Tillerson Beginning to Purge the Deep State #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

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42 thoughts on “Tillerson Beginning to Purge the Deep State #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. I recall Reagan threatening to clean out State. Oh, the liberal media went bonkers and all of a sudden were championing the merit of corporate memory, yeah, a conservative position of keeping things the same. I do nor recall exactly what Reagan managed to accomplish at State, but I think the purge went nowhere. So now it is very very critical as the Deep State is now hell bent on war.

  2. Sessions is getting close which is why he is under attack now. It's a preemptive attack in an attempt to discredit Sessions when the arrest warrants begin to be filed.

  3. They need to have teams raid the homes of these employees that are refusing to release the information. Use the NDAA to lock them up indefinitely, in mass, if need be. But do not tolerate this

  4. OF COURSE the State Department is against Trump. They are OBAMA APPOINTEES. When a new president comes in, the SOS (Tillerson) APPOINTS new employees that support the new presidents agenda. WHY ARE YOU SO SHOCKED??? This is how it works with every new president. It is the changing of the guards. Tillerson will fire Obama's appointees and hire Trump appointees. Tillerson already fired the 7th floor.

  5. are you too stupid to know that when you call propagandist news outlets "communist" you're playing the exact same pathetic propaganda game as them you brainwashed robot?

  6. Evil leaders and evil followers almost led to the destruction of the United States. The U.S. is given another chance. How is Trump's leadership almost over? He won.


  8. Paid Soros parades and 4 million dead Hillary voters don't count. A plan exposed NEVER works and keep in mind who they serve. The Almighty is on our side…not worried at all.

  9. I don't know about draining the swamp but you guys have yourselves a real cesspit in Washington. I think a new prison needs to be built to house these disgusting traitors.

  10. We have made astounding progress but we cant rest. We need to clear out congress and house as soon as possible and get our own people elected if we want representation.

  11. 6 Trump appointed officials have already been escorted off of white house premises because they failed! FBI background checks
    A White House source says two of the rejected aides were set to work on the National Security Council staff

  12. Your sentiments are well taken and noted! Americans have had just about enough of the sodomite/pedophile behavior in our government rubbing it in our faces forcing sickening queers on our children…its time to build those scaffolds on the white house lawn. We have THE FINEST president and cabinet who are dedicated to drain the swamp of every single sodomite/sharia law sympathizer/anti-American globalist NWO neo con scum throughout our government. The days of the sedition/insurrection/saul alinsky rules for radicals types is DONE! G-d Bless Donald Trump!

  13. Don't fire them send them to Deep Alaska.

  14. Gee daddy, tell me a story. How is it that the guy who ran the flagship corporation for the globalists, is now going to purge the government of globalists. Is it magic?
    Or is this a squabble between factions of globalists?

  15. +Dave. Who do Republicans in NY, CA, Oregon and Washington state email/phone? I live in NY. How much luck do you think I'll have with Chuck Schumer and Kristin Gillibrand? My Representative sends me emails for Planned Parenthood fund-raisers. Who can I email.

  16. We are cleaning house and what it amounts to is following the example the Russians gave us in 1991 by getting rid of communism and Soviets. That took them 75 years, and here we are still in it 104 years now (Fiat Money and Central bank Indentured servitude). So, they also beat us into space with Sputnik 1957 . They are our friends actually, and not enemies. Getting rid of our own communists now ("liberals") is for all the marbles. If you love America, show it with every breath now.

  17. Do not ever turn to McCain, Graham, Rubio and Paul Ryan. They are part of the problem.

  18. I don't read this in the Left Stream Media.

  19. Purge the crap out of them expose them arrest them try and publicly hang them.

  20. When these Rogue Agencies/Politicians/Deceptive Bastards start receiving thousands of PHONE CALLS they merely IGNORE THEM~! Do you really think they care about "We the People"? Give me a break dammit., the only thing to do is for the PEOPLE to remove them ourselves~! They are so deeply entrenched you'd have to scrape them off the walls. Stalin just started killing them and burying them the same damned day, is that what needs to be done here in the good old USA?

