Trump and the Swamp

Russell Walker is critical of Donald Trump’s appointments and concerned that Trump may not drain the swamp of corruption in Washington. Russell is a 73 year old chemical engineer in North Carolina with over 20 years experience in litigation. His website is:

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I am Brian Ruhe, channeling the higher realms to protect President-Elect Donald Trump and his movement. I host “The Brian Ruhe Show” here on YouTube but my closest associates are devas. I taught meditation for 20 years until the Jews at B’nai Brith got fired me from my jobs. I am the author of two books available at Amazon.

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In February 2016, I made the video “CANADIANS for TRUMP!”


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6 Thoughts to “Trump and the Swamp”

  1. It's called a widows peak

  2. Not that I love the pick, but the guy was a big supporter, a loyalist and no he wasn't plucked from the Goldman Sachs ranks, he hasn't worked there in 15 years. Do you want people who are failures, people who have never made money in their lives for the Treasury Sec?

  3. Brian didn't know about the Treasury Secretary being a billionaire friend of his? LOL…. Brians proves he's ignorant everyday!

  4. Conspiracy Theory morons are concerned about Trump! These people couldn't see a train coming even if they were standing on the tracks.

  5. Has anyone checked out Walker's website? LOL… it's full of racist garbage. Sad a Canadian would be providing a forum (no matter how small the audience is) for this guy.

  6. Trump IS an inside job !!! Wake up guys !!

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