“TIRED OF COMMENTATORS LiKE YOU!!” CNN Panel ANGRY Exchange #cnnleaks #fakenews #fakenewsmedia


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29 Thoughts to ““TIRED OF COMMENTATORS LiKE YOU!!” CNN Panel ANGRY Exchange #cnnleaks #fakenews #fakenewsmedia”

  1. I've never once heard or seen anything remotely anti semetic from Trump. On the contrary, he's come out and supported Israel many times. I mean what the hell does he have to do other than become a Jew himself to convince people. This is just getting silly

  2. Trump stood up for Israel and Judaism immediately when Obama shamefully stabbed all Jews in the back at the UN less than two months ago…
    Nobody else had the courage or the decency to loudly vow to defend and honour the decades long friendship between Israel and the United States…
    You don't have to respect your debate opponent, but this was a disgraceful display of utter disrespect by a condescending unintelligent and arrogant piece of shit…
    This was pure democrat projection of his own guilt and anti-semitism…
    Fucking wanker!

  3. Fox news is the real corporate lying racket , which is not a real news network .

  4. ———————–> CNN IS VERY FAKE NEWS <——————————-

  5. He's gonna beat those chicks up.
    That cat is pissed.

  6. Do Jews have and hold Dominion on Anti-Semitism? There are a lot of Semites being "Antied", who happen to be Muslims. If Jews are being targeted just for that fact, then it's abhorrent. But if the actions of Israel and racist, biased, and prejudiced North American influential Jews are the catalyst for that hatred, then a different discussion need be had.

  7. Nice to see someone speak up without fear about this crazy president

  8. Trump's pissed that a Jewish guy is banging his daughter and not him.

  9. Trump keep forgetting Hilary Clinton won the people vote

  10. This whole "debate" is based solely on words, soundbites, and labels…Not a single person on this panel tried to discuss any kinds of policies or proposals of any kind….Ditto for Trump….He yammers on and an abotu how he is going to do all these wonderful things…But he never actually explains himself, and he hasnt even proposed any policies to back up his words…

    Its like watching a fucking jerry springer show

  11. haha I bet Trump supporters don't know why the blonde's argument was a logical fallacy….. mindless cunts

  12. This guy"wallows in emotionalism mistaking it for true religious feeling''. AA big book

  13. I was waiting for someone to talk truth to that crazy lunetic Trumpet. Thank you Steven Goldstein

  14. I have friends who are racists. But they don't get to use me as a human shield to deflect that charge. I love them anyway because they're my friends and some of them are my family but I never let them act like that around me and they know it. And I'd never get on a tv screen or on a public platform and apologize for it. Fuck that.
    We all know how forceful Trump is when he vehemently disagrees with something, he wanted to bomb the wives and children of terrorists, ban all msulims, deport undocumented latinos. But his answers so far about racism and bigotry have been very very weak. His complete silence on the mosque massacre and the uptick in racially motivated violence against minorities is deafening.

  15. I think Trumps an embarrassment, but this guy is a f****n idiot!!!!

  16. he won't even discuss LGBT rights…and he talks about peace but he's sledge hammering our country..he's the reason we are shredded apart..

  17. I don't know how a president that represents possibly every word he's being accused off just come out and condemn things that represents what he is doing and then you have his supporters try to paint a completely different version of him and then go off topic on many issues..this is without a doubt the dumbest administration in history. America really needs to invest in its education..we clearly are reaping the fruits of stupidity by the masses!!

  18. Trump is not a fool and will not condone limp wrists arguments that you have got to mention israel and jews when you talk against racism..like jews, have the market cornered and you have to always apologize first to them and then, if you have time, and if attack dogs like that tubby newscaster son of a bitch allow you to get your point across and give you enough time to perhaps say on how armenians got it bad, as well as blacks as well as those poor Ukranian folk at Holomodor…
    no, there are only 20 seconds to condemn racism and you have always got to apologize to jews first??
    fuck them. that is EXACTLY the political correctness that Trump abhors worse than nature abhors a vacuum.

  19. Trump is not anti Semitic, however he is always ready to blow his dog whistle for the faithful alt right neo Nazis without whom he would not be in office Behind the scenes all these billionaire bosses collude with the Islamists or the Zionists or the communists, whatever it takes at that moment to achieve their own nefarious ends. They care about only one thing – money. None of the men who make these big league fossil fuel deals for the corporate swindlers actually give a shit about religion – it's just another method by which they control unsophisticated people. All religionists are unsophisticated because they believe in an imaginary friend.

  20. Although I have my opinion, I won't argue whether Trump is or not a racist here. However, this argument of "I have a black friend, a Jewish daughter-in-law, Asian neighbor, thus I am not a racist" is such a stupid argument. It proves nothing. Just because you have tennis rackets doesn't mean you are a tennis player.

  21. The president wants to have Sex with his daughter lol

  22. This blonde airhead Kelly is stupid. She asks the most stupid questions all of Trumpanzees asks to pivot the point of discussion.

  23. It is so good to see our great President speak out to anti semitism. What a great direction we are going.. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America.

  24. Honestly, if you really wanted to divide America and destroy parity and fairness you would support Trump.

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