Trump fires FBI director James Comey for “not doing a good job” #LatestNews

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U.S. President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey yesterday raising concerns about the status of the FBI’s current investigation into the Trump campaign ties to Russia and the administration’s motives.

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35 Thoughts to “Trump fires FBI director James Comey for “not doing a good job” #LatestNews”

  1. This president has a personality problem which will affect America First, then his team and then the global arena. He qualifies as a player for Russian roulette. He has a tendency to bully everyone he comes across….even his so called "Team". He is "the" Team Himself and there are serious doubts if anybody else matters!!! He cannot be the moral global leader. He himself needs so much counseling that he cannot chide errant world trouble – makers.

  2. I'll give it 5 more months before everybody stops talking about politics and the next meme grabs their attention

  3. Obama had anyone that openly criticized him subjected to brutal audits by the IRS. This was not done to government employees but to prominent citizens. Where was the video on that?

  4. Te odio con toda mi alma dónal trom

  5. … that's straight stupid!

  6. They are fighting an outside investigation…wonder why?

  7. Comey, you were fired because you are a lying POS. plain and simple you were running interference for Hillaries exposure of her crimes.

  8. about time, now hire the person that's going to investigate you

  9. the fish is starting to smell….

  10. This is how they keep us preoccupied… I say to hell with it! I voted, I'm armed, let's enjoy life.

  11. Trump fired Comey because he was getting to close to the truth about Russia

  12. "There will always be those that are above the law" – Steven Seagal (quote from the film "Above The Law".)

  13. I don't care off he was the 53rd Pierson let go from the Russia investigation….. He (Comey) circumvented the chain of command that alone would get any of us fired from a job. PRESIDENT TRUMP did the RIGHT THING!

  14. Fire them all Fb I,CIA,ATF,FDA,and the internal revenue service.

  15. Lol he fired the one investigating Trumps ties with Russia

  16. if u like trump kys the world would be so much better without you dumbshits

  17. So retarded! Comey should be indicted for covering for Hillary. He's lucky Trump is a nice guy!

  18. ༺Ꞥ́ ⅆℴ ℵ༒ ℭÅℝ℮, ₩ℯ'ℛ℮ Å⅃ℜℯÅⅆℽ ℱ℧ℭKℯⅆ༻

  19. that man knows the truth about this clown ass fucking president

  20. Trump is treating this whole American political leadership as if it is is a game show called The  apprentice.  Just like Kim from NK is playing video war games.  I really hope Yellowstone caldera blows and end it all. No wall, no America, everybody living in South America. The new world .

  21. Trump: loves Comey when he's investigating Hilary. Has nothing but praise for him.
    Also Trump: Comey is apparently Satan's spawn when he's investigating his Administration's ties to Russia.

    Trump has a lot to hide.

  22. I dont care, im only here for the salty ass comment section

  23. He just gets worse and worse! This is so crazy and upsetting and I can only imagine how further down into the pit of despair this nut job whom I still cannot get my mind wrapped around calling him President before his last name, is going to take us and destroy us! Very scary!

  24. There is not a single intelligent comment here, which would be impressive if it wasn't so sad.

  25. I see only mishaps.mixups.fights….war from the new president.I feel insecure…blink future.Ohhh me ohhh my…the crap will fly..

  26. comey had to repeatedly correct his senate hearing testimony, plus FBI is leaking like a racehorse. if the Russians are so cozy with trump then why the hell was (the russian)he so shocked to learn of the firing? shouldn't he be releived that trumps not being investigated? but no he's shocked to learn he may be off the hook

  27. So apparently Comey had just requested funding to expand the ongoing Russia investigation. It's one thing to be corrupt, but incompetence at covering it up is laughable. This is the most ridiculous 'administration' in US history.

  28. Lol, this shit is humorous. Good luck everyone, tough days maybe ahead.

  29. Go Trump keeping his promises…and the dow is way up so suck on that obuma

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