Trump’s Sweet Deep State REVENGE…Just Caught Obama’s Spy — WHOA! #corruption #theresistance

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23 Thoughts to “Trump’s Sweet Deep State REVENGE…Just Caught Obama’s Spy — WHOA! #corruption #theresistance”

  1. computer voice spell her name

  2. fire her she is a traitor!

  3. She should be strung up right beside Hillary for treason.

  4. Treason is a big charge. She should have re-thought it. She may be in Prison for a long time !

  5. Can we PLEASE get rid of the electronic voice?!?!?!

  6. he needs to immediately get rid fo anyone who Obama put into place, why keep them?Obama IS AN AMERCIAN TRAITOR  so are the people who worship that devil

  7. Get rid of the big pussied bitch.

  8. Put this bitch in prison and do not pass go!

  9. Trump keeps firing Obama's spies

  10. Treason!!! Charges, and Imprisonment. Fired her WHAT THE FUCK? Why do citizens go to jail, and politicians get fired? She needs to have her traitorous ass run out of America and have her banned from American soil, pending immediate execution if she comes back.

  11. Why doesn't this country hang people for treason any more? We should. It may help put an end to it. people with dual passport should not be working for the government and should never have a security position or Top level security clearance. that just asking for corruption. Its a lot like put a cookie jar in front of me and  think I wont take one. lol

  12. Throw her in Levenworth for life. weld the bars shut. take a firehose and wash her down and her shit down the drain once a week.

  13. Check out this little junior Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Now why would anyone this young be in a position of power? Time for her to go bye bye. Hmmm… dual passport in a security position. Top level security?

  14. Flynn DID commit treason & he took $ from Russia & Turkey.Lock him up!

  15. WE, the people never knew that Obama administration is mostly not American, including Obama! we were all fooled! WE want justice! How and why did this happen? and why are they trying to disrupt Pres. TRump's administration with garbage talk and accusations? the good Lord will keep Pres. TRump and his cabinet members and Loyal Republicans safe all the time because Good wins over Evil!

  16. Don't they still hang for treason she should not be given any more passport to anywhere and never have a government jobs and be thrown out of America

  17. Fire the Bimbo and if a traitor, execute her!

  18. treason against the USA is…attempted murder against 230 million Americans. there can be only one punishment and firing isnt it!

  19. Whats with the irritating computer babble? ANNOYYYIIINNNGGGGG

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