Trump ‘Absolutely Was in Collusion with the Kremlin and Putin, and Russia During the Campaign’ #corruption #theresistance

Maxine Waters has joined The Real to tell us why President Donald Trump should be impeached. Something about Russians… Oh yeah. There’s no evidence.

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27 Thoughts to “Trump ‘Absolutely Was in Collusion with the Kremlin and Putin, and Russia During the Campaign’ #corruption #theresistance”

  1. N H

    she gets to smoke the good stuff the illegals bring to CA

  2. 43rd
    Btw what did russia do hack our minds?

  3. to those who voted for this imbecile …………….. you are more of a imbecile then this bitch is ! Hope you don't have any children . Could you imagine having parents this stupid ?

  4. She could start speaking in tongues and get 95% of the vote in her district. It's laughable.

  5. How about this "i" word. Insane!

  6. Why you don't believe Hillarys emails and rest of her shit fking idiot

  7. The Real…keeping blacks on the plantation! It's why Waters was on the show. Mind control at its finest.

  8. waters is the one that needs to be impeached, imprisoned, and deported!!! She is nothing but a TRAITOR!!!

  9. waters let the crazy loose long before this.. i mean trump and putin invaded Korea together! lmfao

  10. president trump is the best president that ever walked on the face of earth


  12. she still sees dead people. someone tell her it is just Hillary Clinton. #wethepeople #draintheswamp #justiceforall

  13. Sounds just like Weezie Jefferson!

  14. She is part of the over all problem. She had a platform that the rank and file lemmings of America flock too. She is clearly not intelligent and I think she really believes the madness coming from her own mouth. The problem is that she believes this with no evidence whatsoever. Then convinces others, who also have no evidence. Her ignorance is dangerous and should be stopped.

  15. This bitch needs to be shot

  16. I thought she wanted to impeach Bush, has she heard the latest news on Russias invasion of Korea

  17. This… from someone who doesn't know the difference between Crimea and Korea

  18. maxine is an idiot. her and her husband were investigated a decade ago. and she has the nerve to accuse trump and his administration of it. that saying comes to mind. when you point the finger at someone, you have three pointing back at yourself.

  19. man this bitch, and her Alt Left buddy Pelosi have me very very ashamed to be a California resident, if any person deserve to be kicked out it is them 2 nut jobs,

  20. peace prize for President Trump
    fake news lie to you Fukushima will kill you
    the NAZI are national socialism party
    the people that took the blue💊go to jail
    the democrats are socialism global party
    global warming is not man-made
    $25 min wage
    CNN and CIA are connected
    Trump ban more country
    NASA lie to you the earth is hollow not flat
    voter 🆔 need for votes to count
    this will be the end of lots of deep sea dead 🐠 fish
    Trump 👽 proof will kill the mainstream media /CNN is CIA
    Trump please ban more country

    medical marijuana will save the world

  21. Maxine Waters, one of the stupidest legislators in American history and a disgrace to the advancement of Black Americans in politics.


  23. geez then that means I was TOO TALKING TO THE RUSSIANS & PUTIN!
    hahaha So FAKE NEWS, they will do anything to try and destroy our country and give it to the TERRORIST .


  24. Deplorables + Scumbags = MAGA

  25. lol. keep the narrative going. Pence 2024

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