Trump’s Backwards Pizza?, #Proofoflife, & the Method of Mockery… #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

Hey Wikileaks, Where’s the Real #ProofofLife?:

#PizzaGate – The Update – Wikileaks Psyop, Assange #ProofOfLife, Breitbart Connection & More:

10 Reasons Julian Assange is dead or compromised? #ProofOfLife #WhereisAssange:




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38 Thoughts to “Trump’s Backwards Pizza?, #Proofoflife, & the Method of Mockery… #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)”

  1. up to 44 seconds- now that's creepy straight off the bat : / i'll continue…

    when you factor in anthony patch & richie from boston's (that's where i've come across it) theory that the d-wave quantum computer is calling the shots and preempting our every move it steps up another level of craziness! quantum computers pulling the future out of the ether… even changing the present mandela effect style 😀 you gotta laugh to keep the insanity at bay!

  2. Stand up for truth, Jesus is Lord. Gby friend

  3. I think it's easy to believe that the psychopaths are all on the same team – but it's really the war of collective versus individualism.

    We just need good people to not be afraid of being individuals. We can still work together but we can't be manipulated with/by fear. left and right politics are just collectives used to corral human potential.

    Psychos don't care which collectives there are as long as there is potential in dividing them. If they don't have one they actively set about cultivating one. They love pie. It's almost a perfect cruel metaphor – dividing up the statistical pizza pie chart – why do narcissistic psychopaths enjoy locking their kids in cupboards? – because censorship is about control – the mass-media is just a very big cupboard.

    #pizzagate is a call to collect under a single fear ready to be divided – I completely agree that it IS REAL – the world really does have these monsters in it.

    I think your videos are brilliantly put together. thanks

  4. they believe theyre stealing childrens energy. hence the eye/pyramid iconography of the act of evolving

  5. theres a reason they wanted the truth revealed. isnt there a Biblical verse about all secrets coming out?

    For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

  7. TTISTF, I take it you've seen the "Pizza Hut Illuminati / Conspiritard" commercial? It was first aired during a football game in early Oct. and I believe it was the predictive programming that announced exactly what they were going to do, which is use "Pizza" to demonize all of us and to stem the bleeding of the masses that were slowly coming around and warming up to "truth." DISCLAIMER: I know full well that satanic pedos are real and commiting real crimes every single day.DISCLAIMER

  8. Anon has covered this, also…..This is getting scary. I repeat, ANONYMOUS is covering this subject, also.

  9. you nailed it!it is getting real,that which was hidden in darkness is being exposed by light.the line is drawn and we not fooling God he knew us before we were concieved.

  10. The magnitude of this holocaust may be without measure. 20% of Hollywood, D.C. and Britain elites are part of this demonic activity. My D.C. connection think nothing will happen. I also read, "on the Internet" that Comey has 40 untouchables locked up in the FBI headquarters waiting for Jan. 20, 2017. What do you think?!

  11. pizzagate is def a psyop. dont get me wrong, there are high level global pedo rings being run by satanic freaks, but they are rubbing this in your faces- duper's delight.

    the queen of england said we will not see a christmas in 2016. get ready for a FF. dont be fooled

  12. The economy is tanking and everyone is talking pizza. sigh sigh sigh

  13. It gets depressing the more I realize how long we've been openly mocked.

  14. these kids don't just disappear bro.. I don't eat MacDonald & be generally weary of where u get your ground meats. I'm sure almost all of us have unwittingly partaken in these peoples sick little jokes.

  15. ive watched illuminati exposed videos til I'm sick of it. those channels have beat it to death . i cant watch it too much i get overwhelmed and it starts seeping the life out me. much more enjoy learning how to kick the devil in his teeth. like Courts of Heaven and Kingdom Warfare. enjoy your videos they have a different vibe. I appreciate your perspective. in my opinion pizza gate is both real and a psyop. The only way to fight this kinda of evil is with the Word of God and repentence and this next was /is the hardest: forgiveness, I can hate the evil but ultimately I have to forgive the person and break the ties that bind

  16. Love you brother. Thank you and God bless you and yours.

  17. this is a diversion… the real horror is the FIFTY MILLION HUMAN ABORTIONS which occur annually…137,000 murders every single passing day… nearly 3 for each and every second that passes. . and the body parts are a commodity that is bought and sold….THAT is Satanic

  18. you made me hungry… srry.. totally unrelated :)) guild feeling kicks in ."

  19. I was frightened in 2006 to watch controversial videos, since then I've seen one million of them, and have said everything except the word bomb, there, I finally said it. pizza pizza

  20. it shouldn't even mentioned that its a pysop the very fact that all of a sudden I'm hearing the word pysop in every pizzagate video shows me they are winning . I've uncovered 10 times more then I've even seen in most videos and I've been studying this conspiracysince I was 18 I'm 38 now trust me its not a fucking psyop as soon as that word comes into play its game over for #pizzagate .

  21. this #FAKENEWS MONETIZATION shit will continue….. famine of the Word is at Hand

  22. While flipping through the channels tonight I started watching the movie Dodgeball. The linked scene shows Ben S, rubbing one off to some pizza.

  23. #PizzaGate is not psyop FAR TOO MUCH PROOF. . .someone got to you!!

  24. We are all born through the matrix into this prison and Satan is the Warden. There is only one way out of this prison and those of us who knows who holds the key are those who are born again, spirit filled, followers of Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life. For the seen world is temporary while the unseen world is permanent. Once the flesh body dies, the spirit returns to the Father who gave it and the soul will go to either Heaven or Hell. I pray you choose wisely. You are right – life is a funny duck, isn't it? Satan has had a long time to get it right this time, but God will intervene to save His anointed children while the rest burn to ashes. Take heart for Jesus has overcome the world and we will live with the Lord forever in paradise. :0)

  25. They tagged that phrase to draw hate responses you know? they either did it out of anger and disbelief or their being paid by a "per click/response " ratio thing.

  26. Great job. It's all real to some degree. While we nit pick and are called wackos or , we need to relax. Divide and conquer is what they do to everyone. The deception is coming. just like you said their already here laying the ground work. There is even arguments amongst ourselves to decide the free thinkers too. their leaving a false breadcrumb trail to Abrahams descendants as we speek. In other words, lucifer is going to betray the elite really soon and he is setting up the Jewish people to look as if they are apart of the deception. The Bible is the foundation and those who stray from His Word, will be easily deceived. your discernment is awesome man… great way to word everything.

  27. Great video, brother. Thanks for your thoughts and the shout. This whole thing is a mess, but that shouldn't stop anyone from researching and sharing their opinion. People aren't wrong for being so passionate about this and I was surprised to see VC take the stance that he did, but good for him. There are, indeed, many ways to look at this whole deal and I agree with your take. The mocking of truth seekers is glaringly obvious and the censorship coming is inevitable

  28. check out nancy polosies goat hill pizza… is that part of it?

  29. I can not even eat pizza now… ugh… do you think they use the meat of the children to make pingpongs pizzas sausage… ugh makes me sick..

  30. I must be daft…I don't remember ever realizing that Jim Carey had on an astronaut tee shirt while doing the mocking tongue until now.

  31. unsubscribed for you being stupid

  32. are you joking #Pizzagate is real don't let them scare you

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