The Rebel reports from Ohio State University #PizzaGate #Corruption

Faith Goldy of is on assignment at Ohio State University, the scene of an Islamic terror attack by a Somali refugee. For UPDATES visit *** Never miss a new video:
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31 Thoughts to “The Rebel reports from Ohio State University #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Dude, this reporter is nothing but an attention seeking wh*re.

  2. "Taken Out"!!! You mean KILLED. Enough of these cool sounding euphemisms.

  3. OMG, Faith is so beautiful!

  4. Religion of peace strikes again.

  5. What scares me more than Islam ,,,,is media lies telling us everything is ok ,when really people are being butchered in the name of Islam ,,,I'm scared "for my family.

  6. I'm glad some people want to get facts before reporting stuff that isn't right thank you for that

  7. "I don't like how they don't like Muslims. I want more rooms for prayer. Bow to me. I'm going to kill as many of you as possible!" Can you see why many of us often feel uncomfortable around Muslims we don't know? I know nice Muslims, but I also know that shitheads like that Somali refugee exist.

  8. Aww come on . Everyone knows that he was just a good little Muslim doing what his religion told him to do .

  9. Fuck Islam. Fuck your jihad. Americans should declare war on all Islam.

  10. Another comical "four lions" idiot dying for his cause, knob-rot couldn't even take anyone with him, isis pussies are getting really desparate if they are claiming this one.

  11. If I was there I would have congratulated the campus office who shot that Muzzie by saying "You just bagged yourself a dune coon!"

  12. He is the infidel so he should have killed himself. Muslims are the infidels because they are the unbelievers. They don't believe in the true Messiah Yeshua haMashiah. Muslims like their god allah who is the devil twist the truth and say others than themselves are unbeliever's, but actually they are the unbelievers, not believing in Yeshua ha'Mashiah

  13. Here's a big shock for you folks. Islamic practice cannot coexist in a free republic. If you are Islamic then you must believe that sharia law is the law. This gives these folks the Insinuation that they do not have to follow American law. So all Muslims are radical's. If you don't believe me just ask one of them if they believe in sharia law. They must say yes. Or they are not truly Muslim. They also believe that anyone who turns from there islamic faith should be put to death. One of my favorites if your wife is raped then she may be beaten by her husband and or killed. These radicals must not be allowed to exist in a free republic. That should not be allowed to come here. And they should be made to leave here. I know this sounds cruel but it is all truth. Truth cannot be denied. I am all for the reporter informing me of this information unfortunately it will probably bring repercussions to the mosque being referred to. The folks that claim to be peaceful Muslims need to find a way to separate themselves from this radical religion or be subject to ridicule and abuse. I don't see how they can do this without denouncing themselves Muslim. This making them targets of their own kind. I am not racist but if you attack my family or friends I don't care what God you worship or what color you are I will retaliate. These people believe that if they kill an infidel they are rewarded by there God. Well folks we USA citizens to them are infidel. So they believe that if they kill you they will be rewarded. This makes it impossible for them to coexist in a free society where everyone is allowed to practice their own religion or not. You cannot have both. I want to know if these folks believe that we are infidels then why do they want to come here. There could be no other reason then to kill infidels. If you want to hunt tigers and lions you go to Africa. If you want to search for seashells you go to the beach. If you want to hunt and kill infidels you go to Western civilization.

  14. Maybe Obama is right. Maybe Muslims really are like dogs, if you don't show them affection and pet them they just go feral and snap and pedestrians?

  15. the religion of peace strikes again

  16. a dindu nuffin muslim terrorists

  17. ISIS in Ohio? Confused lunatic more likely. Being covered by a reactionary tool, using fear to finance a campaign of fear.

  18. It's now very fair to say that we can't trust muslims. It's not a racist statement, it's an actual rational fear, they just can't be trusted. They are not worthy of America and her liberty. #inquisition #purge #expulsion

  19. by the way you foreigners its THE Ohio State University

  20. You say this terrorist was a follower of Al-Alwaki. No wonder he was violent. Alwaki's have been known to fly into "berserker rages" when they don't get their way and even rip arms out of sockets with a single pull! Oh, sorry….I'm thinking of Wookies, from Star Wars. Never mind.

  21. how many times do we have to listen to the propaganda of the MSM calling it a religion of peace.  read the Koran and you will find out different.  not about peace.  it's about conquering and conversion.

  22. There's no such thing as a "lone wolf" attack. This is the 21st century, and people do all kinds of group activity on-line, without ever meeting in person (or I suppose that's "IRL").

  23. Thanks to that liberal token muslim nigger in the whitehouse, it seems that the muslim virus has become a way of life that we have no choice but to accept..

  24. He was just culturally enriching the college

  25. god it was lucky that that hero cop was nearby when that prick attacked. remember people "si fis pacem parabellum" if you want peace prepare for war. get armed, trained, and get become mentally prepared.

  26. it figures Stink Progress is more concerned with the Shitmolian's feelings than the victims. But the worst country in the world got that way because it is full of savages like this Artan

  27. Rebel kicks ass, contributed

  28. Canada should build a wall to keep those American terrorists out of Canada.

  29. Criticized Islam's bad reputation, then adds to it?

  30. Sorry people – just assume it's Islam. Why? Their book TEACHES THEM this.

    They are even taught to lie about their faith.

    Taqiya – look it up

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