Top 10 Real Aliens Caught on Camera Aliens You Won’t Believe Actually Exist #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru

Top 10 Real Aliens Caught on Camera Aliens You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
Alien may refer to Extraterrestrial life, life which does not originate from Earth Specifically, intelligent extraterrestrial beings. This is a list of alleged extraterrestrial beings that have been reported in close encounters, claimed or speculated to be associated with UFOs or aliens. A scientist has revealed that aliens are real who used to work at Area 51. Here is the list of Top 10 alien sighting caught on camera
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13 Thoughts to “Top 10 Real Aliens Caught on Camera Aliens You Won’t Believe Actually Exist #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru”

  1. Why are all the aliens always naked..??? what.. with all that advanced technology they can't afford clothes… well.. welcome to America… broke ass's

  2. all real except 1 creature looking like frog & thanks for top 10 video recorders

  3. These are all fake but the alien in the freezer looks like a frog.. The arms look like pieces of a stem from a flower. lol.. Do ppl actually believe these are real?

  4. I am not sure of the alien designation given many of these bazaar life forms. The being found by the downed craft does not necessarily mean that the being had anything to do with the craft other than just being a passenger or speciosum. It appears not to have the necessary attributes required for intelligent constructive abilities. The earth dwellers can be a totally unknown type of being that has been around for eons. Not extraterrestrials. Life forms on Mars have already been described by those described as space defense marines.

  5. I think that most of these are dead aliens that have been shown often. The one on a roof is a person in a costume. The one coming out of a cave was filmed by the Cousins bros of turd face of moon! He even walks by the camera! It's a marionette-type of puppet, as you would see in clearer, longer copies of it. The skeleton parts they have found are probably true. Especially that tiny creature. It was totally examined, x-rayed and DNA was taken by Dr. Stephen Greer. It's real.

  6. 1:32 Storing Jabba the Hut's Mini Me corpse in her fridge and just forgetting about it like a pack of shrink wrapped Bratwursts…yeah…seems legit.

  7. good video, but music drowns out audio

  8. Thank You So Much to The Top 10 Videoworld Team for these Amazing Real Aliens photo compilation! Excellent Investigative Work guys!

  9. 4:33 Old horse pelvis worn down by water erosion and tumbling on river rocks.

  10. Most of these have been debunked and I,m guessing it wont be long before the rest are too.

  11. That captured alien turn out to be fake… 3d animation.

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