Trump Fires FBI Dir James Comey, Gives Bogus Excuse #LatestNews

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–President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey per recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, purportedly due to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation

–On the Bonus Show: Russian LGBT faction rescues gay men in Chechnya, Finland’s universal basic income experiment reducing stress, The New York Times asks readers to ‘say something nice’ about Trump, and much more…

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Broadcast on May 10, 2017



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32 Thoughts to “Trump Fires FBI Dir James Comey, Gives Bogus Excuse #LatestNews”

  1. anybody who believes his guy has to be a complete idiot

  2. David pakman is such an idiot . he believes everything he hears from the mainstream media

  3. still crosscheck did way more than Russia ever could. #trumpstoleit #stopcrosscheck otherwise republicans will keep power with a smaller and smaller minority regardless of what democrats or progressives do.

  4. I'm probably extremely late but, where is Louis?

  5. It seems odd to me the president even has sole power to fire the director of the FBI.


    Let's show these girls we live in a democracy. Racist bigots are not the face of America. Let's lite fires.
    Contacts to the NAACP to act and defend. Make complaints to the school. Anything!! Please.

  7. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm personally thrilled that Trump fired Comey. Just keeps shooting himself in the foot over and over again!! I can smell impeachment.

  8. Let me guess the whole video was Trump is a puppet of Putin with no evidence. Also he lied under oath, that's why is was fired.

  9. I'd hire Pakman and then fire him the same day to make an ass of himself.

  10. This is of no importance to the situation but how freakin' tall is Comey? He towers over tRump.

  11. The one thing everyone seems to be missing here is Trumps perception of what HE IS. He delusional. He believes himself the 'Ruler' of a country, not what he actually is, a public servant representing his country. It's a crucial definition which defines why he's such a fucking dick!

  12. Yes, let's hope a new one will be appointed soon, so we can move on the boring subject 'live' everywhere like CNN.

  13. As a Brit I am gobsmacked by how so many of your law enforcement jobs are a political appointment. Attorney general, judges, FBI all are on the whim of a politician. Other law enforcement appointees are elected. What the hell is wrong with having an independent system where, hopefully, the right person rises to the top and is appointed on their merits. For God's sake surely judges and the attorney General should be non-partisan?

  14. Even if Giuliani or Christie are thoughts. They would still have to recuse themselves because most definitively they would have conflicts.

  15. Come on everyone, let's get this treasonous, LYING Orange Clown out! Resist; impeach! Sign here:

  16. President Bill Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions six months into his presidency

  17. I wonder how many people know that Trump is actually an acronym. It stands for 'Totally Repugnant Unstable Maniacal Prick'.

  18. Oh, Trump didn't think he's off the hook. No way. That's WHY this happened.

  19. "Trump that bitch!"
    "Yeah, it was terrible how Comey treated Hillary."
    —Trump supporters grossly abusing cognitive dissonance right now.

  20. America should fire impeach and cut trump's little orange ball..

  21. Trump is taking a big crap on America and people are already too desensitised to do anything

  22. How can almost halve of the U.S keep supporting this President?

  23. Trumpy just doesn't like looking up at people… He is used to looking down on everyone in his life

  24. Washington (CNN) There are two reasons why President Donald Trump fired James Comey, according to a source close to the now-former FBI director:
    1. Comey never provided the President with any assurance of personal loyalty.
    2. The fact that the FBI's investigation into possible Trump team collusion with Russia in the 2016 election was accelerating.
    This is now a NO WIN SCENARIO for the trump regime and proves just how stupid trump is. If trump hires a replacement that shows even a trace of siding with the White House, trump will be guilty of a blatant cover-up and will be impeached. If trump hires a competent FBI Director the investigations will proceed and trump will be impeached. Either way, trump is out.

  25. You can say it David; "You can't write this stuff."

  26. This whole debacle is clearly an attempt to interfere and sabotage the investigation into Trump and his team by Trump! When will the cuffs go on?

  27. As much as Comey deserved this, the timing and sudden change of heart on Trump's part was suspicious as hell. This is what happens when you create a monster, Comey.

  28. Brilliant ! Thank you ! He's running the White House as well as his airline. Crash!

  29. Trump is surprisingly clueless. He SHOULD know there's no way his methods, history and temperament would survive the scrutiny and high standards expected of being president.

    Trump should have been self aware enough to understand that.

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