The Secrets of Political Corruption Exposed

Alex Jones talks to Lew Rockwell, libertarian political commentator and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, about the explosive reemergence of Cold War tensions and the latest power plays by the Obama administration.

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23 Thoughts to “The Secrets of Political Corruption Exposed”

  1. Lew Rockwell is a living legend. Awesome interview.

  2. Thank you, Lew Rockwell.

  3. No really, if Scotland votes no they are bankrupt right straight away and they can't join the EU money system. I care for the Scott's, but if that is the road the take, I will raise against the English Gov in giving them money to help them out! 

  4. Eustace Mullins Knows .

  5. Eustace Mullins Knows .

  6. Motivations, causes, reasons we should or should not go into Iraq and even worse begin an assault on Syria under the guise of destroying ISIS is really just part of the overall plan. The US's pledge to defend Israel whatever may come their way means that we will have to fight the extremist Muslims elements sooner or later, as their stated ultimate destination is Jerusalem. It is now or later. Later without interdiction by the US means a bigger more powerful enemy to fight, and higher casualties. If we are expected to defend Israel, folks, it will NOT be a situation where boots on the ground are an option, they will be mandatory. As one considers the inevitable defense of the Zionist state, it would only be prudent to keep the enemies of Israel fighting among themselves continuously  to continuously degrade their adversarial potential. Everything between now and the eventual end of conflict if and when it occurs is a sideshow and a numbers game. The numbers include casualties, costs, and of course income derived by the arms industry. To sum things up, the situation sucks..

  7. In the days of Stalin when everyone was starving to death, who died first?  The good and noble people.  The others were of the survival of the fittest, sociopaths who lied and took advantage of those people.  Prepare for the same by not being overtaken by evil but by dying noble.

  8. See why ISIS head quarters are in the Ronald Reagan building, see why the Government make it mandatory for your children to take vaccine shots that causes the disease it is suppose to prevent, see why the government is using GMO seeds in our food and the same seeds are killing off live stock, see why the government is putting fluoride and anti-depressants in our drinking water, see why human trafficking child sex slave with kids from 5 month babies to 13 year old boys and how they are force to have sex with rich politicians from your next door neighbor to the White House, see why Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and he agrees with the written document that say "we will take America apart from the inside out" so he has six of them on his administration with one leading Homeland Security, and much more then see how all of this come together for New World Order and Martial Law, see it all in the book call, American Holocaust" Information Society by Larry Jones on Amazon and Kindle. Than you 

  9. Everyone knows in their soul bad or good they no when it is wrong.

  10. If i was goverment I would say no taxes but if there is a road or anything like that needs to be fixed the people live by it pay into it to fix it for instance if there is a war the ones that want to go there pay into it not everyone if I have kids i pay into the schooling so other parents and me would pay into it not a single guy that has no use for a school he doesnt have to pay for that but a road. like cars we dont pay taxes to have cars built we buy the cars to fund for the cars to be made not the other way around so basically you put your money where you want to put it to make a difference not give money and someone else puts it and not tell you where there putting it

  11. What I want to know is why are they not going after the biggest criminals of them all…the treasonous traitor and Muslim-In-Chief Obama…Eric Holder…and all of the assclown cronies and Obama criminal supporters?!? That is what I want to know.

  12. 100% right alex-and thanks lew rockwell

  13. Stop using lord of the rings references 

  14. And im fucking sick of it. Sick to my back teeth! Fucking goverments hate them

  15. Then let him break it down Alex and stop interrupting everybody , you have them on because they're the authority but then you toss your two cents in every other sentence.

  16. Great show Alex Jones and company . I want to discuss integration and national security integration national security is 1 of the same issues . I won't get into Mexico in America and borders . I will see this due to the process of affection waiting integration of migration of children is becoming a national security issue . Dealing with international security we must protect our children we will not the Americans children can enjoy the sacrifice of the forefathers, my ancestors included . I don't like the fact you call my people illegal aliens I will get into that because it's not the time or place but I will say this my greatest concern is international security the borders what's going on abroad these issues are twins. Protect our children's future first and foremost as Americans. I love my people cross the borders but I am an American first

  17. Apparently Dr. Wernher von Braun stated the global plan stages

    COLDWAR – TERRORIST – ALIEN                                                                 

  18. Remember this, especially for those loudest mouths in the peanut gallery.  When all of your rights gets stripped, one by one.  The last right you'll have remaining is the right to remain silent.  That is of course, until they make you scream,

  19. I love Alex Jones he knows what he is talking about dont need to here from some ACCULT DEVIL WORSHIPER KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF I WISH I WAS PRESIDENT I HAVE A GREAT PLACE FOR ALL YOU ILLUMINATE FREAKS I wish I could leave the United States to never return At this point I would give up my citizenship in a heartbeat to be any where but here But instead I have to stand up for what I believe and I love my freedom.That is being taken away 

  20. I chose EVERLASTING DEATH for the beast, the seed of the beast and the beast colonialism-imperialism since the seed of the beast naturally wants 1776 WORLDWIDE
    WARNING: 1776 WORLDWIDE = WORLDWIDE abortions, genocide, bestiality, homosexualism, lesbianism, cannibalism, necrophilism, incest AND CONTAMINATED dirt, water, trees, food, insects, bacterias, planets, animals, air, plants, humans, music, art, etc.

  21. you figure if you cut off the money then they would have nothing but a few rock to throw AT PEOPLE .//////

  22. This Lew Rockwell knows exactly what he's talking about.

    I've been watching the same game, play by play he has for many years. The fact that EVERYONE can't see it baffles the crap out of me.

    It all starts in your home town too. Don't think this is something that is only happening in DC or by big contractors. It's right under your nose. Hiding in plain sight.

    Anyone defending these criminals, is shrouding them waiting for their turn at corruption.

    It's time for a political enema, clear down to law enforcement of all branches. and the janitor!

    "Sorry, under the new criteria (called sanity) you don't qualify for the job anymore…next!"

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