Trump, Castro, or Death? #PizzaGate #Corruption

Students at the University of Texas at Austin react to the death of long time Cuban leader Fidel Castro and answer the simple question: Trump, Castro, or Death?

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43 Thoughts to “Trump, Castro, or Death? #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Daycare Generation. People risked their lives on rubber fucking rafts to get away from Castro. Holy shit.

  2. 4:11 best answer Jesus Christ she needs an award

  3. I pick Donald Trump. And I voted Donald J Trump

  4. Hillary Castro or death?

  5. what even the heck some of these are saying…not even bothering to research…talk lip gloss…

  6. wtf what are they teaching these babies? obviously not history! hopefully the next generation will not be as ignorant, the next-generation will be called Generation rescue!

  7. well i guess in this case, give the liberals what they want. jk

  8. Morons all! 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. The Children have all the information of the World from the beginning to present at the fingertips and they refuse to look at it.

  10. why is there so many gay guys?, is the world turning fucking gay on me?! Wtf lads 

  11. They weren't all completely insane. This is actually a great video. You should try this with a few of the ABSOLUTE BEST pizzagate clues without telling them it is linked to the "fake" pizzagate scandal to and see what they think. That would be very interesting. I could watch 6 hours of that.

  12. Texas your starting to lose your reputation. FAST!!

  13. Obviously they don't know how communism works. All those SJWs would be in front of a firing squad.

  14. How the f7ck do you lose an election by over two million votes and except the outcome after you said the election would be rigged??????????????????????????

  15. Why do white leftist women hate Trump more then sex with small dick Asian dudes …#owned

  16. Would you compare Obama to Batista? Just asking

  17. The most doctors, that's why everyone that needs major medical attention fly to Cuba. Ya you bet.

  18. how are these kids alive? holy crap the future is fucked

  19. These college kids are an embarrassment. Castro has killed thousands and destroyed Cuba. These college students are idiots. I weep for Americas future.

  20. Woah. Take politics out of this, but the girl with glasses and Colonial Williamsburg sweater at 4:33 is pretty cute!

  21. I blame black supremacy for white people standing up for these racist now everything is racist Wawawaawawaaw I want my mommy I'm black and

  22. it is very pitiful what these students are saying, they are so uneducated and misinformed!

  23. majority for Castro had horrible acne. Usually related to poor diet and face washing habbits. Then the doc prescribes them super harsh acne medicine treatments. The Columbian chick is whackoles…every Columbian I've met as a super scary ego.. last one that crossed my path,, now in jail.. for a long time. Those are my stats, how about yours?

  24. Sad that there so many ignorant

  25. trump, castro or hitler…wow who would you pick?

  26. Like, Like, like I really don't like really like know, but like I don't know who Castrol like is, like, but ummm, like it's like hard to like say…like really, like I don't umm know, but I like no I'm not suppose to like, like Donald Like Trump, like, it's really hard, like to like know.

  27. … So… They choose Trump when it's between him and Castro… But they choose Castro when it's between him, Trump, and death?…
    Excuse me, but how do logic function in brains them?

  28. The day I listen to and take advice from teenagers I want my kids to get a court order and lock me up

  29. More than half of these kids do not know history, and all the people that were killed by Castro, blame the rotten educations.

  30. Anyone picking death is an idiot, after all Trump is president so they may as well get on with it.

  31. we better send those Left students a puppy to their school to hug because they're gonna be upset over Fidel's death 😂😂😂

  32. most of those kids are stupid no nothing about history it's a no f**** brainer

  33. this in Texas? What about elsewhere; if we had Mark Dice doing the question?

  34. Wow, college students are waking up!

  35. While there were a lot of dumb people in this interview, there were more people who had reasonable answers than I was expecting. Good work Texas XD

  36. what is it about the word dictator these dumb ass holes don't understand. dictator = burn and fucking hell.

  37. At least both Trump and Castro are strong powerful leaders. I hate weak leaders like Shah, who was the most pathetic dictator.

  38. to those who chose death, there are bridges and buildings in Texas, prove us you are not all just talk or liars.

  39. "Um…probably Trump." If those coddled children had any knowledge … let alone knowledge about Castro (and his hired gun Che) … they'd be fairly dangerous.

  40. sorry but I don't put too much on what the kids say

  41. Wow, so many brainwashed by our educators. They can't think for themselves.

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