Theory Thursday-#PIZZAGATE #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2

OH MAN! I forgot to add me posing for a thumbnail. Sorry about that! I was rushing to just get this done before it was too late tonight.

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21 Thoughts to “Theory Thursday-#PIZZAGATE #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2”

  1. jimmy savile wasn't convicted, all the pedo stuff came to light after he died.

  2. You are biased and see what you want to see.

    Accusations based on media speculation and bias

    A lot of these words were used, therefore child exploitation rings.

    It is not a theory, it is a conspiracy theory.

    Having fresh food flown in from Chicago to DC for a party would be expensive.

    Speculative information that is based on speculation. Connecting dots where there are none.

    8:59 I can take no more.

    When there is insufficient evidence to determine the validity of a proposition, the default position is to not believe the proposition to be true or false
    You have gone with, I believe it because people say it is true.

  3. Feels premature.
    A little skepticism is in order.

  4. when you said her pieces, i thought you said herpes, but that would actually be a better name for her art

  5. what are your views on free masonry?

  6. The decor and colour palette in your background is comforting. Sebastian gracing the screen. A passive talk of political conpsiracies. Piano music. Brown eyed, brunette. Aside from lack of whispering, this is almost an ASMR video for me.

  7. you seem crazy, but in a cute/adorable way

  8. no more scary videos ya?

  9. I think that PizzaGate is utterly false because a vast consensus of international, non-partisan news sources have proven it to be fake news based around an elaborate conspiracy theory. Not because I think that politicians are above reproach, but because I generally know the process of the editorial boards of the "mainstream media" that Trumples and lazy conspiracy theorists love to rail against, and I believe that process to be competent at sniffing out bullshit like this.

  10. I love Theory Thursdays cuz i believe in the conspiracy of it all and you did great job as always. If I can add any suggestions. .can you consider doing bohemian groove or reptilian people..or you can even do movies for Theory Thursdays, for example the movie Eyes Wide Shut!!! love you boo boo

  11. Maybe you'd give your take on some of the theories and/or facts of why weed is illegal (or was) in the USA…I've heard the rope manufacturer story and the Nixon adviser stories.

  12. It's On You, Viewers. This Is No Joke, Spiritually. GOD sees that YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS INJUSTICE! Kids Can't Defend Themselves! – Pizzagate Petition – NOW STOP Baby Rape – – Share This

    Spread This Petition… Demand An Investigation! Tweet, Facebook, Gab, YouTube… Get This Petition VIRAL.

  13. There was a House episode with a patient based on that artist that let people do whatever they want to her. If the FBI has so many people who wanted to stop Hillary, and know about all this pedophile stuff, the symbols and language, why haven't they done any kind of sting operations on these places? If we can find out about the code language, wouldn't they change the code? And they are common place terms, that's the point, it is lousy evidence. There are a lot of fundraisers for people in congress, some of them are barbeque I'm sure. And, by-the-way, Trump has been on that same plane. Not saying this is impossible but, unlikely, based on this evidence.

  14. They don't seem like pedophiles in this case. More like rich people into weird and creepy art. And putting up a picture of an empty room is creepy, but I've seen much worse from far less likely sources.
    My sister is the type of person who is afraid of her own shadow and is nerdy, but if you look on her bookshelf most of the books you find will be about serial killers. Some people just find the topic fascinating, even if it is a little macabre.

  15. Do you follow the SGT Report?

  16. 5:00 An image of pedophilia? I don't know what you were lookin at, but a picture of a little boy laughing is "an image of pedophilia"? Even if it were "an image of pedophilia", who cares? As long as it's not straight up CP.
    What about all the other pages on that site? Oh yeah. When you go the rest of the pages, there are images of heterosexuality. Those heterosexual perverts with their creepy heterosexual art are probably operating a heterosexual sex ring. Damn it! It's always those sick evil heterosexuals.
    Seriously, give me a break!

  17. Well this was worth a subscription

  18. Have you renounced the Democrat Party? I hope so.

  19. When that ASMR channel coming fam?

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