 2016. Their high court nullified that election and commanded the election be done over in December 2016.

  25. Tucker Carlson is the BEST! He's the ONLY tv host who actually calls out these lying scumbags. Also, Jill Stein, who got less than 1% of the vote in those states, has no true legal standing to ask for a recount.

  26. He should have  "Sponsored by George Soros" tattooed on his forehead.

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