    There seems to be no "quick-fix" for this debacle so if Trump has time I feel he'll nail the bad apples and remove them from our barrel~! In order for there to be any CREDIBILITY Hillary and Obama (and others) need to be Incarcerated~! WAKE UP

  21. ……..Purge ! !! Sounds like North Korea shit ! Neoconservative Theocracy IS coming ! Beware of Sunday laws coming soon ! Maranatha !

  22. Use them to build the wall, at least they'll do real work!

  23. definitely need to support Trump but don't get it messed up the man is just getting started!!!

  24. President Trump must reveal top level congress members, current/former government officials, and mainstream propaganda media involved in the pedophile ring. RELEASE THE VIDEOS SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THESE MONSTERS AT WORK ON OUR CHILDREN. He must shut down the CIA. He must shut down the NSA. The drugs, pedophilia, etc. all go through CIA and NSA. They must go! That's just the beginning to draining the swamp. CIA and NSA offer no benefit to our country. In fact, they cause us great harm. They are trying to overthrow President Trump. We can't let that happen.

  25. they better keep an eye on pence as well he can't be trust him

  26. I hope she has told the president about this.

  27. I hope some of these dirtbag go to prison.

  28. I agree 100% with your plan of action. Arrest and Charges and then imprisonment!

  29. EVIL can only prevail when good men do nothing….

  30. ALL PATROITS IN D.C. NEEDS to go to the President and let him know WE ARE THERE TO HELP HIM IN ANY WAY HE NEEDS–LOCKED AND LOADED if that's what he needs to help drain the SWAMP. ENOUGH is ENOUGH…. I'm just saying!!!

  31. The President NEEDS to bring in the Military and start KICKING ASS… WHY WON'T HE DO THIS? He better do it fast or they WILL KILL HIM… I'm just saying!!!!!

  32. Every normal American needs to support Trump. This is a war for the soul of America. Not to be melodramatic but this is a clash between evil and not perfect but good and normal. Against Trump are very evil people.

  33. Dave I like your Idea very much, any hesitation on their part to answer questions or produce documents – YOUR FIRED ! + then as they are escorted out of the building they are arrested and led away to attend one of Hillary's very own F.E.M.A. "fun camps" as enemy combatants. Serious measures for serious times, the Republic is in a fight for it's very survival thanks to these traitors who have shown they are willing to turn the country over to foreign powers. Prayers of safety, wisdom & guidance for President Trump and those trustworthy loyal people around him and for the failure of the plots & plans and exposure of the evil ones among us so they can be dealt with.

  34. Freeing peoples minds? This site is devoted to keeping them going circles.

  35. Violent Protesters Riot, Burn Cars, Loot Buildings In America, my question to you are you tired of it. Do you want to help President Trump stop it, are you willing to get out to your street corner and show support. Can you talk on the phone to Senators and Reps. Will you help send letters and thank you notes to congress and the White house. Can you be good Trump supporter and post true news for us to read. If you are willing to do this then bring your friends willing to do the same to the #TrumpsArmy and join up we are organizing.


  36. Every supporter of Trump that insists every government employee and every private contractor hired by the United States and every American must be loyal to this President and his administration are bigoted hypocrites. While they might not have committed open sedition to Presidents Clinton or Obama, most Trump supporters on the Right didn't require America give the same level of fealty that they now demand for their intolerant savior Trump. And, just like Mr. Trump, his supporters label anyone not in love with him a criminal or a traitor. But, this is all hypocrisy, because every American should be faithful to its People and the Nation, not a demagogue seeking to "Make America Great Again" in his selfish and bigoted vision for a new country. So, to all those that hypocritically think for their savior President Trump to succeed, in shaping America in his corrupt image, everyone must give their undying loyalty to this corporate tyrant, there will be a rude awakening with either the failure of President Trump or with his success in making America the home for only those few who are completely infatuated with Donald J. Trump; either way, it is a certainty that the Republic is dead!

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