This Title Has Been Removed Because Otherwise Youtube Would Block This Video! Edward Snowden

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Thank you for watching and god bless this great nation!

The NSA is watching you. Learn an easy way you can stop them before its too late.
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35 Thoughts to “This Title Has Been Removed Because Otherwise Youtube Would Block This Video! Edward Snowden”

  1. Is this a real person or is this one of the CIA's convenient holograms of person for their convenient deception of fear of the American government, so that hopefully we'd agree to a New World Order to govern us out of fear or lack of trust of our own? BS and then up pops Assange, and then he conveniently disappears without a trace or when his hologram was no longer serving it's purpose. SMDH. Gullible people here to believe this BS and still allow control of their brains by the jews in control.

  2. Utube is trying to control what we hear. Like communism does

  3. It was in the "patriot act" that Congress did not read but signed it into law. so Snowden just revealed a otherwise public document. Mass survalience was just a part of the Patriot Act.

  4. Very interesting!
    However – far too many adverts.

  5. So making America and the world more dangerous is patriotic? Give me a break, he told the world how America and where America keeps us all safe. (Snowden Traitor)

  6. Why would this be removed by YouTube? Did that really happen? If so that is very disturbing.

  7. that guy needs a glass of water…he has major cotton mouth…

  8. Edward,
    Trump won both the popular vote as well as the Electoral College

  9. Could it be, dear Edward, that if more and more people share whatever shows that it knows and shows how to transform our societies into societies which respects all life of earth. It might be that we are on our way. Inspite of all that seems to vote against it. Big HUG dear Edward Snowdon, You are a great white raven.

  10. In general he is saying many people are certified ass holes of no respect, in every aspect of their life. SHit bags that worked for Walmart and trucked, looked after warehouse or stacked shelves or check-out operators. Then equally disgusting vomits that filter, tune and present news to sell their own personal agenda called just news stories, but conditioning and brainwashing events. Then NSA, CIA and FBI the do gooders who equally are controlled in what they apprehend and find offensive and bring to the courts of America law and order for handling in a controlled equally immoral manner. Terrorism was a beautiful gift they all had been seeking, as now they simply call you a terrorist and they can detain you with no evidence, just a belief that you are a terrorist. So now all people are dumb puppet robots and good govt can now control you as they have this awesome power that they feel is awesome as they all equally have been conditioned to think in Media given controlled manner of thought process. Simply they want to f-ck freedom off as it is a wild card they canot control.

  11. Ironically for propaganda controlled mass media, this guy is extremely telegenic and articulate scoring maximum points on the very medium they hoped to use to discredit him.

  12. Germany , France… Turkey.. London seem like the worst at this moment

  13. It is written! An now therefore so be it. Play god an invoke thee God! You reap what you so. For every action will be an equal an opposite reaction..

  14. I am seriously behind on the whole New World Order thing, can someone sum it up for me?

  15. we need an alternative to youtube which is totally controlled by clinton types……

  16. That is why I am the annoying person that sends emails. Because, I have had a time when I went to the polls an they did a tally of the entire day at that poll an they said there were zero votes for John Kerry that yr. they threw out my vote. They did make me wait around at the courts after for four hours for a huge murder case that yr.; but they didn't even count my vote.

  17. I do agree. However, it's fading fast.

  18. They have had access to our calls for ever. This is just a modern version.

  19. Before I always felt off. I knew it was likely to stay in that mode without a direct intervention.When I say always I mean it. Sadly it was my normal.

  20. I was woken back up only more strongly than previous awakenings. There is no dreamness left.

  21. Sure looks "removed" to me.

  22. a lot of this is now very clear with this meeting if you care about allucinate and y this man journalisr and people like me.

  23. this is where i worried about prisoners of sonexwar war on televusion where we cannot see both parties at the same tome time to watch their movements shoulders in mpot int ant and tom i hear chicago they see my surveillance structure.

  24. eas was the trick on them i found the remote in not long at all? how about the trick of dakota pipeline ending its battle with government today? no one is screaming and l yelling i hear other side of lincoln a gift of a rubix cube is about as far as he will explain else in california time travel my erfor error l a commercial. not time traveling though they seeit though nd talk about my invention of scripting and worrying about erasing, they don't hear?no jo the av is on they say. back space a pass or past going back.

  25. not really. the ones in south dakota or not south but north dakota access pipeline. a drum this is a flood of both left right now right touching eyeglasses the sound is under water like. u see how that affects our minds and he says our lives. this is suprisingly death related in chicago in two children. how things were in the movie. my politics speak daily.

  26. mr. snowed in right here everyone.

  27. don't worry wat the wonen teach you i think. i tought taught them i mean progress right?

  28. teeth pains bad. discretion in these pains please. they cone and go actually.

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